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Ciel Phantomhive vs. Artemis Fowl

Don't laugh. XD
The similarities between the two characters are so distinct and obvious that comparison is inevitable for anyone who's read/watched both series. I seriously thought when I first noticed Black Butler(more popularly referred to as Kuroshitsuji) that it was literally an anime adaption of Artemis Fowl.  Other people have read Artemis Fowl and thought "CIEL HAS A CLONE??!?"
So I thought I'd outline some of the differences and analyze who would win. XD
Appearance:  This is the first similarity, and one of the most major, because if they didn't look so darn alike I don't think the comparison would have been as striking. The above picture of Artemis is a fanart, because there aren't really any good pictures of Artemis, and the manga style makes it more obvious. They are both from the British Isles and have black hair and blue eyes. Both of them lose/change/switch an eye resulting in two different colors. 
Circumstance: They both s…

Anime morals/content

I thought I'd do this post for those who are interested in anime or into anime but aren't sure of its place in a Christian lifestyle, or who are striving to keep their minds/hearts pure.(ONWARD!) Before I started watching anime, I had my doubts just because of stereotypes and what my friends said.

Anime is actually a medium, not a genre in itself. Saying something to characterize all anime is like saying something to characterize all American movies. There are good ones, bad ones, violent ones, romantic ones, etc. But  Japanese media in general seems to me to be more tolerant of things like crossdressing(every single anime I have watched includes at least one crossdresser or crossdressing episode, I guess it's just a thing?), nudity/skimpy outfits, etc. Maybe I've just been watching too high a rating. XD

As for morals, most of the anime I've watched seem to be very, if not bankrupt, lighthearted and generic. Like cotton candy, not harmful, but not full of much them…


Sorry I haven't posted much, but there really hasn't been anything much to post about. I'm hopefully taking my drivers permit test on Tuesday! I though this was a cool insight into the culture of my dance studio.

So what kinds of things do people wear to dance at my studio?


Have you seen those cute outfits the kids on Dance Moms wear? Unfortunately, most kids at my studio don't wear things like that. XD The younger the kid are, the cuter their outfits are, but nobody over nine really wears two-pieces suits. Most of the older ones wear sports bras, with tank tops and mesh tops like the ones shown above.
Everybody wears spandex shorts, mostly black, but some of the younger kids have fancy ones that are sparkly and have leopard/zebra prints. XD 
Sometimes people wear sweatpants, but they usually have shorts on under them for later when it gets too hot.
The much older girls(read: my age) just wear shorts and t shirts.


The required ballet uniform …


School starts tomorrow! With finals starting next week.

I feel so unprepared, Well, enough about that!

Today we got back from Mammoth Mountain skiing.

 I'm mostly an intermediate skiier. But at Mammoth, my dad made a mistake on the trail map and I blindly trusted him to dictate the next lift we would take, halfway up the mountain.

We got off the lift near the top of the mountain, and it was starting to get really windy. I skied along to the top of the trail, looking at the slopes and thinking that none of them seemed intermediate. I got to the trail markers and noticed that they were all black diamond slopes. Behind the trail markers, the ski slope dropped nearly straight down. Behind me, I heard my dad say "Oops."

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm kind of a scaredy-cat. Ask me what I'm most afraid of, and I'll say "Scary things!" So the wind was blowing flurries of snow everywhere, I'm surrounded by steep slopes and tall mountains and scen…