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The Proper Care and Feeding of a NaNoWriMo Participant(aka how to not annoy us)

This post is for people who don't do NaNoWriMo but know a participant. And yes, this post is a bit late.

With the end of NaNoWriMo approaching, you may be wondering "What can I do to help my Wrimo be more comfortable as they emerge from their writing dens/caves, smelling like coffee and blinking in the bright sunlight?"

I'm not trying to be mean or to tell people off, but if you want to avoid irking your Wrimo friends, and help them along their journey, some things to do and not do. This will also endear you to your Wrimo friends, and they will thank you and love you.

I know some people are just curious and interested, and that's okay. When in doubt, just be polite and nice and don't make us do any work we don't have to.(Hey, we're tired.)

Do not ask why we would want to spend a month frantically writing if we get nothing out of it.  Don't ask "what do you get out of it?" I get a novel out of it. I get to stretch my writing skills and take…

I won I won! :D :D 8D

I hit 50K just now!

Yay yay party whooohooo! (jumps up and down, staggers around room)

My novel is about 4/5ths of the way done, but that doesn't matter, yay! Second NaNoWriMo done! Now I have to paste it into the word validator (gulp) My computer will not take too kindly to that....

happy thanksgiving! :D :D

yay for turkey and pumpkin pie and stuffing!

It's really surreal celebrating Thanksgiving, since it feels like it was JUST Thanksgiving yesterday.

This is my second Thanksgiving with my blog and it seems like it was just yesterday that I was looking through all of your Thanksgiving posts at my grandparents house, huddled with my laptop. It's really, really freaky how fast time passes. And to think that my blog has documented it all.

The holidays aren't just more occasions to eat good food. They're really, really like placemarkers so we can look back and see where we were last year and be thankful for all the growth, experiences, and friends we've had since then.

Thank you :)

yeah, it's so cool, yeah, it's totally awesome(NaNoWriMo update)

Hey everybody! Thanks for the awesome comments on my earlier post.

NaNoWriMo has been good to me. I can't believe it's almost over! So far, I've never been ahead, but yesterday I managed to catch up at 36,755 words.

As for plot and stuff, it's good! I'm afraid my novel might not flow as well as I like, but I haven't got that "AUGH EVERYTHING I WRITE IS CRAP" feeling yet.

In other news, LEIA AND JC WHERE ARE YOU??? We need to plan the you-know-what!!!!! >.>

Thanksgiving's tomorrow! I have not had any pumpkin pie yet and I hope not to be disappointed.

I might do yet another Hunger Games post, basically on the series as a whole. I'm still excited for the movie. Hopefully I may get one of my friends to come and see it with me.

Also, I might do a Star Wars post. Hey, did you know this was originally a Star Wars blog? Yeah, crazy, right? But I've gotten back into it over the last couple days.

Oh, and seriously, when are they going to make …

Problems plaguing young Christians today, part 1

I beg you to hear me out. This is one of the most important post series I have ever done. If you never read anything else I write again, please read these next couple posts..

This post is for Christians. I don't care if you're liberal, conservative, whatever, whether or not you agree with what I've done in the past, if you define yourself as a Christian, no matter what else, please read this post. 

I have felt put upon to do this post for a long time, by the holy spirit. I don't have an outline, or a degree, or anything else. I just have what I've seen in my personal experience and what I have read in the Bible.

We, the next generation of Christians, are the next generation of lights in this broken world. We are the next generation of warriors. You, straight-B you, off-key-singer you, behind-par-on NaNoWriMo you, average height, average weight, seemingly untalented Christian you, are going to have to learn to stand up for your God in a world that is more vicious, …

Writing Tips(Guest post by Ashley)

I've been blogging for over a year, and I've never ever had a guest post. Ashley has the honor of being my first one! Note that the opinions in this post do not necessarily reflect the opinions of moi. -Amaranthine
Hi! Ashley here. I'm guest posting, which, I think is simply loverly.  (BTW, isn't loverly a great word?).

So, Amaranthine here asked me to do a post on Writing.  I'll profess, I'm not a professional.  I'm still learning how to write a lasting novel.  But, I'll share what I've learned, and maybe it will be something you don't know yet, and I can aid you  on your journey!

Tip 1: Know your characters
I can't emphasize this enough.  When I started out writing when I was about 8, I controlled my characters to such an extent that they had no life of their own. (If you're not a writer, you will think the rest of this tip really weird, but, if you're not a writer, why are you reading this?).  I almost gave up writin…

so i am pretty excited( rambly post)

the legit trailer for THG is out...I know what I said about the books and I still stand to what I said but the movie still looks like it will be pretty good. I know it will turn more people to the books, and that's good because the first book at least carries extremely important messages about violence, poverty, and wealth. but it's also bad because those messages are wrapped up in a disturbing and slightly freakish package that's not for young eyes, and the risks might be more than the rewards.

(get off your soapbox amaranthine. You're being a hypocrite, telling people that they shouldn't read them when you're being excited about them and promoting them yourself.)

I know what it looks like, but those people who read THG and feel the same way i did about them are still a little excited for the movie, and those who really liked it are pretty much in a frenzy about it.

also the movie will probably be not as bad as the books, because the reason the books were so d…

Who's insane? I'm insane!

NaNoWriMo is kind of a break from this blog. I'm sorry  I haven't been posting much, I even lost a follower yesterday.(cries) I'm sorry!

Life has been ridiculous this past couple of days, with Honors Projects due right and left, a piano competition coming up, and pressure to stay on track for NaNoWriMo. I haven't done today's writing yet...which reminds me. XD I also have to get to Chinese homework....gahh.. XD

In other circles of optimism, I got to meet Abby aka The Director from Castles Quills and Cameras + family on Monday, and it was the epicest thing ever! She's so awesome and funny and giggly in real life, and I can't wait for her to come back. You rock, Abby! <33 I wish you mucho chocolate chip cookies and Artemis Fowl and books and Taylor Swift songs and A Very Potter Musical forever <333

Oh yeah and I got an offer to do  a guest post from one of you...I'd love for you to, but I have yet to email you back even though you commented like tw…


oh gosh... XD I watch this scene far too many times for a normal person. "And if that doesn't convince you, check out my homemade Dark Mark!"
NaNoWriMo is the reason I' haven't been posting so far. And just when I've hit 104! I'm sorry.

I'm going to update you on what's happening so far: My novel is harder than I thought it would be because I'm writing in first person present, and I'm incredibly unused to it. I'm caught up, barely, but I really feel the need to get ahead and so I'll write RIGHT after I've logged out from this post.

Meanwhile I've been procrastinating on The Lakehouse, Youtube, Gmail, and watching AVPM.

I've got everything plotted out, so no danger of Writer's Block in the forseeable future. The way the Blogosphere's been stale, most of you are busy with NaNo too! Good luck!

There are a lot of things I don't like about AVPM...Lauren Lopez is not one of them XD