Sunday, February 26, 2012

this is what happens when I try to sort out the sordid mess in my head( the hunger games and violence in entertainment)

I have been so conflicted and messed up over this point in life, I just wanted something, to try and finally figure myself out. Like I've mentioned, a month before THG movie, and they are plugging away at it like all get-out. And THG, when I read it, really freaked me out, disturbed me, etc. I thought no one should ever read them again. But they really are really good. Instructive. Cautionary.

And now, America and the internet has turned into The Hunger Games Channel. All Hunger Games, all the time. it's everywhere. And anytime someone mentions it, I see an advertisement, I see people buying it, reading it, everywhere I turn. I stiffen, my gut twists, and I start thinking about it all over again.

And conversations with my Lakehouse sisters (I love you guys, you are my inspiration) have made me rethink some of my perspective and now I'm all confused.

Stick with me?

 Here's what happened after I read The Hunger Games (recap):

First of all, I stayed up till about four in the morning not being able to sleep or get those images out of my head. For a couple days after, it just got under my skin like nobody's business. I couldn't think about anything else. The day I finished Catching Fire,  I went swimming in the evening, and had to walk home by myself. I remember the pool glowing all creepily, and the insects making freaky noises in the trees, and me breathing hard and my heart racing and paranoid and convinced I was going to be attacked. And I had never been that freaked out. Ever. Don't think I'm exaggerating. I remember being wet from the pool walking home alone in the dark, and praying and singing worship songs under my breath in a vain effort to keep my sanity.

And it's not like I'm a sheltered kid who only read happy books about happy children skipping rope and running through daisy filled meadows. I already read the fair range of fantasy/sci fi, which includes its fair amounts of violence etc.

 And I encountered legions upon legions of people who read the books and ate em up. And they weren't like, jaded people who watched horror movies every night. Regular people. Little kids, even. Almost enough to convince me that I had had a huge overreaction. Almost.

For every 50 people that were like "HUNGER GAMES? OMG THAT"S MY FAVORITE BOOK SERIES I HAVE THE TEE SHIRT AND FOUR COPIES OF EACH BOOK AND WHAT DISTRICT WOULD YOU BE IN I"M DISTRICT FOUR" there was one person who felt the same way as I did. Abby. Lauren. Kate.

So, major conflict. So whenever someone asked me for my opinion of them "Should I read em?" I had no idea what to say. "Er-amer-te-augh, well, they were sorta scary." doesn't cover it by half. And it was even worse when another fan would chime in going "You thought they were scary? Really? No way! They were really good! Well...I guess they might be sorta scary." and give me a weird look that meant "-if you're three."

And they were really really good. Suspenseful. Flawlessly written. Chock full of morals. An interesting story of human nature.

Here's where I sort things out.

Yes, I admit to being easily disturbed.
No, I wasn't the only one.
Yes, I know people have different tolerances of disturbingocity and violence.
No, I don't believe that makes it ok.

Yes, I believe The Hunger Games has many many interesting and powerful things to say about us.
Yes, I believe that violence and disturbingness and fear are powerful tools that can be used to help a good story.
Yes, I believe there is a point where the disturbingness gets too far and the morals aren't worth it.
No, I don't believe that applies to the Hunger Games trilogy.

No, I am not sorry I read them now. (Although I was when I was immediately done with them.)
Yes, if you think you can handle it I think you should read them.

Yes, I believe there are a lot of people who overlooked the point of the story and don't take it or its message seriously enough.
Yes, I know for a fact some have a cavalier attitude toward unnecessary killing as a result of The Hunger Games.
Yes, this is what I was afraid of.

Yes, Hunger Games merchandise/plugging, Hunger Games fangirls, Hunger Games RP, Hunger Games "sorting quizzes" make me uneasy still.
Yes, I'm aware those who participate in Hunger Games RP are only having fun.
No, that doesn't make me feel any better about it.

Proverbs says to not envy violent people or walk in their ways.
Even so, I'm glad I read the Hunger Games trilogy. The ending was depressing, but it can be mucho instructive if you take it the right way. (HINT: it has something to do with living in a world without God and the results of trying to fix something all by ourselves)

 And of course I will watch the movie.

With that being over with(for now), a conversation about The Hunger Games sparked another interesting discussion on the role of violence, witchcraft, and scariness in entertainment. Is it relative per person?

 Is violence and movies in books/games/movies okay, since it's "just entertainment", and we're of course wayy too mature to take it to heart?

Now, being mostly cured, Amaranthine will attempt to make a dent in this subject. (rubs hands together)

Violence has a role in entertainment because it has a role in life. And of course there's minor forms of violence and darkness in pretty much every book and movie. But there is a point where it becomes too much.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.

Phillipians 4:8.

I love this verse. And it's crystal clear. It tells us what to set our minds on in order to be stable, be joyful, and remain close to God. And it means entertainment choices, as well.

Entertainment is sometimes the closest thing to our hearts. Books/movies often dominate our hearts and minds. Sometimes it's the only thing we feel we have to live for, and sometimes, it's our escape from life.

As a result, entertainment is important. Nothing is ever just entertainment. Whether we like or not, values, people, character traits from our entertainment choices seep into our subconscious and help make us who we are. Whatever comes in through our eyes and ears flows into our hearts and soul.

Now, does this mean we should only read happy books with happy endings? Of course not!

Some people argue that books should reflect reality. They should be grim! They should sometimes be violent and scary! That's how life is, after all.

What do I believe?

Notice the verse. It doesn't say "Whatever is happy, whatever is easy, whatever is comfortable, whatever is pleasant-"

The verse calls for us to feed the values of truth, nobility, righteousness, and purity in our souls. These values don't need happiness and sunshine! They exist in the darkest of times. In fact, they thrive.

So, you see, it is possible to read books that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable, and still maybe have dark, crazy, and violent elements. But the most important thing is that the book pursues those values. . And that's where The Hunger Games falls short. All that...stuff. would have been fine with me if the truth, nobility, and rightness of Katniss&Co hadn't been lost along the way.

And a quick note about desensitization: Desensitization of violence is probably the scariest thing ever. Desensitization is the reason why no one, no one, should be allowed to watch horror movies or read horror books, ever. (besides the keeping noble/pure stuff) Those scary book/movie people are out to shock you. To make you feel. Each is more sensational than the last. If you watch that stuff too much, you start to get numb. To get used to the murder and blood and gore so much it you just don't care anymore. 

Same with video games. What is human life? Is it valuable anymore?

 So when real-life horror stories surface(Holocaust, Nanking, Rwanda?), stuff that we should be scared of, freaked out by, and crying about, the numb people just don't feel it.

People should never get used to other people dying.

God calls us to be innocent. And "innocent" has a lot of connotations in modern life. People are like "Innocent? EW! Get the innocence away from me! That stuff is like, for babies!"

But innocent doesn't mean "clueless". Innocent doesn't mean turning a blind eye to the evil in the world. It doesn't mean sheltered. (Well, it can, but not the way God calls us to be innocent)

Innocence is "freedom from sin or moral wrong." It means knowing about the evil, the dirt, the nastiness-and choosing not to participate in it. It means being apart from it. It means being free from it, and quickly giving it to God the moment it touches us. 

Seeing the evil for what it really is, not what the coolness it sometimes masquerades as. Understanding evil.
Innocence is way hard. 

Well, there's my post. It's a hot mess. But that was what I was thinking about. It probably should have been split into two posts, huh.    

I finished Eragon and Gregor the Overlander today. Loved both. Gregor is happily nothing like THG.

Friday, February 24, 2012

11 tag :/

I usually don't do tags...but I've been tagged a bunch of times with this one so I'm just going to do it. I'm doing Savanna's version :) Thanks, Savanna!

The Rules:
1) Post these rules.
2) Post 11 random things about yourself.
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5) Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged.
6) No cop-outs in the tagging section like, “If you are reading this” or “if you follow me”. You have to legitimately tag people!

11 Random Things About Myself

1          .I want to go see THG in theaters. I haven't brought it up to my parents yet(we usually watch movies together.) I also want to do yet another THG post. When I was under the influence of those books, it was awful and I was depressed for a couple days and couldn't sleep. But it fades so completely after a while and everybody talking about it and being excited about it is just eating away at me like waves lapping on the beach.. I find myself excited for it and wanting to watch the movie and buy the merchandise, even though a couple months ago I couldn't bear to look at the books on my shelf. (I hid them under my desk downstairs).

2.I'm reading Eragon right now. It's actually pretty decently  quite good. Very absorbing. Eragon has that nonchalant, i'm-cool, don't-mess-with-me awesomeness that's pretty cool in male characters. (sorta like Ender) The plot is so ridiculously close to that of Star Wars, though. And CP is like crazy with the naming. The magic is also based on the magic of the Ancient Egyptians, more than traditional spells and such. Pretty cool.

3.I'm getting less and less nervous for piano performances, which is an obstacle I've faced for a long time. I have a piano test on saturday...performing five memorized pieces. Eep.

4.  I teach piano. It's alright, and it sure beats babysitting or working at the grocery store.

5. I'm majorly bossy in real life. My mom calls it "natural leadership." and I"m like " I'm just bossy XD"

6.My favorite new Heroes of Olympus character is Hazel <3. I think Camp Jupiter is cooler than Camp Half Blood.

7. I’ve lived in California since I was 2. Before that, I lived in Massachutssess.

8. You may think I have a lot of followers, but compared to other blogs that have been around for as long as I have, I barely have any. Just keep your blog around for a while and post interesting things, and you’ll pick up followers inevitably.

9. My favorite dancer in the whole world is Hayden Hopkins:

10. I think Ahsoka will die at the end of TCW.

11. The internet has completely murdered my spelling and grammar. Before, it was flawless and I edited each sentence carefully on the IM and typed slowly. Years of blogging/IMing/foruming have made me a lot more lax. Now, I don’t really worry about spelling and grammar as much. XD It just aint worth the time to go back and fix.

Alright, time for my questions that the people I tag have to answer:

1. What do you think of homeschoolers?

I’ve been an online schooler(technically not homeschooled) for my whole life, so I think they’re pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

2. What was your favorite TV show as a child?]
The Magic School Bus! I liked the big red lever that changed the shape of the bus. My favorite character was D.A (the blond one with the pigtails). Or Ralphie. Or Arnold?(was that his name)
3. What is your main passion in life?
To serve God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my strength.
4. If you could choose one song to represent your life, what would it be?
GO by Hillsong :)

5. Ice cream or Popsicle?
Ice Cream. All. The. Way. I love Jamoca Almond Fudge and Pistachio.
6. Who is you favorite villain (from a movie or TV show)?
Come on! I don’t watch no movies/TV shows. XD Krell from TCW was pretty scary/complex/insane. Umm....Darth Vader. Miraz from Prince Caspian. He had a goatee.

7. Who do you greatly admire in this world?
My parents and grandparents. Some famous people. No one my age.

8. How would you describe your clothing style?
Whatever’s clean and fits.

9. Do you like thrill rides (roller coasters, etc) at amusement parks?
10. Have you ever been to Disney World or Disneyland?
Yep! Both :)

11. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Hungry. Calm. Flammable.

My questions:
1. What’s a famous movie you haven’t seen but would like to?
2. What’s a famous book you haven’t read but would like to?
3. What’s your dream pet?
4.What’s your favorite fruit?
5. If you didn’t know all the rules for a game, would you make up the rest of the rules yourself or change games to a game you did know the rules for?
6. Name one blogger you really admire and link to them,
7. Who’s your favorite male/female movie/book/TV show character of all time?
8. Your top 5 fictional crushes?
9.What’s your ideal follower number?
10. What’s your ideal age?
11. If you could automatically speak any language fluently, which would you prefer?

Now it's time to tag people. I don’t care if you’ve been tagged already. Qui, Pinksaber, Jedi~Chick, Abby, EFC.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I caved

and took the quiz.

I guess I'm pretty happy with my results. They had some dang ridiculous questions on that quiz. I wish they sorted us into Percy Jackson cabins instead of just saying "Demigod". What else is there? "Hellhound?" "Dryad"? "Goddess"? "Condemned soul woven into Hades' gym shorts?"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hunger games movie

they are really -p-l-u-g-g-i-n-g. this movie. Go to hot topic and find Hunger Games pillowcases, temp tattoos, keychains, nail polishes, baseball caps, toilet seats, toothbrushes, , staplers.......

I was reading a fitness mag and they literally had Hunger Games-based recipes( with the caption, I kid you not, "Eat Like Katniss". I wish they were kidding)

Checked USA Today's bestselling list, THG 1, 2, 3 top the all-genre list, but the youth list is where it gets really interesting. THG #1, 2, 3, round out the top three of course. Then in 4th place, comes the (seriously)? boxed trilogy set. Two places down is the ? THG Tributes guide and then, three places down, the Hunger Games behind the scenes movie compendium...(Then the Rick Riordan books start to make their appearance, but by then I've completely lost hope in humanity)

Nice. Really nice, considering the movie comes out in a whole month.

Nothing adds more magic to your favorite book series than knowing all the time there are executives behind the scenes rakin' in the dough.

Would you guys...

appreciate it if I did a major "Amaranthine's Top Awesome Book Recommendations of All Time" post with summaries, short reviews/ major pros/cons, and everything? Or do you pretty much want me to stop talking about books and start talking about something else already?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated book release information!

Some of my most anticipated releases of 2012...with release dates and covers!

The Kane Chronicles #3, The Serpent's Shadow: May 1, 2012 
Final book in series

Cover: 10/10. Oh my gorgeous! Can you say beautiful?
Title: 7/10....slightly cliched? It's alright.

Artemis Fowl #8: The Last Guardian: July 10, 2012 
Final book in series
  Cover: 5/10. The AF covers were never my favorites..hope this is the UK one.
Title 6/10. The title is not too descriptive..or exciting. I'm looking forward to this book so much though.

Maximum Ride #8: Nevermore, August 6 2012

Final book in series
Cover: 9.5/10. The MaxRide series has wayy more covers and editions than a lot of other series. I love this one. Docked half a point because I couldn't figure out whether the person on the cover was Iggy or Max
Title: 10/10. Love it!

Heroes of Olympus Short Story Collection: The Demigod Diaries, August 14th 2012 .
Cover: 6/10. Meh
Title: 6/10. Meh x2
Super super excited for this book to come out, nevertheless.

No info, unfortunately, on Mark of Athena.

I just realized that three of these four were the final books in series.., some of my favorite series of all time..What am I going to read now?

giveaway over@ the writing dancer

I never blog giveaways unless it's something that I really really want, and it is.

Want ANY 2012 preorder book release? it's yours over at

Good luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Artemis Fowl Movie News and Excerpt From Final Book

I am so stoked for this release. Definitely check out the link above, the excerpt is pretty long.

They're looking for a movie director now, eek!

Are you guys excited or are you guys EXCITED?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Scores from Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtracks are some of my favorite things to listen to! They're beautiful, epic, and awesome. I've made a list of my favorite scores from different movies. 

Just for fun, I've created a poll where you can vote for your favorite score off this list. To be eligible, you need to listen to all ten. It's not hard! I purposefully picked-short-ish songs. Just listen to them while you're off on your other internet adventures. You won't regret it! Also, remember that you're voting for the scores, not the movies. You can HATE Harry Potter but love "Hedwig's Theme".

In no particular order:

1. "The Narnia Theme Song"-which is just a section from "The Battle Theme" from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

It fits so well! I really love this piece.

2. "Harry and Hermione"-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
This one is really quiet and understated, but also moving. I have four HP scores on here, because each movie has a radically different soundtrack. Runner up: "In Noctem"

3. "Test Flight"-How To Train Your Dragon

This one makes me want to fly. I learned to play it on the piano. This is the main theme of HTTYD. Runner up: "Romantic Flight."

4. "Force Theme"-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

"Force Theme" is really beautiful and shows off the tender, non-flashbangy side of Star Wars.

 5." Flight of the Order of the Phoenix"

 It incorporates adventure and excitement, and the scene it goes with is just epic.

6.Homecoming-Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
I really didn't like the movie, but the soundtrack was amazing. The runner up from this movie: "Fighting Luke Pt. 2" It starts out quietly, then gets really epic toward the end. This is sort of the main theme.

7 . "Merry Go Round of Life" Howl's Moving Castle theme song
One of the most beautiful pieces ever from one of the most beautiful movies of all time. Runner up: "Wandering Sophie"

8. "The Sirius Deception"

Another "soaring" one.

9. "Imperial March"-Star Wars
Who can resist one of the most ominous, most recognized, most awesome scores of all time?
 10. "Hedwig's Theme"
And finally, the good ol Harry Potter theme, composed by John Williams himself.

Don't forget to vote!

Monday, February 13, 2012

it started out as a feeling....
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome they are.

I got the entire Narnia book boxed set when I 

But I have a confession..up until this year, I had only read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Magician's Nephew. I didn' participate in the Narnia craze much. To be honest, I thought it was sort of boring. They ran around, saw beavers, shot arrows, ate bread? Also, at that time, I was more into real-life books(or as real as 7 year old literature can get.) Like Nancy Drew, Beverly Cleary, Marissa Moss, etc. I did see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but only cause we got free passes.
And as I got older, I never really picked it back up again. I didn't dislike the ones that I had read. They were pretty good, actually. But they weren't really I would like. I didn't think they had much of a tied together plot or suspenseful enough. Like the ship in Dawn Treader...just wandering around from place to place. And I really thought it sucked that there were only one or two steady main characters in each story. The four Penvesie's only have 2/7 books together, after all.

Earlier this year, I had exhausted all the other sources of entertainment, and I decided to read the rest. And what did I discover? No, I didn't really love them as much as I loved, say Percy Jackson. I was a little above the target reading age, methinks. Except for The Last Battle, they weren't suspenseful or dramaful enough to be a really gripping read for me. It wasn't boring or anything, but they got out of trouble usually just as quickly as they got into it.

But I quickly discovered that the Narnia books have a really breathless charm that makes you really love the series and the characters and Narnia. Kind of like magic, I think. Narnia is a place where we all really really wish we could live. Not because we would have magic, or powers, but because everybody there operates on a code of honor. The guys are real gentlemen. Beauty always abounds and good triumphs over evil. 

Qualities like that aren't really given a lot of credit in the "modern" world and entertainment. Today's world values riches and power and strength and sarcasm and witty comments and sneaky cunning. 

Narnia resonates with readers because we know it's how our world ought to be.

Also, Narnia has this really indescribable feeling of going on and on forever (even before The Last Battle.) It's a feeling lent by the passage of time throughout the books.  No sane author would dream of having so much time pass in between books that they had to create new characters for almost every book.But they are Chronicles, I guess. Of course, I'm heartbroken with Lucy and Eustace when they return to Narnia again and again and the people they loved are dead and gone. But as the song goes.."No need to say goodbye."

Yesterday I watched Prince Caspian for the first time. Those are really, really good movies, though not the best to watch with a bunch of little kids, as I was doing. The movie added even more meaning and depth to the book. Plus, Caspian and Dawn Treader were my two favorite Narnia books, so they'll probably be my two favorite movies. The storm on Miraz's castle was a good addition, though really really sad.

I never really was into Narnia or grew up on Narnia as a kid, and I'm sad I missed Caspian's and Dawn Treader's release in theaters. So hop on the bandwagon before it's too late. Do the Narnia thing.

Disney taught me to never stop believing in my dreams.
Harry Potter taught me that love and friendship dominates all kind of evil. 
Lord of the Rings taught me though we’re all different, our hearts are the same and we can overcome anything together. 
Percy Jackson taught me that there is a hero in every one of us.
Artemis Fowl taught me a selfish life is empty regardless of how many earthly riches you may have.
Narnia taught me we must grow up and leave our childhood behind but never forget it. 

Love books,

Friday, February 10, 2012

The results are in! (response to comments on my book post)

 The final verdict. I didn't really use my recommendation list because at the time I wasn't done with my book research.  
1. Howl's Moving Castle and SON audiobooks. I've been pretty obsessed with audiobooks lately, listening to them during my free time and on the computer while I do something else. I never listen to audiobooks of books I haven't read though. 
2. Four Clique novels. DON'T JUDGE ME. Pink  got me into this series, and its the most gimmicky, silliest, fluffiest, most ridiculous piece of chicklit I've ever read. Then why can't I stop reading? 
 3. Witch and Wizard. I"m really looking forward to reading this. Love JP <3
4. Gregor the Overlander. Finally. From what I've read of THG, will not be reading this at night.  
5. Peter and the Starcatchers. Looks really, really good.  
6.Two Series of Unfortunate Events novels. They look like something I would like. I've never read them.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time attempting to look up every single book recommendation on goodreads/Wikipedia, and then I made a list of all the books which my library had, which interested me. Yes, I do take your recommendations seriously.

@Ashley-Inheritance Cycle is ON the list! I can't say that I'm jumping up and down to read it, but it does look really good! It's really famous and popular, so I'll probably like it XD Chalice and Book Thief are also on it as well.

@Jedigirl-I want to read Heaven is For Real! I heard so much about it! And I <3 Jedi Quest/Apprentice.

@Aayla-I love FOTJ! I can't wait for the last one to come out. And I liked Tuck Everlasting when I read it, NB actually had a moderate effect on my own writing style as well.

@Arda-Cronus Chronicles are at the very top of my list! I read a sample chapter and it looks amazing, unfortunately it was checked out, but I'll be super excited when it does come in!

@Eldra-ha, I didn't even find them very entertaining. The first book had a really good premise and MC, and I"m in strong belief that Alex Rider would be a very good series had it been written by someone else.

Homelanders is second on my list! It looks really good and I'm excited to read it! My library doesn't have it at all but if I can get my hands on it another way, I will.

@Endor-I don't have the patience required by most Jane Austen books XD. And I'll keep an eye out for the others, although my library doesn't stock most Christian fiction.


Yes Heroes of Olympus! I can't cant' can't wait for the next one! eeeeee XD. (hugs Nico)

Pink, I no longer accept your reading recommendations after you got me hooked on The Clique. (I got four more Clique novels yesterday, oops. And did you know I"ve never read a Clique novel in more than one sitting... >:D) YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS ARE TOO ADDICTING DARNIT

@JandJ-Yeah, it's great! I might try Darth Plagueis, even though I'm not much for pre-ROTJ EU.

Thanks for the recommendation! Like I asid, not a lot of Christian fiction at le library :'(

I tried I tried (sobs) I just can't get into books about anthropomorphic animals...I might try it again, though. I showed Ryan the Redwall books at the library and said "(insert your name here) really likes these books." ...he said "It looks like something (insert your real name here) would read." I don't know what he meant by that.

Both! I like series though. Recommendations, plz! ;) You mean Nevermore? I thought you read Angel already.  It did crash. You're just mad cause of Fang, though, aren'tcha? I do not consider manga real reading XD.

This late down on the list, I was starting to get very tired of checking out books, so I must confess that I didn't put a lot of effort into finding the books you mentioned, but they sound really good so they'll be first in my next "library raid." Except A Wrinkle in Time. I loved A Wrinkle in Time.

Heh, thanks!
For now I put all books labeled as "easy reads" on hold. I have had enough of those after Alex Rider XD.

Back again? :) Ooh, historical! I'll check out those other two you mentioned.

@Taylor-Yup, Inheritance! Yay for no waiting XD. I hope you like the book!  Good luck on your goal! Last year's was 100...I failed at around eightysomething >.>


IKR!!!! I LOVE Nico! He's like..(counts)...fifth, or sixth on my list of most epic male book characters of all time!(I read a lot of books, and he's the highest non-MC, so THERE) But I seriously love Nico.

Yeah!...yeah....., haha, go ahead XD. It's really good.

I didn't really hear too good things about SW's work, but I might try them again. I'll check those out, I'll check those out...I read A Separate Peace for school...It was really good but really sad, too.

(chokes) Clearly you are unaware of my opinion regarding Inkheart. The gist is that I probably would have really liked Inkheart if I hadn't been falling asleep throughout the whole book. I'm not even sure what exactly they did.

@Shena- Yay! Got the first one yesterday.

I got Gregor the Overlander yesterday as well.  By this time I was really exhausted from looking through book recommendations, so the only other one from your list I looked at yesterday was Chaos Walking. I do not really want to read those books for a long time XD, from what I saw. I'll check out your other recommendations later today! Except-bleck-Anthony Horowitz-bleck-author of Alex Rider.

@Satine-We share the same taste in books!
-Read the Hobbit. Loved it.
Shusterman,Shusterman,...sounds familiar-AHA! Everlost, wasn't it? Nice try Satine. (Did you know he attended college at the university in my town?)

-Pendragon-I might try those too. I saw them yesterday but didn't get them.
NOO. CAT. BOOKS. I don't care HOW relatable they are. They're CATS.

Read Winn-Dixie, and I really love Jules Verne.

Thanks everybody for your recommendations! I'm feeling a lot better today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

silence is golden but duct tape is silver

Stuff I hate:

1. Drama
2. Problems

This week has been one of the hardest in a long time. I cried yesterday and the day before. Sometimes I just can't get up in the morning. This has been a very long half-week of suckfest that began last Friday, and I can't wait for it to be over.

I feel strange. I don't feel like me.  I think I'm going crazy. This situation has changed me so much.  Usually, I'm good humored, eternally patient, levelheaded, and enjoy writing snappy, inspirational emails/posts. I usually enjoy counseling people and helping them through their problems, and thrive off drama, whether fictional or in real life.

But today, I don't feel like laughing at anything, I snap at everyone and make everything into an argument, I feel like alternately yelling or bursting into tears but I don't have the energy. And I only made myself write this post because I can't express my feelings any other way. (all my rant-buddies are either too involved with the problem or probably sick of my rants). I have written email after email after email after email. I don't want to read my email or check the-forum-of-eternal-torment or chat or IM with anybody.

I have to though.

I usually depend on God for strength, and I did the first couple days, but I can feel myself slowly sinking into my circumstances again. It doesn't seem to work. I have seen it too many times: Every day, it starts to get better, but by the time I wake up the next day, all heck has broke loose again.

And I know about God. I know to depend on him as strength, his will will carry out, this is all a test, God uses trials to make us better people, etc. And it would work if my problems were intense and short. But this goes on day. after day. after day. and all I know is I should be some kinda superchristian by now.

The problems themselves, at least on the surface, have been fixed, but all the emotional repercussions are coming back. And the problems have hurt other people and they're taking actions that I can't blame them for, but they still hurt.

I can't tell anybody else about what I'm going through, other than what I know already. They won't understand. But this is a heavy burden that just weighs me down throughout the day and has me on the verge of tears. I'm just too worn out.

Here are some songs that have helped me out, if you're into that sort of thing:

Don't suggest an internet break, btw. That's not an option. These problems will be over someday. Doesn't seem like it though. And I'll never be the same.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I need book recommendations!,0,214,317_.jpg
 I heard this movie stunk.

C'mon, I'm dying over here!

In other, unrelated news, want to hear one of the most overrated book series I've ever read is? Alex Rider. I picked up Stormbreaker after legions of people going "READ ITZ AMARANTHINE TIS AMAZING". It was alright....I guess. I didn't...fall asleep or anything. But it was definitely not mind blowing. For starters, Alex is way underdeveloped as a character.

He was a little funny and relate able but not on the same level as I was expecting. And he's a bit cliched in the fact that he's just generally smart and knows everything, without any explanation or emphasis. I guess you could say that he's only a genius when he needs to be, and it doesn't add any other levels to the story. Oh, and did I mention that he's well versed in martial arts too? Yeah. Ender could still kick his butt though.

I guess it would be a good read for boys who don't read much. Definitely not YA level though. Seriously, in the copy of Stormbreaker I had, the font was honking huge. Like literally, this big. I was looking for pictures and the Alex Rider action figures.

I read the second one, and the plot was so far fetched it's a surprise AH didn't die of cracking up while writing it.

I mean, it's not awful. I like AH's writing style and I wouldn't mind writing a character like Alex. I'd enjoy the rest if the plots were more thought out and less far fetched, Alex grew a personality, and a large dose of charm and humor were injected into the series.

And I hate that they staunchly refused to give the kid a gun because a gun was too dangerous. I mean, that's like sending Alex skydiving and refusing to give him a parachute because he might get strangled by the cords.

I'm not really looking forward to the others, but I'm getting desperate for books here! I might try those Christopher Paolini books(ya know, with the dragons on the cover and the titles that all start with E.) and I want to try James Patterson's Witch and Wizard.
If you're looking for something to read, this series will be one of the most epic things to ever happen to you in your life.

But seriously! I need good books! Comment with suggestions, I'm begging you!

In other news, I'm feeling a resurgence of affection for this book:

I'm stoked for the movie and can't believe I have to wait a whole nother year. But that guy they got to play him...I think he might be my favorite actor of all time. Of all time. He's going to be all too old to play Ender...though, ehhhhhhh,... 

I heard they purposefully didn't want to make Ender six years old in the movie. I'm a little sad, but I guess yeah, a six year old wouldn't be up to all the violence and cussing.

Every night(or when we're in the car) we listen to audiobooks as a family while we do the dishes. We're on The Last Olympian now. If we finish, PJaTO will be the first series we've listened all the way through on audiobook! I love audiobook time (Right now, it's called "Percy Jackson Time!" It used to be "Artemis Fowl Time.") because I love sharing my favorite books with my family. I also get to choose all the books we listen to in the car.  My brothers hate Nico though, but I love the backstabbing little punk.
But those still aren't new books. :(