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Help me win stuff!

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{late} valentine's day story


All the valentine-ing yesterday made me want to share this story, even though it's a day late:

When I used to go to co-op, we got a huge influx of generic valentines every year. Remember the store-bought valentines in packs of 100 that have like, little cheap candies and stickers attached to them? When we got home, we would sort them, find the (semi) cool ones, save them, and throw away the rest (and throw away the ones we saved a couple weeks later). They were never very important to us, except the ones from our friends and people we somewhat liked.

I remember one unfortunate new girl who brought valentines for everybody in the class labeled with the recipient's name. I have no idea how she got all the names(maybe from somebody's roster?), but we had to go through all 30+ of them and figure out who the heck was who, and then go around and help her deliver them. It was somewhat hilarious and awkward to go to somebody we didn't know, throw a valentine at …

5 reasons why it sucks to be a Girl Scout this time of year

Well, it's that time of the year, folks! Cookie season started on Sunday, with a giant drop off/rally of loading up cars with tons and tons of boxes off trucks. Here's why cookie selling, from the point of view of a 11th-grade Girl Scout, is both the best and worst time of year.

We swear that they put something in the cookies that makes them so addicting. But there must be something just inherent in the concept of Girl Scout Cookies that makes it irresistible to sell cookies. Even for someone who hates talking to strangers, hates asking for stuff, and has way better things to do then lug a box of fattening cookies around trying to shove them off on friends and family for a tiny portion of the money, Girl Scouts just have these...compulsions. Trust me, it's scary. XD Like mind control. GS cookies are arguably the most successful fundraising campaign every year. And depending on who you ask, the incentives are either pretty crappy or pretty awe…