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You guys are great! I went to a Girl Scout even t today and came back and there were tons of comments. <3 You all are so sweet and helpful. I didn't know you cared so much...wipes tears from eyes. Oh yeah, I did the blog button thing, didn't I. I bet this post won't get nearly so many comments. I only have time for a short post today, so I'll def grab the buttons from you guys tomorrow.

A word of advice: Please NEVER ask someone what they are doing for their birthday. It creates the most awkward social situation ever, especially if you find out you aren't invited.

  A not so close acquaintance(who thinks she's close) kept bugging me about it. I was having a party with some friends from school, but she wasn't invited, and she kept saying. "Oh mi gosh your birthday's this weekend! What are you doing? Are you having a party?" and I was like *mumblemumble*ergherr*nothing much*mumble*.
She didn't believe me. She was like "You aren't…

I should never promise that I will post...

..because I never do.

Okay, so I'm preparing to write the series about becoming God's princess now. When I asked you guys about it, most of you said that you weren't interested in guys right now. Which is good, but the whole point is that you can't wait until you're interested in guys to start thinking about your standards and purity standards. Or else when the time comes and you do fall for someone, you'll be too influenced by hormones and emotions to make any big decisions. Which is why we should all start making our choices and setting boundaries beforehand. And there is the point of my new series.

 So I'm making a survey right now, with one question for each God's Princess post.

Question number one:

What would your ideal husband/boyfriend be like? What would he look like? What part of his character would attract you?

Please try to respond to these questions! It would really help with writing the post. ;) And if you do, I'll put your blog button o…


We got to try on our hip hop costumes @ dance.

They look like this except with pink instead of yellow. They're all right, I guess. :P The top is uber short, so I'll probably wear my leotard under this. Please pray for my tailbone! :)


Today I went to the dentist and got two fillings. I also injured my coccyx(tailbone) muscles and it hurts like (thinks up appropriate word that is appropriate for this blog.)......... I took some Advil and now I'm going to dance. I hope it works!

One year anniversary

A year ago today there was a girl named Amaranthine Degada and she wanted to start a blog. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And she already had a Gmail account, so ,she could save the trouble of registering on a site and just use Blogger. her story.

I still remember the first template I used.This was back in the days before the template designer.and they just has templates that you picked and stuck with. I picked the travel template. It was grey and pink and actually really weird looking. I didn't post anything that day, but instead went around trying to design my blog, like I’m sure most of you have.

And so, the next day, armed with an idea, a keyboard, and a ShabbyBlogs Aqua template...I typed. And posted. Nothing happened. No brilliant flash of light. I think I went to eat a sandwich after that. I didn’t expect anything to come out of it. I didn’t have a follower goal, didn’t expect to make friends, or even expect to become famous. If you go look  a…

small group competition

Our small group is having a weekly personal competition thingy. Here's the score sheet with what I'm scoring so far. How would you tally up? :P
I'll post later! I have to think of something inspiring for my Easter post...:). Love you guys.

Good Friday

Some of the greatest words ever uttered. Not an expression of despair or defeat, but the joyful shout of an artist after he has completed his greatest masterpiece. Hope you guys make it to an Easter service this weekend. What else are you doing to celebrate Easter?

Wondrous Wednesday

This is from Jocee at cupcake dictionary. So what makes my Wednesday wondrous?

(checks calendar)
It is Wednesday, right? Spring break is flying by so fast!

Normally, I despise Wednesdays with all my heart and soul. But THIS Wednesday was wondrous because:
~nn88 on deviantart
I got my 60th follower! Thanks, Milisande! That was actually one of my follower milestones this year. I love you guys. And Milisande left a comment! A real, live comment! If you follow Gwenea Faelwen at Faithfully Feminine, you've probably heard of her.

*PunciGraphics on deviantart One word: SPRING BREAK.(That's two words.) Be still, inner critic. No one needs you. Ahem. Yeah, it's great being able to take a break from school and draw in some nice deep breaths. And stay inside and be on blogger, IWC and deviantart all day! (Not very different from what I normally do, actually.) And I can write! Yep, when I wake up, there is little to do except

Writing Inspiration

This post is devoted to writing inspiration.

Books that inspired me:

Johnny Tremain(Esther Forbes). Inspiring because: Character(Rab), lively intricate setting, emotional/inspiring ending

The Bronze Bow(Elizabeth George Speare)
Inspiring because: characters(Malthace and Leah), plot in general.

Triple Zero(Karen Traviss)
Inpspiring because: characters(Fi, Walon Vau), moral dilemmas

Fury(Aaron Allston)
Inspiring because-characters-(Jacen Solo, Kyp Durron), story arc, detailed portrait of Jacen Solo's descent, humor

The Mysterious Benedict Society(Trenton Stewart)
Inspiring because-humor. Had sudden urge to put businesspeople w/briefcases and business cards in my sci fi book.

I'd be really interested in hearing which books inspired your writing! It's often the books you liked the most-they often unconsciously influence your writing.

But if you are looking for inspiration in writing, genre is very important in starting you off on your search. Why?

Well, each genre has different…


Living on earth is expensive but at least it includes a free trip around the sun.

Church Worship Band

I've been playing in my church junior high worship band for a couple months now! I'm not actually in junior high, but I still play at the junior high band for most of the services. The band leader, Jonny, is trying to encourage me to play at the high school band. I'm more nervous around the high school band because they're better at their instruments and most are older and (a lot) taller. Jonny actually scheduled me to play with the high school band a couple times, but I kept rescheduling myself and now he thinks I'm scared of him or something.

The weirdo on the left is Jonny. The other guy is someone who I forget. He plays in the high school band though.

Jonny is amazing. I first heard of him when he gave his testimony at church. He stands out among the junior high ministry leaders because he's the only young guy on the ministry team. Everyone else belongs in the older age groups, people who have their own kids or are schoolteachers and have their college degre…


While typing in the title I realized that I have a whole crop of posts with the title "Yay!". Oh well. I guess I live a joyful life.

So I got awarded by Endor! Yes! I actually remembered who this time. :P

I'm stylish. ;P

So, thank you Endor! I don't know Endor as well as some of my other internet friends, because she's rarely on the Lakehouse and doesn't IM me, but she's dear to me. Through her, I met Savannah, JC, Leia, and pretty much everybody. Also, I love her sweet blog. I'm going to start a series on Becoming God's Princess and it's definitely going to be dedicated to her.

Seven things about me:
1. My main insecurity is being a complete and utter fail at dancing. >.> My second insecurity is that the drummer in our band plays the keyboard better than me(the keyboardist).
2. I desperately wish I could be like Qui. She's so creative and hard working and is so determined to try new things(and is good at everything she tries, too.) ;…

I am out of it......

I made it back safely yesterday, but I think my brain is still on vacation. I must stop complaining about follower envy and actually POST something. I want to do Qui's book tag, but that would involve walking to my room to see what books are on my shelf and I'm not sure if I have the strength to do that.

I finished reading Shannon Etheridge's "Preparing Your Daughter for Every Young Woman's Battle"(book 2.) I think you should take the time to read Every Young Woman's Battle if you can. It's about the age-old subject, romance. BEFORE I write a post on it, however, I would really like to know your opinions about dating, boyfriends, kissing, etc. etc. Leave a comment please! Be "Anonymous" if you're embarrassed. ;)

And a lot of girl Christians blog about this subject, so that's why I've been hesitant to blog about it so far.

As for writing posts, Qui has been doing a lot of that lately. So I would like to know what WRITING topics wo…


I'm suffering from a major case of follower-envy(cough-Qui). How does she do it? Tell me!
Well, to be honest, my mind hasn't been on my blog because I'm on vacation right now and can only post a little bit.

But when I get home....
When I get'll see! :P

Today we are going to see the giant redwoods. :D

Hey, I have good news for you!
I am FINALLY getting good at video games.

I am really bad at video games because I never get to play them. We don't have consoles at our house. But yesterday in Bomberman Land I won 4 rounds instead of the usual zero. And in Brawl yesterday, out of the five rounds Zel and I played together against my brothers, we won four.  We found out that Marth and Sheik are good to be on one team, as opposed to 2 Sheiks.And after I won a game, I had to fight one of the CPU bosses(Sonic) and I beat him. Also, by mistake for one round I had to be on my own team against my brothers and Kirby.  I didn't win that one.

Follower envy. :(



Today we went geocaching and found three caches.
I'm sorry I haven't been commenting because I don't have a lot of time on the computer. I do read most posts though. :P

We love Super Smash Brothers Brawl on wii now. We also call each other by our favorite characters now.

I'm Sheik. You can call Jro Samus now, even though Samus is a girl.

<-Jro. We also have a Zelda, Kirby, and Link(my other brother.)


okay so

Today we went hiking and strolling along Yosemite. We saw a ton of waterfalls, half dome, El Capitan, and Mirror Lake, etc. I took a lot of pictures and will post them when I stopped procrastinating. Since the internet is spotty I am taking advantage of right now to catch up on posts. You Lakehousers post a lot. XD ALSO SARAH(the geek) SARAH I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU OH MI GOSH. Playing Mario Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the wii downstairs.

Here we are in Bass Lake!

I'm really happy to be writing to you guys from our little condo thingy in Bass Lake. Why am I happy?
Because we have internet! Internet! The honey of life! Sarah(one of the friends who we are here with) told us that when they picked the condo thingy, they had to choose a.) a condo with two bathrooms and no internet and b.) a condo with 1.5 bathrooms and internet. When Sarah told us that they picked a.) I was about to melt into the floor. I was seriously freaking out. Luckily we hooked something up with a Droid, and now we have internet. Praise the Lord! It was a nice drive yesterday and then we hiked to the lake. Today we'll be driving into Yosemite to hike! My brothers, Sarah, and Simon are all playing Settlers of Catan downstairs now :).
I miss you guys! :P Oops, I deleted my signature D:<

Guess what the sky did yesterday?

IT HAILED. IT HAILED. As in, little white balls of ice fell from the sky! And piled on the ground! ! ! ! Remember, this is SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!! We almost never get any rain! I got to go outside in the hail with an umbrella and take pictures and videos. I was going to post my videos, but in all of them I'm babbling high-pitched drivel about hail, and rain, and snow. So I'll just put pictures instead.

There was thunder and lightning last night too, but now the weather is back to it's normal sunny cheerfulness. This probably isn't a big deal to most of you, but it's a big deal to me!


"Testing, testing. A-hem. Erh-herm. Oh when the saints, come marching in...Okay, you can hear me now, right?."

Okay. I have some announcements for you people. First.....
I will be going on a trip to Bass Lake/Yosemite National Park starting on Sunday and ending on next Saturday. So I most likely will not be posting. Actually, I said that about my Utah trip and still posted, so you might get one..or two...or three, or..actually, just don'tEXPECT any posts. But you still might get a few. And pictures! Hopefully my camera will NOT spazz out like it did at Utah.

Second....My blog 1-year anniversary, for which we like to use the handily coined term "blogoversary", will be happening in 17 days. I'm actually pretty excited about this. But I don't know what to do! Any ideas? I could do a video or voice post. That would be interesting. But seriously, I've been doing this for almost a year! You can go look at my earliest posts to confirm it. Actually, don'…


It was worth it. Jedi~Chick, you got me into this series. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS INSANITY. I feel sorry for my mom, though. She biked with me(and carried my books in her bag. This Wednesday was an awesome Wednesday.

I biked ten miles today.  For this.

Random SW Tuesday

Thanks Qui for not getting mad at me over yesterday's post :). You're a great internet friend! I dedicate this post to you and Maryanna and I heart chewie."I used to be a smuggler. Made my living running around the galaxy carrying other people's problems. Thing is, you do that long enough and those problems start to become your own."―BoShek[src]

Nobam Nol: "Do you see who has the power? The Sith come to me... Work through me... I am the Sith. Those who will not see shall feed me. Those who do see will be a part of me. Part of power and strength and life... (causes an explosion) ...And death! Embrace the fear you feel, for in me you shall find-- --eh? (Boba Fett kills him with one blow) Ghhhacck!" Boba Fett: "In you they'll find bantha dung." ―Nobam Nol, before being killed with a single blow by Boba Fett.[src]
Valin: "Hi Syal. My mom said to say your dress is pretty." Syal: "It will be until Myri goops something on it. Y…