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i'm shaking because ender's game

This is kind of a rant/ramble about Ender's Game and The Hunger Games and how they relate to each other (BESIDES the fact that they both have "game" in their title.)

I'm mad because I JUST found out that they pushed the movie release date back EIGHT MONTHS. TO NOVEMBER.

Apparently, it's part of a publicity thing by Lionsgate(who is making the film under the imprint Summit Entertainment) to get it more publicity. They're releasing the film two weeks before the release of Catching Fire.

Do you guys think this is smart, or neh? I just reread the book and was thinking about it. It was great! I experienced it all over again. XD I hope the movie is good! Card is a co-producer, so it should be good!

I think Ender's Game and The Hunger Games can attract the same following. They're both dystopia/futureish, both have the same themes about morality, and both involve unique children forced into battle against each other and struggling against an overpowering aut…

Gray Characters

One of my friends said to me the other day "Usually my favorite characters of books are the characters which are kind of in the middle--you know, not obviously good or obviously bad."

And I've been thinking about that lately. Yes, one or two morally ambiguous (or "gray") characters are usually in each story. They can be protagonist, antagonist, or just there. So why are people fascinated by them?

Maybe it's because we're all so good and amazing in our everyday lives(I know, I know) that people who don't always do what's right are just interesting. It probably adds a bit of excitement into the story when you don't know a character's motivations. A lot of times, they throw loops into the story that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

So here's a gallery of what I consider "gray" characters:

My Own Agenda 

This category is made up of characters that always have their own plans in mind. If it goes with the protagonist'…

pottermore: sorting hat rigged?

So I got an 11 inch unicorn tail beech wand, a barn owl, and Gryffindor. Which would be fine with me (Jro is in Gryffindor too!) except Gryffindor is in dajfo;wajgwjgsdjfao; third place which is pretty much last :'(.

Here is an excellent article about the Pottermore sorting hat and the cultural stereotypes about the four Houses.

Pottermore: Is the Sorting Hat Rigged?Posted by ccollinsmith on On Pottermore, a lot of people are getting surprised by the Sorting Hat. People who have identified throughout their entire Harry Potter lives with one House or another are getting put into “the wrong House”!!!
So what’s happening?
The Numbers Game
Some people think that the sorting is all really a numbers game. After all, they say, look at the House numbers!
Currently, with 392,561 students inside the Great Hall, the House breakdown looks like this:
Hufflepuff: 98,573 members (25.1%)
Ravenclaw: 98,453 members (25.1%)
Gryffindor: 98,192 members (25.0%)
Slytherin: 97,343 members (2…

pottermore is up


one of the biggest misconceptions that Christians have today..

is that "everything happens for a reason." As in, everything, every crappy thing that ever happened to you or anybody else was allll a part of God's plan for your life and you've just gotta trust him through it.

 Family member died? Must've been God's plan. Kid spiraling out of control? That must be God's plan for his life. Someone raped, murdered, sick, cheated, hurt?  It must be part of God's perfect plan and there's nothing anybody can do about it except trust.

Guys, that's horrible, and depressing, and wrong. And no wonder a lot of people don't want to become a Christian. What sort of God would plan for those things to happen to people he loved? What kind of God would let them?

God has a perfect destiny in mind for everybody. He has a will. But it's not always followed. Do you always follow God's will? Of course not. "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." If God's will was already done, we wouldn…

My Review on The Hunger Games

This picture. THIS. 

My thoughts at the climax of The Hunger Games movie: 1. Alexander Ludwig *a-hem* 2. Could I please get one of those tribute hairstyles that last two weeks through HELL? My ballet bun doesn't even stay up through an hour of ballet class.
No, but seriously. I just got back from this movie. Consensus: true to the book, reasonably paced, exciting, entertaining, and not nearly as freakish or disturbing as the book.
So lets get started:

Stuff I liked: Casting-We pretty much knew all the actors before the movie was released, so I won't go into too much detail. Everybody took a while to get used to it, but the actors were spot on and I couldn't imagine anybody else. Especially Josh, ISABELLE, and ALEXANDER. 
Acting-Everyone was REALLY good. Especially the Careers. They totally give off that "WE WILL ROCK YOU" effect.  I can't believe Jennifer Lawrence stayed so stone-faced and incredibly Katniss-stoic during the whole movie...considering in all th…

I think more than anything else in the world..I'd like to fly :)

That's what I dreamed about last night. I dreamed I had wings sort of like in Maximum Ride...lame, I know. But I was flying around my town, and to places I had been...I remember flying to Legoland, my lake, my college, my grandmother's house, New York City, it was so, magical and awesome.  (I mean personal flying, not in an airplane, duh.)

And like in Maximum Ride, I kept getting chased and captured by bad people..but I always managed to escape and fly away. XD I remember flying in a big city at night, up and down tall buildings, even into some buildings. I think flying dreams are the best ever. I'm still in a good mood from that dream.

I'm going to ballet again today...I'm glad I don't have school this week or next. I went to dance yesterday and on Wednesday and on Tuesday too! It was awesome. :)

 In Youtube Ballet I really like her:
I also got my double ballet pirouette on the left leg 8DDDD

This show is alright. The instructors are HILARIOUS, but as for the…