Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yay! Party!

I won! I can't believe it! I haven't done any schoolwork and haven't left my computer since seven in the morning, but I WON NaNoWriMo! They've certified me endless bragging rights, and I will use them, believe me.

50k! I can't believe it! All the stress is totally worth it! Of course, I have a lot of editing to do, but who cares??????


See! I'll be posting excerpts, maybe, and maybe even the whole thing, soon.

My lovely winners certificate!

The prize that I'm most excited about however, is a free published copy of my book(with Savannah's cover on the front, I still would like one without the title)! Which is good, because otherwise it takes a lot of money to print one. 

Congrats to all the others who've one, and keep going, those of you which still have a little to go!


Monday, November 29, 2010


Savannah wins. Leia also got it too. Be sure to still call me Amaranthine! Please don't tell anyone else!

Savannah's blog button for herself is coming soon. Free promotion!

Her blogs:

Borderline Failure
Her personal blog. She went under the clandestine name of Qui-Gon, before she went ahead and disclosed everything here. She shares my rabid love of pages.I love the current "Christmas" layout on her blog.
Favorite post: http://borderlinefailure.blogspot.com/2010/11/all-my-flaws-to-see-but-you-still-love.html
This was fun.

A Lightsaber and a Script
This doesn't get updated as much. I like it, even with all the Anakin fangirly-ness that happens there.

Covers by Brokenbone

 Branches into graphic design. Favorite post: My own, of course! But I still need a version without the title, please.

Her blog button is coming soon! Starting out at the tippity-top of the sidebar.


This is officially the longest I've gone without posting.

But I said I wouldn't post. And so that doesn't count.

I'm still way behind on my word count, so I should get back to writing now.

Anyone find my first name/names of my dance teachers? Anybody? It's on here, I guarantee you. 
Prize? If you find them first, I'll put your blog button on my sidebar. Of course, someone else will have to make it, because I am inept at such things.

Link for hunt: http://amaranthineforever.blogspot.com/2010/11/happy-thanksgiving.html
BIG hint: It's in a mexico post. Well, not really in the post, but....you'll find out when you find out.

Procrastinating on Graphjam!

funny graphs - The Weather Offline Is Frightful

funny graphs - The Only Time No One Wants First!!1!

782 Votes
Nov. 23, 2010


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I know....

..that I said I wouldn't post. But all the other NaNo'ers HAVE to watch this video. Keep working on that scavenger hunt, okay?

Happy Thanksgiving!

With this and my novel going, my creative faculties need a serious break. So I'm taking a break from AF starting today and ending Saturday. I'll still read yours, but I'm taking a posting break after this.
 But I'll post my Thanksgiving post today. 

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for these things.
~God/Jesus. This year has been a super great, awesome year.
~My family and friends

~George Lucas
~The inventor of the internet
~The inventor of Google.

So in honor of the holidays(and to give you something to do on my blog), I'm sending you on a scavenger hunt. I've been posting for several months now, and in the early days of my blog, I posted wonderful(I say, WONDERFUL) posts which nobody read. One thing I enjoy is sifting through other people's blogs to see what I can find out about the person who is writing this stuff. It's actually quite fun. So I want to see if you can find out about me by Saturday:

1.) My real first name. This is the hardest one. You can guess it if you look through my early posts, I signed one of the posts with it, I deleted my name, but the clues are still there!

2.) My ethnicity 

3.) The only pet I have ever owned.

4.) The names of my hip hop and jazz teachers.

5.) Three things which really make me upset.

6.) And read some of my early inspirational posts, okay? I worked hard on those, and no one read them. :(

7.) Three places I have gone to. (Specific places, not the continents on my profile.)

8.) What state and hopefully, county I live in.

Have fun going through my archives! I have Star Wars behind-the scenes pictures too!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Hints-don't look at just the posts.
Hint #2-My dance studio's website works now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Come to think about it, I never did a post about dance.


I dance. And I really, really love it. I started dancing one summer doing hip hop, jazz, lyrical, musical theater, and choreography. Then, I switched to just jazz and hip hop, but the jazz instructor told me to take ballet.  And now I take ballet too. See, I know from first hand experience how it is to fail at ballet-less jazz.

I dance here: http://pacificdance.net/
I have hip hop today. I have a substitute hip hop instructor, but she is doing a combo I really love(DJ Got Us Falling in Love.) However, there's this annoying kid in the class who makes it her mission to stand directly in front of me every. single. darn. time. And the sub is good, but she doesn't discipline the class at all. She's so....patient it frustrates me.

About dance:
 Ballet: No matter what anybody tells you, you need to take this. No good dancer started without ballet. It's the basic, it teaches you balance and flexibility. And it's not that boring. I like it. 

Myths about ballet:
~Beginning ballet is boring.
~ You get to wear these all the time

These are not ballet slippers. These are called pointe shoes, and you only wear them after you're really, really good at normal ballet. And you need to be at least 11.

This is completely different from ballet, but you still need this. It's harder than ballet. You get to be sassy and cool and un-graceful. This is fun once you get past Jazz I and IB. 
Jazz is super fun when you start and so much cooler than ballet:
It gets pretty boring once you've been going to Jazz I for a while and you have to do the same thing over and over again. 

It's like the fun version of ballet and jazz. 

What I don't like about ballet is it's really expensive. You have to wear a hair net, pink tights, pink slippers, and a black leotard. We spent $15 on just the tights!

I'm really digging thanksgiving break. I'm writing 4000 words a day! I'll be caught up in no time!


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Top Mistakes that Every (Novice) Writer makes


I critique stories for my homeschool groups writing club, and other stories, and this is what I'm seeing a lot of:

Starting out with TRUCKLOADS of angst
This is called an "Angsty Sue", and starting with 10 italicized pages of her inner torment, eating disorders, and how she wants to kill herself isn't going to make us care about her. We live in a jaded culture, and if you want to make us cry, at least tell us her name and what happened to her first! "I stared at my crystal chandelier, smartphones, and really expensive clothes, wondering where to go. Life is so unbearable, I wish I could just sink into my satin comforter and die....."
No. Please no. Most stories start out simply, quietly and nicely. (but NOT boringly.)

Including tons of description 
This is mostly a girl problem. We love to add tons of description about our characters beautiful red hair, pooly-cerulean-green eyes, nose, mouth, feet, and don't get me started on her clothes! Believe it or not, no one but you really cares about what your character looks like(in normal stories.)  Use concise, creative words and phrases to describe characters. What character descriptions really do best is to give you a foreshadowing description of the character(She had gray hair tied into a strict bun, and a burn scar on her cheek which only served to intensify her scowl.) What does this tell you about the character? Is she the doting, compassionate, village woman who shelters your main character from the storm and feeds her soup? She could be! Appearances serve for natch. Mostly, describing your character does not count as characterizing your character.

Not having a plot(NaNo is the exception)You'd be surprised at how many people start out without this very important thing. You need this. No one cares if you have a beautiful character with a really creative name if she does nothing. I'd think this was a given.

Not characterizing enough
What's characterizing for? To make people feel something about your character. We need to sympathize, enjoy, or respect your main character in order to care what happens to her! We know you care about your character, but you have use your story to make us care, too! It's not magically going to happen.

"Telling" too much
This is a really tough category to fix and be in. Sometimes "telling" is enough, sometimes it isn't. Many authors like to start from the "bare-bones" of the character and build layers of detail on by showing what the character does in certain situations. Phileas Fogg(from Around the World in 80 Days) is a great example. Jules Verne captures readers attention without telling much by showing Fogg's strange OCD fascination with time. Verne captures Fogg's patience and compassion when Fogg is patient with Passepartout and gives money to the poor woman.

Showing people your novel when its not finished
This isn't wrong, but if you're writing a serious novel(NOT for fun) you want to be careful. I can guarantee if you're trying to publish, the first couple pages aren't going to be in the final draft. Your first words are bumbly, clumsy, "writing stutters". You're probably going to be revising them plenty. You certainly don't want to show your writing stutters to the world(or your mom). And don't tell anyone the plot, especially if you're going to be showing them your book. You want them to be moved and touched by your book. The chances of that happening are greatly diminished once you tell them the summary.

Not making your novel unique
There are tons of books in the world. Give your readers a reason to spend their valuable time reading yours. Parodies, satires, and spin-offs are funny, if you tell them with a unique voice that sets you apart.

Word about fanfiction
It's a great way to start writing. Pre-developed characters! A great plot to start off on! You can incorporate your own characters! The thing: Unless you're on, fanfiction.net, you will not be published for this, and it's illegal for you to earn any money from it. Even if you contact the licensing company and beg them to publish it, they're not going to.

Be realistic
The publishing world is vast and difficult. Even the most experienced, creative writers paper their walls with rejection slips. Most writers who write for a living started out being broke, not having running water, and eating spam every night. Are you willing to do that?

Be tough
You're going to get criticism, from others and myself. My favorite people to critique are those who gracefully thank me, rip apart their book, and sew it together in a fashion that amazes me. 

Be hopeful.


Will I critique your writing? Sure, but you probably won't be very happy about it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stolen from Mariella

 Update: Post it on your blog with "Stolen by....." 

The Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors (poets, songwriters and screenwriters included) who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

1.) Karen Traviss
2.) Esther Forbes
3.) Elizabeth George Speare
4.)Aaron Allston
5.) J.R.R Tolkein
6.) Shel Silverstein
7.)Mark Twain
8.) Marissa Moss
9.) Norton Juster
10.) Lewis Carroll 
11.) O. Henry
12.) The Brothers Grimm(do they count?)
13.) Adeline Yen Mah
14.) Harper Lee
15.) Laura Ingalls Wilder

Please post yours! I want to see what you put!


Friday, November 19, 2010


 Homeschooling quips! xD

You Must Be Homeschooled If...
You have attempted to teach yourself physics.
Your favorite activity is reading. 
The only bully you ever run into is your big brother.
You don’t have to be entertained because you know how to use your imagination.
All you want for Christmas is a Barnes & Noble gift certificate. 
You'd rather buy books than clothes. 

Amen for the second to last one! That's all I want! I can get the DNT!

Short post. I'm not in a post mood now. When I'm not in a post mood, my posts are ranty, whiny, sarcastic, and clipped.

Lets see the stereotypes I'm under:
~Nerd/geek/fangirl(Ugh, I hate that word. I used it once, though.)

~Homeschooler(Come on guys! Homeschooling has gone a long way since the prairie days and is quite sophisticated now.)
~Teenager(We aren't all like that rude boy who pushed roughly past you in the parking lot! Or that bratty girl who spends 4 hours on makeup and hair and texts all the time! Most of us are nice!) (Except for that girl, the one who's constantly hungry today, torn between blogging and working on her NaNo novel, and sick from gulping down a whole cheese stick at once. Yeah, she's pretty nasty in moods like this.)
 ~Stupid, rich, text-happy Southern Californian teenager(A derivative of the above.)

1.) I don't spend ALL my time thinking about Star Wars, contrary to popular belief. I can intelligently discourse on other subjects. I STILL will not spend $15+  on any Star Wars shirt, toy or book.
2.) I have a life other than the one here(again, contrary to popular belief) I don't read Shakespeare for fun. I am interested in boys(Tiny bit! Just a tiny bit! I try to hide it. And no one ever knows.) I listen to pop music(Not really. It makes my ears hurt. But I do know who The Black Eyed Peas are.)
3 and 4.) I don't text, date, go to the mall(often, except I will go to the mall bookstore to get DNT! SO excited!) I am aware of suffering going on in the rest of the world. I've been on more than one international mission trip. I can hold a reasonable conversation with adults. I can. I can.

5.) I'm a Christian. I refuse to drink, smoke, or even date. That doesn't mean I'm completely opposed to fun. I just have fun in a way that honors God. (I had a bit of alcohol once accidentally in a Vietnamese restaurant where I couldn't understand what I was ordering. Come on! That's your idea of FUN????? It was disgusting!)
6.) I enjoy this stereotype. I'm not a feminist. I enjoy being a lady. So I won't complain about this.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review Wednsday: NJO: SPOILERS! You've been warned!

Since I've been so behind on TCW, I won't even bother trying. 
I'd rather review series first, before I review individual books. But first: Has anyone heard of Star Wars: Frames? It's a book. One copy costs $4000, which is a ton, even if it is autographed by George Lucas. Anyyyone? Anyone want to buy one for me? 
 Nano update: Yeesh. I'm on the verge of falling behind. Everyone should have 30k today. I hope to catch up a lot during thanksgiving break, since I'm not going anywhere. I should probably get off Blogger and work on writing.

 Pretty much all of the NJO covers mushed together.

  One of the most controversial and longest series in the SW EU history.  It's so hefty, many people don't even bother starting it. It's worth the ride though, even if the ride does seem like a plodding, slow, tortuous journey at some point. The early books are dark. Violent. Scary. Often unenjoyable. Sometimes discourage people from reading SW EU altogether. They are not gory, however, the Yuuzhan Vong are a violent, pain-embracing species, and some stuff is written to make you squirm. If you absolutely cannot stand the early NJO books(and nothing of significance to me happens), start with Balance Point and use Wookieepedia for the rest. The more the better, however.
I cannot give a verdict on the series as a whole. The books are so radically different from each other(more than 5 authors worked on this series) that the only way I could summarize this series would be to summarize each book.
So I will. Red is must read, blue you can skip if you want and use Wookieepedia. Purple is in between.
Vector Prime: Certainly started off NJO with a bang. I didn't enjoy it much. A major character dies. You might want to read it to get the gist of the series.
Dark Tide I and II: I liked it. No major plot changes, lots of battles and action, on the ground and in space, though. A must for Corran Horn fans. Funny.
Agents of Chaos I and II: Books like these are what Wookieepedia's for. I didn't like them. Go ahead and use Wookieepedia.
Balance Point: This is where the fun begins and the chaos ends. Although it doesn't seem like it. The dark finale to the "discovery" phase of the NJO. "The end of the beginning." The world falls into a deadly order for the characters as they realize how serious this war is and what the war is doing to them. Dreadful in a good way. You must read this. Favorite Scene-Jaina pulls a blaster on Jacen! Least favorite: Leia and Jaina get their heads shaved.
Edge of Victory I and II: Must read this. These aren't dark or very frightening. The unanimous favorite of NJO lovers. You get to know Anakin, Tahiri, and the Yuuzhan Vong in a new way. That scene where Nen Yim gets a new hand, though....ew.
Star by Star: Very exciting, though sad, book. Mostly details the Mykyr mission, with fatal consequences. A grinding, up-close book. You really, really, really, want to read this. Of all the books, this one captures the heart of Star Wars and the NJO the most. 
Dark Journey: }:) my personal favorite. Though there isn't much action and nothing of consequence really happens, I love this. The closest thing there is to a Star Wars romance novel(C'mon! The cover's PINK.) This was the first NJO book I read.(Ya see why I advise reading them in order? i read them completely out of order and I suffered the consequences.) Elaine Cunningham is so awesome! This book is funny and touching at the same time. Jaina's struggle with da dark side. <3 Kyp Durron!
Enemy Lines I+II: Okay, forget what I said above. This is my favorite. The perfect blend of action and romance and negotiations and characterization and Yuuzhan Vong-ation and Wedge Antilles. So cute and cool and funny and AWESOME. I think I'm going to read these again.
Traitor: Good book, if Vergere doesn't have your head spinning by the end of it. If you decide to skip this, DEFINITELY read up on Vergere and Jacen.
Destiny's Way: I hated this when I first read it. But that was because I  read them all out of order! When you read them IN ORDER you'll love this. Some parts drag on. The thing this book really does best is characterizing Jaina and her complete obsession with fighting and the war. The Young Jedi Knights are knighted officially, and Jaina ups a rank. 
Force Heretic I, II, III: I most recently read these. Details the search for Zonama Sekot and a PEACEFUL solution to the war. Unfortunately, it's Tahiri centered, mostly focusing on her search to find herself and a life without Anakin. I didn't find Tahiri that much of a compelling character to begin with, so I didn't enjoy those parts, though I enjoyed all the others.
The Final Prophecy: Not very final. You'll only understand this if you read Force Heretic. I liked it, it's by Greg Keyes <3. Lots of action and pick-up lines. Nen Yim gets her head graphically bashed in with a rock by Nom Anor.
 The Unifying Force: A very satisfying end to the series. A historical battle. I wish Jaina and Jag got married at the end, though. }:)

You're going to have a lousy NJO experience if you only read the four I highlighted red, though.

So that's it. Agents Of Chaos are complete wastes of time, but do try to read everything else. And when you're done with this, DNT and LOTF, here we come!

The epicest series in the EU.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mustard seeds

 This was my favorite bible verse when I was younger:

"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."
Matthew 17:20

Because, being a SW fan, I automatically assumed that being a really good Christian enabled you to use telekinesis to pick up mountains and move them. Never mind that Jesus never did that. Every time I prayed to "grow in faith" I imagined myself rearranging the face of the earth. I tried moving the mountain near my house almost every day. 

When I got a little older, my Sunday school teacher said it was metaphorical for obstacles in life.
I always thought that you wouldn't need to fix problems in life if you could move mountains and other similarly large landmarks.

Getting bad grades in school? Crush school with the Himalayas. Kid picking on you? Squish him with the Empire State Building. If it takes too long to get to someplace, move all the mountains and houses in the way, and put them back after you walk through.

I think life would be easier if we could move the darn actual mountains.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I want to award shout-outs because....umm....well, I just like blog sharing, okay?(even though my opinion counts for nada in the online world)

 Best SW blogger/wordpress: Club Jade It would be just like another SW news site, except for the stylish, hilarious, thoughtful posts and design.

 Best SW Tumblr: Rebecca Crane @Rogue Leader

She hasn't been posting as often as she used to, but she has been back home in Seattle for these past couple weeks and is busy. She recently gained fame for her "United States of Star Wars" post.

Best random blog: Just Add Kaleena. It's really hard to blog if you don't have a particular topic, but she's nailed it. (I know you don't like misuses of the word "random", Kaleena, but I thought it applied to your blog. xD )

Best NaNo blog: "Now he's spinning. Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."  Speaks for itself.

Best "dead" blog: http://misssnark.blogspot.com/    
She gives a lot of advice about writing and publishing. She's an agent.

First, our Random SW Post
Things SW Characters would never say:
 Luke: "Hmm, maybe I should just let the rebels be destroyed. It's time I pursued my career as a singer!"
  Leia: I can't stay for this late meeting; my family is expecting me for dinner.

Fey'lya: Power, why in space would I want that?

Tenel Ka: Fiction.

Mara: I hate guns. I'm a pacifist. 

Vergere: Have I lied to you? Of course not.

Darth Traya: No one should betray anyone. We should all be friends 

Kwenn's Unwookieepedia(REAL definitions of SW characters.)

Eeth Koth

"Eeth Koth!"
"What? No, I was just clearing my throat.
" ―Mace Windu and Eeth Koth
Eeth Koth was a Jedi High Council member in the Galactic Republic. He…er, well, one time, he…um…one of his missions involved…sheesh, has this guy actually done anything? And here I was thinking Zabrak were cool… 


"I will love him and squeeze him and pet him and hug him and call him George."

"I am so glad the people of this planet like to wave and shake hands." "Why is that?" "Well, what if their usual greeting for visiting dignitaries was to throw paint?" "Point taken."
―Wes and Wedge[src]
"Mandalorians boast that a shot from one of these pistols can take a starship out of commission. It's an obvious exaggeration, but for safety's sake, most listeners just smile and nod." ―Description of the Mandalorian Heavy Pistol in Knights of the Old Republic[src]
"My brains, your random destructive power! We'll own the galaxy -- or we'll wreck it and sell it for salvage!"
Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph, talking Zayne Carrick into joining him[src]
♫And then we'll do it again!♫

Love ya,

Monday, November 15, 2010


(mumbles in sleep)
(turns over)
(opens eyes and is blinded.) AAAAAARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
You see, the sun shines right through my window. And that's not bad, because I sleep right under my window. 
I would be okay if I hadn't replaced my closet doors with full-length mirrors last summer....
I drew a diagram to show you how it works.
(slowly grabs a random tee-shirt and shorts from mirror closet, goes to bathroom and showers.)

(comes downstairs and sleepily eats waffles)
(logs on computer. This is the order that I check. Email, Darths and Droids, Blogger.)

(checks on Organa Major. sees hater's comment. leaves witty response.)
(checks back a little later to see hater's response to witty response)

So I have dedicated a whole post to you, Leia to say: 

Dude. What happened to your blog?

This wouldn't have something to do with the hater, would it? You deleted your whole blog because of him/her? Do you know how many haters I've gotten? Just ignore them! They probably didn't even read your post!

You. Hater. This is how I feel about you.
I was going to add a poor, sad, little kitten, just for effect. However, I thought: "Heck, this guy doesn't deserve kittens." 
So here's  some kittens for the rest of you, just for contrast.

Don't let haters get to you. And undelete your blog.

Yours <3,

PS. This method was used in a different form from Hyperbole and a Half. It is a very effective method to deal with haters.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Favorite Books

This picture is out of order, by the way.

Oh my gosh. This series.....it's just amazing. The most amazing series EVER. I previously said NJO was my favorite, but it's so long...and sometimes it just....drags on. This series...wow. It's heartfelt, well written, and touching. It makes you burst out in laughter and tears....at the same time.  All three authors have previously written Star Wars, and many actually have combat experience. This post is a mess, and that's because I have so much to say. Attempt at organization(thinks up organizing skills). AHA! BULLET POINTS!
  • You really, really have to read a previous series to get the full effect. One of the things this series does best is characterizing characters that weren't previously developed( Boba Fett is one). It makes otherwise-background characters seem like real people Unfortunately, the main characters Jaina, Jacen, Mara, Luke get sorta skipped over. You really have to read NJO and YJK first. Invincible even alludes to YJK in some parts! This series really has an effect on you if you've read them. Like in the scene where Jacen is killing a prisoner by banging her head on a table...you can't help by thinking back to the once-innocent boy who befriended animals and made a necklace out of eggshells for his crush.
  • There are some scenes where...wow. They are so well written, so touching, that they make you cry every single time you read them. The flashbacks in Invincible to YJK makes me cry every time, where Jaina knows that her brother will never hurt her and will always be there to support her. The scene in Sacrifice where Alema blames Luke Skywalker for destroying her life and her body, and now, she can't dance. The scene where Lekauf gives his life for Ben.  The scenes where Ben is dealing with grief. The whole series is extremely well written, but there are some scenes where you can realize that you're reading something really special. 
  • There's no romance per se, here.(Unless you count that creepy J/TK romance.) I'm a huge J/J fangirl(YES! I used that word.) This happens after they break up from NJO. They're forced to work together, and there are touching, but not "hot" scenes between them. The whole thing felt so genuine, and you can tell they're really maturing and different from their fast, hot fling in NJO. There is a love triangle near the end, between Zekk/Jag/Jaina, but the farthest it ever gets is awkward silence and Jaina blushing.
  • And this is super uber fast paced. You won't get bored reading.
  • Did I mention the books are packed with humor, inspiration, and good pickup lines?
  • Mandalore-It'll be your favorite planet after you read Bloodlines, Sacrifice, and Revelation. A lot of fans don't like them, but I found the Mando scenes to be some of my favorite in Star Wars. You don't really get to liking Boba, but you can feel sympathetic toward him. And the culture-I want to be Mandalorian now.
And that's it. I read Legacy of the Force over and over again...it's really life changing. 


It'll change your view of Star Wars forever, if you've read it IN THE ACTUAL ORDER I SUPER-STRONGLY RECOMMEND! 
And this is a really strong recommendation. I'm just short of going to your house, pounding on your door, and taking your LOTF books and stealing them until you've read the previous series.

Barriss-You're reading FOTJ first? You're super-screwed. Just sayin'.


PS. A quick reason why FOTJ is the worst series to read first? Well....um....the characterization is bland, there isn't much action, one of the writers is brand new to Star Wars,  it seems so...unreal, every other word is pulled out of LOTF and Millenium Falcon. And whats up with the very first scene being a romantic scene between Jaina and Jag? I'm a huge fan of them, but it seemed fakish to ME even, when they weren't even dating in the previous series. I was reading.....ew. Are they TRYING to scare off new Star Wars fans? They create tons of new characters that only last a couple pages before they go insane, their main purpose. Not much happens. We're on what, our fifth book? Summary: Jaina and Jag got engaged, they broke up, a ton of people went insane, Luke and Ben are on a random quest across the galaxy, Daala hates Jedi, and that's about it. This actually takes place during peace time, which is nice, but it's Star Wars. We're past half done with the series. Get started with the war already.

PPS. And reading Wookieepedia as an alternative? That's like reading an encyclopedia about life but not actually going out and living.
Get off Wookieepedia and go get some Young Jedi Knight books, for crying out loud. (The Lost Ones and Delusions of Grandeur are my favorites. The series has three "mini-series",The Shadow Academy, the Diversity Alliance, and the Black Sun. Don't bother reading the first couple books. They suck. Start with The Lost Ones and read on. If you absolutely cannot find a book in the series, skip it.)

PPPS. Okay, I'm done now.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your Online Persona

 UPDATE: I made a card for Qui, for finishing my cover. I drew it myself, to further demonstrate my fail artistic ability. Aw man, the tip of the tulip(yes, it's a tulip) is cut off.

First off:
My book cover is finished! It's called Or Die Trying for now, but Qui-Gon will get me the cover without the title so I can change it whenever I want. (Could I also have a version of the first one in color, too? The one with the braid?Thanks.)

She made two. I personally like the first one better:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_xbl923ldEQg/TN7QfDTuJLI/AAAAAAAAALE/69Hq1lgyPA0/s1600/Or_die_trying2.png 
How about you?
Black and white: coolness.

Thank you soooooo much, Qui!I am the least artistic person I know.

Back to the post:

I was learning in Psychology class about internet addiction. Ouch. I'm definitely one of the candidates for that. While other people feel that the internet gets in the way of life, addicts feel that life gets in the way of the internet.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Part of internet addiction is the allure of creating an online persona. You can be anyone you want to be here, and sometimes, addicts feel that their online persona is the "real" them."
See, I'm not addicted. The online me is the exact opposite of the "real" me.

Amaranthine is confident, outspoken, and shamelessly promoting.
I'm not shy, but I'm quiet(when I'm around people I don't know well), polite(same), and rarely stand up for myself.

Amaranthine always knows the right thing to say.
I'm always saying things I don't mean, because I forget to think about them. o.O.

Amaranthine loves homeschooling and will scoff at public schoolers with Leia Organa and Padme.  
I get lonely sometimes, being at home all the time, and sometimes, secretly, I wish I was like them.

(is quiet)

People want to be in control of themselves. They want to "be the person they wanna be." I don't want that. I want to be the person God wants me to be, whether that's like Amaranthine, or (insert real name here).
People turn to the internet so they can be a different person. What they don't know is that, we can all be different, better people, through Christ.


Hey, this is a rather serious post, but it's true.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Cor 5:17


Friday, November 12, 2010

And now....

 My post about Star Wars Books=http://amaranthineforever.blogspot.com/2010/10/review-wednsday-where-to-start-reading.html

 Disclaimer: I wrote this post a while ago, but I just realized you don't know barely anything about Jacen. 
Hmm. That's trouble.
Oh well, you'll just be easier to convince, then. Jacen Solo=epic fail. Read on.

PS. Darth Caedus: Jacen Solo. Yeah, he(highlight for spoiler.) turns to the dark side. Stupid, huh?

Scientific Exhibit to Prove Jacen Solo was Doomed to Fail.

We all know Jacen Solo as a.) a super-awesome tragic philosopher-"sith lord" who sacrificed his life for his lover or b.) a stupid jerk who failed miserably.
You can guess which side I'm on.
But look. I have proof. All these quotes are REAL.

Exhibit A: His confidence varies drastically

At 5 years old:
Jaina: "What are you doing? Did something bite you?"
Jacen: "Bite me?"
Jaina: "Someday something will."
Jacen: "Nothing ever bites me!"
Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo[src]
At 7 years old:

"Why do I have to be strong?"
 ―Jacen Solo, to Han Solo[src]
At 15 years old:
Solo: "It feels like the right step to take. Seems to me I've got plenty left to learn."
―Jacen Solo and Zekk[src]
At 18 years old: 

Solo: "I don't…I don't understand anything. Nothing makes sense anymore."
At 19 years old: 

"When you start to become who you are, the first thing you learn is that there is nothing to fear."
―Jacen Solo, to Ganner Rhysode[src] 

At 20 years old:
  "I don't have any enemies." ― Jacen Solo[src]
Exhibit B: This speaks for itself
Sample #1

"Hang on to your hate. It will help you endure. I couldn't hate, and it nearly destroyed me."―Darth Caedus to Ben Skywalker[src]
         "I want you to know—all the anger and the hate, I didn't bring it with me. Tell Jaina that I forgive her."―Darth Caedus's spirit, to Ben Skywalker
Oh really, Jacen? Really?
Exhibit C: He spent hours philosophically thinking until he thought himself into knots.

Jacen: "You keep thinking of it as a tool, a weapon in your war against everything you see as bad. But that is such a limiting philosophy."
Anakin: "It is a weapon. A powerful weapon and a great responsibility."
Jacen: "Those are the minor truths of the Force. The ones that so many like you focus on to satisfy your personal hunger for glory. The Force is a method of serenity and truth, not an outward-projecting tool to be used to further any single person's perception of good."
―Jacen Solo and Anakin Solo[src]

Jacen: "That's just it. I don't know. then shut up, Jacen.I thought that going off on my own would be the key to getting closer to the Force; but then I saw the slaves and had to act. The Force sends me a vision and I act on it, only to have things go wrong. But, from that wrong came the right of saving you and Mara on Dantooine, and being there to BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH help hold off the reptoids. It's as if I'm walking around in a circle, circling around the goal I want. Sometimes it seems as if I need to be alone, and others I'm thrust into the heroic mold that has shaped and consumed Uncle Luke. I know there are other approaches, but I don't know if they are right for me."
"Is it me? Am I deluding myself, Jaina? glad you can finally realize it.Am I making the same mistake as grandfather? I have days—most days—when I'm as certain of this as I've ever been certain of anything. And then I have sleepless nights when I wonder if the path of the Sith is a lasting solution to peace in the galaxy, or if that's my ego speaking for me. It terrifies me. But if I were motivated by ambition, then I wouldn't suffer this doubt would I? Jaina, I can't tell you all this, not yet. You wouldn't see it. But when you do, remember that you're my sister, my heart, and part of me will always love you, no matter what. Good night, Jaina."
―Jacen Solo, in a deleted journal entry[src]

: "Huh?"
MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY. I only added three speeches, because if I added more this would be too long. This about sums it up, though:

Jaina: "But you're still looking for more. You aren't sure if what you've learned about being a Jedi is what you were supposed to have learned about being a Jedi. You want to find a way to become the ultimate Jedi."
Jacen: "Oh, and you don't question what we've been taught? You don't want to push yourself beyond?"
Jaina: "Beyond what, Jacen?"
Jacen: "Um, ah, I guess I don't know."
―Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo[src]
 Oh, Jacen. Oh, Jacen. (pats head and offers cookie)

Exhibit D: He said he didn't want violence, then started the second largest war in a century.

Part one:
"We're here in search of peace, not war."

                    ―Jacen Solo, to Sekot[src]

"Military might is not what we need. I cannot countenance destruction as a solution to the threat of destruction. In the long run, such a victory would only bring about our own downfall."

―Jacen Solo, to Danni Quee[src]
Exhibit E: He had identity problems.
My name is still Jacen Solo."
―Jacen Solo, to Ganner Rhysode[src]
"Caedus. My name is Darth Caedus."
―Darth Caedus[src]
Nuff said.
Exhibit F: He found that when he imitated his teachers, it didn't quite have the same effect.
"Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask is a trick. You will find no truth in me."
―Vergere, to Jacen Solo[src]
=cool sithness
            Solo: "Everything I tell you is a lie."
: "What?"

I think this is clear and concise. It is clear that Jacen Solo was an undeserving jerk. The only reason he SURVIVED was because of his well meaning, but clueless family.

Exhibit G:
"I know Jacen. Whatever he's doing, it's because he thinks it's right for the galaxy. Once he realizes he's mistaken, he'll be easy to bring back."
―Luke Skywalker, to Mara Jade Skywalker[src]
Even AFTER he dies:

"Jacen would never have hurt you, Allana. He loved you so very much. He would have changed the galaxy for you if he could."
―Leia Organa Solo, to Allana Solo[src]
Yeah, but he can't, cuz he's a FAIL IDIOT.
Diclaimer:: All quotes used in this lecture are REAL quotes, said by the jerk himself.

"Jinkies, I'm bored. I think I'll utterly destroy my entire family on a whim, because that's the kind of rad and koovy guy I am. Now I think I'll tend to some furry little creature whilst simultaneously ensuring the downfall of the Galactic Alliance and the annhiliation of the Jedi order. Neato!" ―Jacen Solo

Except for that one. But you never know.

*bows* Thank you, thank you. My work here is done.
What. Would YOU want him leading YOUR galaxy? No thank you.

Clear skies,

PS. WHY must you start with Young Jedi Knights, you ask? Two reasons: Zekk+Jacen. Zekk is one of my favorite male characters, but he's only developed in Young Jedi Knights!!!! He takes a REALLY background role in the rest of the saga. Jacen: Jacen's only awesome and fun in Young Jedi Knights. As evidenced above, for the rest of the saga, he's a.) a philosopher jerk or b.) a Sith jerk. The Young Jedi Knights series really makes you fall in love with the characters BEFORE they get their faults. This is a kids series but adults/teens read it too!!! read it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chill day

Hey guys-
Since I've had so many uberposts, I thought today we'd just chill with quotes. After all, there's no school today.
Random quotes collected from all over the EU:
"Oh, well. Just another boring day saving the universe."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Tahiri: "That's funny." 
Corran: "Funny ha ha or funny we're about to die?"
Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn, sizing up the situation on Yuuzhan'tar[src] 
Fi: "You can live without an arm, they can always bolt on a new one." 
Boss: "What about my head? 
Fi: "Like I said, they can always replace nonessential parts." 
Boss: "I love this guy. He'll make such great target practice."
RC-8015 ("Fi") and RC-1138 ("Boss") banter[src

There's a new target born every minute.

Tahiri: "Remember, you're supposed to be training me. What does the wise Jedi do in a situation like this?"
Corran: "The wise Jedi avoids situations like this."
Tahiri: "Oh. I don't guess I know any wise Jedi, then. Very disillusioning."
Corran: "Right. And that's your lesson for the day—don't hang on to your illusions."
Tahiri: "I was hoping more for a crash course in 'how to kick butt when you're outnumbered thirty to two.' "
Corran: "Well, if you're going to be picky about what I teach…"
Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn, being attacked by Yuuzhan Vong[src
ooookayyy................now what?

"You know impossible is what Rogue Squadron does best of all."
Corran Horn, to Admiral Ackbar[src]

  • I-5YQ: "See that landspeeder parked behind you?"
  • Den Dhur: "Yes."
  • I-5YQ: "Call it the past."
  • Den Dhur: "Why?"
  • I-5YQ: "Because it's behind you. See that trash bin ahead of you? That's the future."
  • Den Dhur: "For you, maybe. I try to be more optimistic."
  • future in the existential sense, of course

  • 2JTJ: "Master Tahl! Please slow down! I must assist!"
  • Tahl: "Get lost! I'm in a hurry!"
  • 2JTJ: "I cannot get lost, sir. I'm a navigation droid."
  • i love this one

    "Time for blaster safety lesson #1... Pointing a blaster at me isn't safe."
    Plourr Ilo[src]
    Jacen: "Don't you get it? You're exactly what I want to be when I grow up." Anakin: what, dead? Jacen: "You know what I mean." —Jacen Solo and Anakin Solo's Force ghost[src]
    yes we certainly do! too bad.........

    Jaina: "Jag, do you even know how to use a lightsaber?"
    Jag: "I know Lesson One. Don't grab the glowy end."
    Jaina Solo, to Jagged Fel, on Kashyyyk during the Second Galactic Civil War[src]
    "glowy end"??????
    Kyle: "I'm no Jedi. I'm just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions."
    Red-Eye: "Of course. Many peoples have them."
    Kyle: "Lightsabers?"
    Red-Eye: "Questions."
    Kyle Katarn and Red-Eye Baldarek[src]

    "It's always nice to meet new people and make new enemies."
    Mara Jade[src]
    Like you have any trouble with that.

    Zayne: "Wait a minute. You stole that ship?"
    Gryph: "Me? Steal a ship? What kind of person do you think I am? I hired someone to steal a ship."
    Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph, on Ralltiir[src]

    very noble of you..........

    "Pretty. What do we blow up first?"
    Myn Donos, to Wedge Antilles[src]
    very pretty indeed.

    Door: "State your business."
    Qui-Gon: "I would like to speak with Captain Neg."
    Door: "Captain Neg does not wish to see you."
    Qui-Gon: "I have little tolerance for model Dx5 security doors."
    Door: "You are incorrect." [laser batteries emerge] "I am a model Dz5 with improved defenses!"
    Qui-Gon Jinn, angering a security door[src]
    gotta improve your knowledge of technology there.....
    Janson: "Red Two, this is Red Three. Am I crazy, or is the general doing what he tells us never to do?"
    Tycho: "Three, Two. Yes you are, and yes he is. Pay no attention."
    Wes Janson and Tycho Celchu, about Wedge Antilles[src]
    just a regular day in Rogue squadron

    "Your orders are simple. I punch. You suffer. Got it?"
    Wes Janson, to Thanaer ke Sekae[src]

    "Jedi Horn! Is it true you're on a destructive rampage?"
    Galaxy 9 News reporter, to Valin Horn[src]
    "Jedi Horn! Is it true you're taking your lightsaber and cutting me in half?"
    "Hi, guys! Come to disarm me, have ya? Hey, that's terrific!" ―Audio component of an Ugnaught-planted bomb on Cloud City[src]
    Nom Anor: "We are dead, don't you understand? Tsavong Lah will slaughter us."
    Vergere: "Ever the optimist. You assume we'll live out the hour."
    Nom Anor and Vergere, as Jacen Solo destroys their seedship[src]
    lifetimes are very short in the Yuuzhan Vong War

    "A master of defense is one who is never in the place that is attacked."
    you said it, vergere!

    "Surrender. It will hurt less."
    Dhidal Nyz[src]
    it certainly would....

    "Orders not backed by force are only suggestions, Jacen Solo."
    Vergere, to Jacen Solo[src]

    "Poor little Solo. Do you ever get embarrassed at being so thoroughly and consistently mistaken?"
    Vergere, to Jacen Solo[src]
    i couldn't have said it better myself.

    "Shouldn't a Jedi, who respects the Force created by all living beings, be a vegetarian?"
    ―A rather determined anonymous reporter bugs Jaina Solo, even after the others disperse
    EXACTLY!!!!!! wait........vegetables live too.

    "It's a good thing your father isn't a Jedi. Han Solo with Force powers would be a very frightening thing."
    Jagged Fel to Jaina Solo[src]

    somebody get this picture out of my head FAST!

    Oviedo: "This is madness!"
    Theta Squadron captain: "No—this is war!"

    same thing.

    "Jacen, I love you. But sit down, shut up, and do as you're told."

    Han's failed attempt at stopping the Second Galactic Civil War./

    would that someone said that to him more often........

    Jacen: "MCCC, this is Farmboy One. This is an emergency. We require an immediate response!"
    Danni: "What's the emergency?"
    Jacen: "We're out of blue milk."
    Jacen Solo, lying to Danni Quee about communications failure[src]

    OH NO!!!!!! *gasp*

    "I must say that the two of you belong to the most interesting family."
    Admiral Traest Kre'fey to Jaina and Jacen Solo[src]
    that's an understatement.

    Corran: "No. We explain nothing to Daala. That would imply the Order answers to her—and the day that happens, you're going to have a lot more than apprentices resigning."
    Saba: "Massster Horn is correct. The Jedi Order is no thedyklae herd. We are shartuukz."
    Kyp: "Uh, sure. What's a shartuuk?"
    Saba: "A guard beast. It protects the lair from zo'oxi and tarnoggz." Kyp: "Oh, that explains it. And zo'oxi and tarnoggs are what, exactly?" Saba: "Alwayz hungry. Like any tyrant." Kyp: "Ah—of course. We can't explain to Daala. We're the shartuuks, and she's the zo'oxi." Saba: "Tarnogg. Zo'oxi are skin parasitez. The shartuukz eat them off." Kyp: "I don't know. Zo'oxi sounds like a pretty good description of most of the politicians I've—"
    Jedi Masters Corran Horn, Saba Sebatyne, and Kyp Durron, relating the Jedi Order's political position with the Galactic Alliance to thedyklae, shartuuks, tarnoggs, and zo'oxi[src]
     I wonder if  Omas has such a entertaining time with the senate.
     Scorch: "How old is Skirata?"
    Sev: "Sixty, sixty-one, something like that."
    Scorch: "What's that in clone years?"
    Sev: "Dead."
    Scorch and Sev, on the age of Kal Skirata[src]

    "Sir, you're interrupting my killing spree."
    RC-1207 ("Sev"), as Boss moves into his line of fire[src]

    Boss: pardon me  (turns and runs) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!