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sorry for not posting


I've been someone. Seriously, everyone in the blogosphere is doing this, so I don't remember who. Maybe it was more than one. I just remember seeing my name...and oh, here we go.

List 10 (music) Artists you love, in no particular order, without looking at the questions below.
1.All American Rejects
2.Taylor Swift
3. John Powell
4. Black Eyed Peas
5. No Doubt/Gwen Stefani
6. Fireflight
7. Coldplay! <3
8. Paramore
9. Christophe Beck
10. A Fine Frenzy.

Now for the questions!!!!!

1. What was the first song you've ever heard by 6?
It would be "Unbreakable." Unbreakable is really encouraging, and the lead singer has a powerful voice.

2. What's your favorite song of 8?
I like Brick by Boring Brick, or Fences. Or Misery Business. Yes, I've decided to stop with the quotes.

3. What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
The All American Rejects are a alt rock group that doesn't have explicit lyrics or bad language. Their songs are nicely mor…

Did you hear?

There's been another earthquake. Myanmar was hit with a 6.8 earthquake this morning.

Last weekend my family had another discussion, about a question that a lot of people around the world must be having.

Why? Why do all these earthquakes have to happen?

Before Adam sinned, the world was perfect, right? Does that mean there weren't any earthquakes? And after he sinned, does that mean the earth quakes just, I don't know, started to happen?

Sometimes I struggle to equate what I learn in church with what I learn in school. But I know science proves Christianity, not clashes with it. But I like reading about apologetics, so I find most of my answers there.

So maybe there weren't any tectonic plates before Adam sinned, and his sin started the breakup of the earth's crust? God did say that "the ground would be cursed." And later, the section about Noah did talk about "the earth dividing."

Do you have any questions about Christianity that you would like …

It's cold today.

Yes. Oh, and today I dropped my open tube of toothpaste. And stepped on it.
What was I going to post about again?

I have to go. I'll post later! I have a Septimus Heap review coming up.

Random SW Tuesday: Reprint

I'm reprinting this one. It's one of my favorites. I'll post more later! 

And Yay! I won Audrey's giveaway. I'll get back to you on that.

♫Duh-duh duh DUH!♫ Council: He is too dangerous to be kept alive. Darth Caedus must be killed.

Tenel Ka: This is a fact.

Lowbacca: Rawhrrahwra!

Em-Teedee: Master Lowbacca heartily concurs with the assessment of the Jedi Council on this matter. Personally, I think it is so dangerous to go on yet another adventure that my circuits may just overload!

Zekk: I'm too tainted by the dark side for this mission. I was once the darkest knight of the Shadow Academy!

Raynar: But we young Jedi Knights (even though we're not all that young anymore) are BETTER TOGETHER!

Jaina: So, what are we waiting for?

(Darth Caedus walks in, running a hand through his tussled hair.)

Caedus: Hey, anyone want to hear a joke?

Em-Teedee: Oh my--we're doomed!

Jaina: *stabs Caedus*

Caedus: *dies*

(Jedi Master Luke Skywalker walks in, smiling at his not-so-y…

Beautiful People and Up Balloons

Here is a writers meme. It is by Sky.

Now who should I write it for?
Oh, I know. You guys don't know much about my next project. I'll do this for that project then.

What is their full name?

My character's full name is Liadan Nyssa Meridian.I'm one for very fancy names.

Does his or her name have a special meaning?
"Liadan" is from one of my favorite fanfictions. "Nyssa" is stolen from Qui's former pen name. A prime meridian goes around the earth.

Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality?

Does he or she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (more importantly, does he or she actually have friends?)
Liadan is rather introverted. She has a big family and later gets a good friend.

Is there something he or she is afraid of?
Her mother. More on that later.

Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph?
She starts dancing purely because it was the school elective that took up the…


I still feel really weird being back.
Okay, so there's this new internet video being called "The Worst Thing On The Internet". It's this girl's music video:
Rebecca Black is 13 years old and from Orange County, California.She is being blasted with criticism and internet-nastinesss due to the extreme autotuning, simple lyrics and just all around strangeness of her music video.
Look her up on Wikipedia for more info.

She is part of this music group called Ark Music Factory. Parents pay this company $2000 for professionals to write a song  and record a music video, in hopes that their children will become "discovered" and be pop stars. Black is the most famous artist they've  had.

So it all sounds good, except for the fact that the kids seem to be lacking in the uh, talent department. In most cases, I think the $2000 would have been better spent on vocal lessons. Watch this video of the "talented kids opening night", sans Autotune.

So Ark is …

I am back

and don't you forget about it.

Well, that was a nice break.
My fingers started to get twitchy from typing-withdrawal by the second day though.

What? Whatareya'll looking at me like that?
Fine, I haven't posted in two weeks. But what's two weeks between friends, eh? Besides, I needed a break. Due to that February challenge, I posted more last month then I have ever posted in a month before.(<--would ya look at that awkward sentence. Yes, I am out of practice.) But don't worry. Are you in for extra posts today!

So in the days past, I have:
~read six and a half books(The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Perilous Journey, Frankenstein, Magyk, Flyte, Physik, and Queste. And The Swarm war.
~Fangirled about Percy Jackson and the Olympians(finished listening to THe Demigod Files)

Like I said, you were all up for a scathing review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief  The Movie. But this video pretty much covers it. Watch the whole thing. It's hilar…

Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?
This peculiar ad draws in gifted children from all around America. But only the bravest, most clever, and most good natured children make it, only to be sent on a dangerous mission where rules are twisted, deceit is strongest, and the worst seem to win. Strong characterization complement a ever-changing plot and quirky narration. You'll never be bored when you join the Mysterious Benedict Society!
Reynie Muldoon is an orphan when he finds the above ad in a newspaper. He responds to it and in return navigates his way through a number of tricky brain benders and tests.  Left standing are he and three other children, all with their own peculiar gifts and ways of solving the puzzles. Sticky Washington is gifted with factual memory. Kate Wetherall, a former circus performer, is strong, athletic, and flexible. Reynie himself discovers he has a remarkable ability for solving puzzles. And Constance...well, nobody knows …