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On life


Can you believe it's the last week of September already? That's insane! Sometimes I just look at the calendar and panic. XD

I've learned it doesn't really help to be stressed out anymore...cause the stress is never gonna really let up on you, right? Once one gets out of the way, another one moves right in. So I've decided to just try and get through it. I haven't really been like really anxious about anything, but there's just always been more and more stuff to do. Plus, my weekends have been busy so that doesn't mean a lot of time to rest. Here's what I've been doing lately:

School takes up a lot of time now. XD I'm a junior, and I can't just knock everything off like I could in my sophomore and freshman years. Before, I usually could understand everything and get good grades without putting in an extreme amount of effort. Now, it seems like everyday is a crunch day. If you haven't guessed, AP Chemistry is the hardest.…


Sometimes I'm amazed at people(even mature adults) who gleefully flaunt their sinfulness, naughtiness, and crudities as if they're something to be proud of.  Like, have I suddenly walked into a contest to see who can be the worst? blehhh

Life has been kind of slumpy lately. I feel really spoiled everything's been going pretty well, but I can't seem to appreciate it. One thing that really helps me get through this is that our relationship with God and our life isn't based on feelings. It's alright to FEEL distant and blehh, it's natural.

Sometimes I wish we could go straight to heaven and skip all the guessing and trusting and worrying and stuffs.

my life right now

Keep An Eye Out For The Lakehouse on Cupcake Wars tonight!

Tonight's episode of The Food Network's Cupcake Wars culminates at a special Star Wars-themed VIP cupcake party at Celebration VI!  Keep an eye out for TLF girls in TLF shirts, at the party when the show was filmed.

I hope we get to see at least one TLF gal tonight! I have been an live audience on a national TV show before, and they don't like having clothing with logos on it. But since it's CVI and there'll be a billion logos and costumes, I hope they don't mind!

If you have cable, look out for The Food Network at 8:00 PM ET/PT !

Speaking of TLF, today I got my package from JC! It includes a TLF shirt, wristbands, a picture of my TLF gals, a HU tote, and a card from JC! I'm so happy and I love it a lot.

I haven't had much time to blog or do much of anything, but hopefully I'll get a real post up soon!