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the Olympics!

They are so exciting! The opening ceremony was weird...O.o. But they're always fun to watch.

The Olympics are also very confusing! I was all upset/confused yesterday cause there are so many events at different times and the results come out before they're shown on TV and basically I'm terrified of missing an event I want to yeah.

My favorite overall Olympic event is figure skating! But since it's Summer Olympics, the ones I'm looking forward most to are gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo, sailing, volleyball, triathalon, synch swimming, and diving!

Watching Hetalia lends a very interesting edge to the Olympics...I was watching the Parade of Nations and Belarus came on and I was like "BELARUS!!! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!"

and my family was like "wut O.o"

same reaction for Latvia and Estonia.

hetalia trailer just because.

for some reason just spent 20+ minutes watching all the Hetalia countries sing "Marukaite Chikyuu"

Anime Fangirls: because it makes perfect sense spend lots
 of free time willingly watching videos in a language you don't understand.

I have come from being an animehater to actually understanding the obssession. It's quite an addicting subculture, actually. And it really does draw people closer. In my very shallow experience with it, I have found out that quite a few of my friends are avid anime fanatics, but they never talk about it, just the same as I never talk about it except on the internet. It's quite an underground movement. And usually when two anime fans discover each other, it brings them even closer. I've never met two anime fans who disliked each other. There's just something about it that makes people believe in themselves and each other. XD Like "If they like anime, there's no way they can be a bad person." It's very weird. XD

Hetalia is what would happen if history were a reality show with the countries personified as p…

article from Orson Scott Card's visit to the set of Ender's Game

sI know this is late(the article was published in May). but I just saw it and oh my gosh...I'm so excited! I cannot wait for this movie to come out. I just finished Ender's Shadow, a parallel novel to Ender's Game and along with Ender's Game, one of the best books I've ever read.

I'm a little concerned when he said that most of the scenes in the movie weren't from the book(actually, a LOT concerned. O.O). But he seems very happy with it. Here's the excerpt from the Greensboro Rhino Times that talks about his visit to the set of the movie.

Speaking of movies, I was on the set of Ender's Game last week to record my one line in the movie – a voiceover of a pilot making an announcement to his passengers.

Let me assure you that there is nothing exciting about being a spectator at the filming of a movie. It's hard work, it takes hours to shoot a 30-second scene, things are done over and over, and in between shots there's nothing but ... waitin…

{problems facing young Christians today, pt 2}

Hello! This post is the second in a series I began in...erm, last November. I couldn't figure out the right things to say until now, so hope you enjoy it! This post is to equip/convict my Christian readers.

Nowadays, some Christians value political correctness more than anything else. The most important thing is to not offend people, to keep the water nice and calm. God is a "taboo" subject, just the same as it is with non-Christians.  Our culture preaches tolerance and outspokenness--for everybody except Christians. You want to tell everybody about your drunken exploits or drug use, then we all have to accept you and listen. But when it comes to Christianity, we're taught to be quiet and not "force our beliefs on anybody" by not mentioning it.

And many Christians my age are perfectly fine with it, unfortunately. We go along with the crowd and bend to the world's wishes that we keep Christianity to ourselves. We come up with excuses to please everybody …

Happy Late Independence Day!

I did not in fact go see fireworks, instead preferring to stay at home, edit pictures from Costa Rica, and go mountain biking  I didn't actually know how to mountain bike(thought it was like regular biking) so when I came down from a steep hill I fell(launched is a more appropriate term), and now I have scratches on my chin, both elbows, knee, and stomach. >.>

I'm still reading Brisingr and Ender's Shadow, saving the last Fruits Basket volume still. I can't bear to let go...

Today I was looking at colleges. My summer's almost over, man! I gotta get cracking on this stuff. The problem is that I have no idea what I want to be when i grow up. (Except I do know that I want to occasionally write). I'm looking at some kind of double engineering/English major. I know I want to go somewhere a decent way from my home. Somewhere cold, or at least no warmer than here. I want the campus to have big trees and old stone buildings. The complete list of colleges that I&…