Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i'm shaking because ender's game

This is kind of a rant/ramble about Ender's Game and The Hunger Games and how they relate to each other (BESIDES the fact that they both have "game" in their title.)

I'm mad because I JUST found out that they pushed the movie release date back EIGHT MONTHS. TO NOVEMBER.

Apparently, it's part of a publicity thing by Lionsgate(who is making the film under the imprint Summit Entertainment) to get it more publicity. They're releasing the film two weeks before the release of Catching Fire.

Do you guys think this is smart, or neh? I just reread the book and was thinking about it. It was great! I experienced it all over again. XD I hope the movie is good! Card is a co-producer, so it should be good!

I think Ender's Game and The Hunger Games can attract the same following. They're both dystopia/futureish, both have the same themes about morality, and both involve unique children forced into battle against each other and struggling against an overpowering authority.

One difference is that Ender's Game is about legit kids. Like, legitly kids. No one over the age of 12. Not boring teenagers. XD That's one thing I don't want the movie to screw up. THEY NEED TO BE SMALL.

I read in this article about the Pixar movie Brave, where they were comparing Merida to Katniss. And I was OFFENDED when the guy said "Yeah, but if Merida had been in the arena, no one would have gotten to those backpacks!" Like Merida is BETTER than all the other tributes or something. I don't there are many people more awesome than Katniss. I mean, she's smart, physically fit, determined, etc. I'm no Katniss-hater. XD Let's see MERIDA try to live three days on nothing but water and mint leaves.
Ender and co. might give her a run for her money though. I was thinking what would happen if they were put into the arena...I was bored, okay?

Ender is completely untrained in combat on actual ground..All the Ender's Game battles take place in zero-grav. I mean, why doesn't Panem have zero-grav already? They're supposed to be a bazillion years in the future, right? Like they should have The Hunger Games, except in nullo. THAT would be EPIC.

But Ender's so smart he'd probably figure out really really fast what to do. Some of you are like "Ender is already in The Hunger Games, his name is Foxface". And I think he would kind of do what she did, stay out of everybody's way and be really boss and smart. Except he wouldn't be as afraid as confrontation, since he can actually fight.

Valentine would get squashed within five seconds, unless she talked her way out of it before she got into the arena.  Which you can't rule out.

Since Peter is basically Cato except smarter and with self control, I'd totally bet on him. XD
 The cast at a Laker's game! I am VERY worried about the height difference between Moises and Asa. XD

Ender's Game could totally be a prequel to The Hunger Games. Like if Peter takes over the world or something and gets a heart attack and dies, the world goes into chaos, Panem rises out of the ashes, and bans space travel FOREVER! And meanwhile Valentine and Ender are chillaxing on another planet with no clue whatsoever.
 Also, guess where Ender's home is? Greensboro, North Carolina! North Carolina=District 12! Coincidence? I think not!

The Hunger Games characters are all very realistic and likeable in their own way, but it's the opposite with Ender's Game. They're all...caricatures to a point, all made to exemplify a few traits, all riddled with flaws and confusion. :) But you gotta love em anyway. XD
 Abigail Breslin as Valentine! One of only two girls in Ender's Game! I think she's perfect! They should bob her hair, but they probably won't.

ASAAAA as Ender. I laaave him! Sure, he's 14, and he should be...six..but he always plays characters younger than himself. I don't mind how old the actors are exactly as long as they're all prepubescent. XD,0,214,314_.jpg
 Moises Arias as Bonzo. He was on Disney Channel, so it's really weird to see him in this role. XD Except...he's nearly a head shorter than Asa. #PROBLEMS
Aramis Knight as Bean! He's so cuuutee! He's like..12 now.,0,214,314_.jpg

Jimmy as Peter! I love that they're not casting anybody too old. he's only fifteen.

THE ONLY GIRL IN BATTLE SCHOOL, YO. Hailee Steinfieild/ Petra Arkanian OWNS. XD
If they make a romance between her and Ender, I WILL PUKE.

I learned that the name for Ender's Game fans is Battle School Brats. Okay then. I EMBRACE THE NAME. BATTLE SCHOOL BRATS FOR THE WIN! Dragon Army! The Enemy's Gate is Down! Champions of Flash Suits, Hooks, and Bad Grammar! POWER TO THE GRAY-ORANGE-GRAY!

Yeah, it's late at night.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Gray Characters

One of my friends said to me the other day "Usually my favorite characters of books are the characters which are kind of in the middle--you know, not obviously good or obviously bad."

And I've been thinking about that lately. Yes, one or two morally ambiguous (or "gray") characters are usually in each story. They can be protagonist, antagonist, or just there. So why are people fascinated by them?

Maybe it's because we're all so good and amazing in our everyday lives(I know, I know) that people who don't always do what's right are just interesting. It probably adds a bit of excitement into the story when you don't know a character's motivations. A lot of times, they throw loops into the story that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

So here's a gallery of what I consider "gray" characters:

My Own Agenda 

This category is made up of characters that always have their own plans in mind. If it goes with the protagonist's plans, splendid. If it doesn't, look out! They can be friendly, unfriendly, on the "good" side or "dark" side, or all by themselves!

In it for the Money
Characters for whom greed is their primary motivation(or so they say). They claim to only care about money..but usually stick around to help out anyway. ;)

Some characters:
Bounty hunters!
Han Solo(not really anymore)

Whose Side Am I on Anyway?
These characters are really frustrating, because they elicit a sense of "What the heck are you doing on the protagonist side? Join the bad guys already"  These guys so blindingly, obviously, suck that you're just waiting for them to stab the main character in the back twice and be done with it.


Octavian(Heroes of Olympus)

I Hate Everybody
Anger/Revenge is these guys' primary motivation. They're bitter at life and just waiting, waiting to be redeemed :)

Nico :) (Percy Jackson) (Former, not so much nowadays. Still all mysterious and lonely though)
Lux from The Clone Wars :P He has good eyebrows, but he couldn't hit the side of a barn. Just sayin'!Merrin.jpg
Merrin Merredith(Septimus Heap) Kind of the "Nico" of SH. He should probably count as an antagonist, but he's just so astonishingly bad at it.

Nemo from 20000 leagues under the sea. Kind of random.

The next categories are all individual:

These guys are mostly teachers or senior officers or people in authority who are all tough and bitter from all the damage they've had through their lives. They're usually good-but-tough, but you never know ;)

Snape XD
General Krell from TCW(before he turned into a total wingnut and became a Total Jerk. A Total Jerk is a character who can be good, bad, gray, anything, but all that really matters is that they are just Total Jerks. Total Jerk is what defines their characters)
Mazer Rackham(from Ender's Game) That's the guy who plays him in the movie.

I'm Bad..but not really
Redeemable secondary antagonists and bullies go here, like:
Artemis Fowl

Clarisse(PJatO). I just discovered Clarisse doesn't have an official picture. Weird.
Draco Malfoy. Tom Felton is just too adorable.

Murtagh(Eragon)(so far, I've only read to Eldest)

If there's a category I forgot, remind me in the comments!

Gray characters always help add depth to the story, so try adding them! A teacher or fellow soldier who for some reason just hates your protagonist! A bounty hunter/assassin who'll do anything for money! The possibilities are endless.

I've written both of the characters I mentioned above. In my current story, I have a Jaded character, a Not Really Evil character, and a Whose Side Am I On character. :) 

In other news, I was cut from the top twenty list at the Go Teen Writers contest(hangs head in shame).

Congrats to Taylor Lynna and Jenna Blake Morris(I think you guys follow me) who both made it!
Do you have any gray characters in your stories? Which characters do you think I should add to my list? Do you spell "gray" "grey"? Comment!

Monday, April 16, 2012

pottermore: sorting hat rigged?

So I got an 11 inch unicorn tail beech wand, a barn owl, and Gryffindor. Which would be fine with me (Jro is in Gryffindor too!) except Gryffindor is in dajfo;wajgwjgsdjfao; third place which is pretty much last :'(.

Here is an excellent article about the Pottermore sorting hat and the cultural stereotypes about the four Houses.

Pottermore: Is the Sorting Hat Rigged?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

pottermore is up


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

one of the biggest misconceptions that Christians have today..
is that "everything happens for a reason." As in, everything, every crappy thing that ever happened to you or anybody else was allll a part of God's plan for your life and you've just gotta trust him through it.

 Family member died? Must've been God's plan. Kid spiraling out of control? That must be God's plan for his life. Someone raped, murdered, sick, cheated, hurt?  It must be part of God's perfect plan and there's nothing anybody can do about it except trust.

Guys, that's horrible, and depressing, and wrong. And no wonder a lot of people don't want to become a Christian. What sort of God would plan for those things to happen to people he loved? What kind of God would let them?

God has a perfect destiny in mind for everybody. He has a will. But it's not always followed. Do you always follow God's will? Of course not. "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." If God's will was already done, we wouldn't need to say that!

Things happen every day that God never intended to happen. He never wanted anybody to be in pain or hurt or confused or depressed. His original  plan for the world was for all of us to live happily ever after in the Garden of Eden!

But he loved us so much that he gave us all a free will to choose whether  to love him back. And a lot of people chose not to. Those people, and the brokenness and sickness of our human souls, are the cause of all the pain in our world, not God.

Then why doesn't God just eliminate all the evil and bad stuff? Because then he'd have to eliminate us too.

You and me. If God chose to remove all the people that didn't live up to his standards, there wouldn't be a person left on Earth because God's standards are impossibly high.

You're no murderer. But we make choices that deviate from God's plan all the time. So for now, all that evil stays on this world along with us. But it won't always.

Jesus told this story in the Bible:

 Matthew 13: 24-30
“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a farmer who planted good seed in his field. 25 But that night as the workers slept, his enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat, then slipped away. 26 When the crop began to grow and produce grain, the weeds also grew.
27 “The farmer’s workers went to him and said, ‘Sir, the field where you planted that good seed is full of weeds! Where did they come from?’
28 “‘An enemy has done this!’ the farmer exclaimed.
“‘Should we pull out the weeds?’ they asked.
29 “‘No,’ he replied, ‘you’ll uproot the wheat if you do. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. Then I will tell the harvesters to sort out the weeds, tie them into bundles, and burn them, and to put the wheat in the barn."

We are the good wheat in the field, and all the evil is the weeds. God can't pull out the weeds now for fear of uprooting us. But harvest day is coming, and when it does, everyone gets their just desserts.

But what do we do until then? Judgment Day seems impossibly far away. How do we deal with all this evil in our lives until  then?

That saying, "everything happens for a reason." is probably a twisted version of this verse.

Romans 8:28. "For we know, in ALL things, God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose."

If you're called to God, God WILL work every horrible thing out in your life for good. He's just awesome like that. He's a master of that, in fact. I could give you endless examples of how pain and sadness, both big and small, have worked out to my benefit later on.

And it can seem like all those were part of a plan. It's actually backwards. The pain happens, and then God works it into his plan to make his plan even better.

For clarity: I'm not talking about little misfortunes, like missing a bus or something. God's plan can include little deviations or misfortunes or disappointments you don't understand. I'm talking about the big stuff-- the stuff no sane person would believe was God's plan for them.

Inspired by a sermon from my church.

**Copyright The Ballerina Project-He's awesome, check him out.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Review on The Hunger Games 
This picture. THIS. 

My thoughts at the climax of The Hunger Games movie:
1. Alexander Ludwig *a-hem*
2. Could I please get one of those tribute hairstyles that last two weeks through HELL? My ballet bun doesn't even stay up through an hour of ballet class.

No, but seriously. I just got back from this movie. Consensus: true to the book, reasonably paced, exciting, entertaining, and not nearly as freakish or disturbing as the book.

So lets get started:

Stuff I liked:
Casting-We pretty much knew all the actors before the movie was released, so I won't go into too much detail. Everybody took a while to get used to it, but the actors were spot on and I couldn't imagine anybody else. Especially Josh, ISABELLE, and ALEXANDER. 

Acting-Everyone was REALLY good. Especially the Careers. They totally give off that "WE WILL ROCK YOU" effect.  I can't believe Jennifer Lawrence stayed so stone-faced and incredibly Katniss-stoic during the whole movie...considering in all the interviews, she's like this...
My favorite scene was definitely the training center. We got to see Foxface be all pro with her leaves, Cato and the Careers living it up, Rue being a troll.... 

I feel like they paid special care to make it extremely satisfying for people who read the books. Like they'll pan onto a certain tribute, and you can practically feel the others around you going "ZOMW THATS CLOVE YOU THROW THOSE KNIVES GURL".

During HER death scene, I cried like a broken water fountain, so that's good. It was really heart-wrenching and beautiful. Katniss sang like..two lines of the song though >.>

ALL the action scenes were really heart pumping and suspenseful without being too freakish or violent.I liked the shaky camcorder :)

And the Girl on Fire scene sent chills down my spine, it was so excellent! Of all the scenes I would choose to watch again, it would be that and the training center.

All the little details, from the tribute's score announcements to the interviews, were perfect, and set up and timed perfectly. 

Stuff I didn't like:
There really isn't much, so I'll be nitpicky.

This is going to sound really weird, but I felt like they included some parts of the book they could have left out. There was some scenes that felt a bit rushed, and when you're trying to time everything right, Katniss staring at her mother's dress and washing her feet kinda make an awkward pause.

It's inevitable, trying to condense two weeks into two hours, but the arena felt a bit rushed in some parts. I mean, would it KILL them to spend a little more time in a certain scene, instead of spending like a whole minute in Snow's ROSE GARDEN? No one, no one watches the Hunger Games to see a rose garden, let me tell you.

Some scenes that I felt missed out: Cave scene/Peeta character development, feast scene, and nightlock scene.

I mean, especially the nightlock scene. That scene was so eerie in the book, it made me shiver all over. Here, people who hadn't read the book would be like "CANNON Peeta berries WHAT nightlock dead person cato berries?"

The feast scene might actually have been good. I just like Isabelle Fuhrman, I guess. And she dies by getting smushed against the Cornucopia in the movie, putting an end to all the rock jokes floating around the internet. :(

Showing all the behind the scenes stuff was really interesting, and added a whole new level, but it took a lot of suspense away from the events. And Seneca Crane was an interesting character, but do they really need to spend so much time on him Peeta seems like a walking statue?

The books were really freaky and disturbing for me, but the movie, thank goodness, is just like regular movie violence. Cuts, some blood, burns. They didn't focus so much on that as they could have, and I'm thankful.

The mutts were just regular killer dogs, not zombie-grafted scary wolf dogs. 

I loved these guys, but in the scene where they chase Katniss into the tree, they totally overdo the peppiness. They're all like "WHOO" and it was cool at first but after a while I was like... >.>

The hallucination scene reminded me of badly edited Youtube videos.

Peeta didn't lose his leg! There go all the leg jokes on tumblr...

I hope you guys get to go see it! It's pretty intense, but cool-intense, and nothing too bad.

I think more than anything else in the world..I'd like to fly :)

That's what I dreamed about last night. I dreamed I had wings sort of like in Maximum Ride...lame, I know. But I was flying around my town, and to places I had been...I remember flying to Legoland, my lake, my college, my grandmother's house, New York City, it was so, magical and awesome.  (I mean personal flying, not in an airplane, duh.)

And like in Maximum Ride, I kept getting chased and captured by bad people..but I always managed to escape and fly away. XD I remember flying in a big city at night, up and down tall buildings, even into some buildings. I think flying dreams are the best ever. I'm still in a good mood from that dream.

I'm going to ballet again today...I'm glad I don't have school this week or next. I went to dance yesterday and on Wednesday and on Tuesday too! It was awesome. :)

 In Youtube Ballet I really like her:
I also got my double ballet pirouette on the left leg 8DDDD
This show is alright. The instructors are HILARIOUS, but as for the moms and girls I prefer DMP way better.

I'm going to see The Hunger Games today! Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious XD

Um ok XD. Hopefully I can work up enough inspiration for a real post soon.