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My piano recital went really well, so thank God for that! :D I wasn't as nervous before I went up.

Road trip today! We're going to visit Berkeley and Stanford. :) Couldn't find Ender's Game audiobook to listen to in the car! All five digital copies in the library were out, can you believe it?

I'm a senior!!!!!!!!!!!1

I got my report card for junior year so that official makes me a senior now.

:) I went to a friend's high school graduation yesterday! It was for OCSA(performing arts school) so of course it was epic. The Star Spangled Banner was in four-part harmony and they sang three other songs. It was very beautiful, all the kids were talented, gorgeous, and headed for some great colleges. ;)

Started my internship at the UCI medical center! I'm going to get my badge soon, with my photo on it so it looks all awesome.

Piano recital tomorrow...Piano and I have a not-good history, so I'd appreciate all your prayers! This weekend is busy. Tomorrow we're going to the optometrist(far away optometrist), then piano, then church, then Elephant bar. The next morning, we leave for the Bay Area. We're visiting UC Berkeley on Monday, and Stanford and coming home on Tuesday :O.

Subject tests are over!

I'm glad! Lit was good, Chem was hard...My scores are automatically going to some colleges because I chose to use the free score sends, so I hope I do well...

I finally got elected president of my GS troop yesterday...long overdue methinks. ;P

I'm still really busy now, but I promise a summer post and some more longer, real posts this week!