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NaNo's coming!

Which means I might take a break from posting on this blog, besides for updates.


Why, do you ask?

Because today, I was privileged enough to talk to the amazing, hilarious, not-burnt-by-a-grease-fire Abby aka The Director via Skype!

When we logged on, for the first five minutes I couldn't do anything but say "hi" and shriek with excitement. It was AWESOME! And I got to talk to her family.

It was the awesomest thing my WHOLE week. I'm still hyped about it! During dinner I couldn't shut up about Abby! In case you don't know Abby, go check her out!

But that's not the best part!
Abby and her family are coming to Southern CA next week to visit family, because her mom grew up in the same county as I live in!

And I will meet her IN PERSON!(and hopefully her amazing family)

It's on my bucket list, to meet at least one online internet entity in person!

I am so excited! I'…

Hey, I have a song named after me!

Song: "Amaranthine"
Band: "Amaranthe"
Genre: According to Wikipedia, melodic death metal. Don't worry, it's clean. XD

I have a namesake song! That rocks ;).

It's actually pretty sweet and haunting, mostly. ;)

Check it out.

am·a·ran·thine<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="amaranthine pronunciation" /></a>/ˌæməˈrænθɪn,-θaɪn/Show Spelled[am-uh-ran-thin,-thahyn]Show IPA adjective
oforliketheamaranth. 2.
unfading;everlasting:awomanofamaranthineloveliness. 3.
ofpurplish-redcolor." Number three definitely describes me most of the time ;)

Seven days to insanity! (NaNoWriMo-Character Development)

One of the worst, most persistent problems in novice and professional literature alike is lack of character development, and it's a serious problem because the character is the eyes and heart of the reader throughout the entire story.

It is possible to have a brilliant novel without having brilliant characters(Maximum Ride, Hunger Games). But unless you're James Patterson or Suzanne Collins, lack of good characters will create a gaping hole in your novel that will be impossible to fill with a good plot or a good setting.

So here are some of the main character problems. I can't really tell you how to get over them, because I'm not a professional or even greatly talented novelist, and my main characters probably suffer from these problems as well. What I'm hoping to do is make you aware of this problem in your own and in others novels.

1.) Who cares?(Lack of relation)
To have a brilliant character, it has to be a character that your readers actually care about. Frankl…

I'm jumping on the beautiful people bandwagon(Beautiful People, NaNoWriMo)

I normally don't do these, but the NaNo edition is pretty interesting, so whatevs.

I find it incredibly annoying to search for pictures of what my characters look like online. Most of the pictures are glamorized and all the girls are gorgeous and all the guys are superhot and it doesn't  seem realistic.

There's some real-life girls I could take pictures of and make them as models for my character. Maybe I'll think about that.

Some tips for novice writers: Try not to make your prose too elaborate and dramaful. The fewer long words it takes to convey emotions, the better. Something I saw a lot last year was people who thought that making things all flowery and metaphorical would make them sound professional and heartbreaking, and mostly it made them sound ridiculous, like so:

The flowers fell from my hand and shattered like glass, and when I woke up, I was a beautiful milkmaid. I woke up crying, and I don't know why. It was like the Hindenburg of doom and the Titanic…

How to Win NaNoWrimo, part 2 (How to find time for writing, how to come up with a plot, tips and tricks)(100 Followers)

Yay! Congrats to me! I've finally, finally reached 100 followers after about a year and a half of blogging! This makes me slower  at gaining followers, but I've always wanted 100 followers and now I have them. ;) I may think of something to celebrate later, but for now I will proceed with my regularly scheduled Nanowrimo post. :)

This is the second in a series, so check out the first post here.

What you've all been waiting for-a premature cover of my novel,+ a pitch:

We believe in our city Perfect place, very pretty No bad leaders, no disease No poor people in the streets Everybody here is safe All you have to do is stay*

I live under the sea, with the fish and the mermaids(jk). The Bubble. The last refuge for those driven underwater when the world went crazy and started persecuting Christians and revolutionaries and speakers of truth. Or at least that’s what I hear. How could I know for sure? I was born here, and I’ve never seen the surface.

My dad designed this place, th…

blargh ah ah stress PSAT girl scouts NEWSLETTER ahh band


So this mornin I took the PSAT and I've been studying for it for the past week so I was mostly glad to get it over with.
Then I went with my Girl Scout troop to an event we organized at a science museum and it was uberfun, especially at the dino exhibit where you point "transmitters" (big, computerized sticks) at stuff and it records it and you go on a scavenger hunt, and me and Lauren were pretending they were Harry Potter wands and it was awesome.

Hee hee. Lauren tried Avada Kedavra on some dinosaur fossils but she let go of the wand and it clattered against the wall very embarrasingly. The only problem is it took ALL DAY.

And I still haven't practiced piano and I need to practice because I have a piano competition coming up, and not only that, I have to practice keyboard cause I"m playing in the church band tomorrow and I haven't even LOOKED at the sheets yet, and there's homework and oh gosh the Lakehouse newsletter, that is still mostly done, but …

why it rocks to be a hufflepuff

Non-HP fans can ignore this post XD
 woot yeah badgers!

"You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil"—The Sorting Hat[src] I haven't been on Pottermore yet, but in most of the unofficial tests I take I'm a Hufflepuff, Unfortunately this is not received well by most of my friends, because most consider Hufflepuff the most boring house.  This quote sums it up:

"Welcome to Hufflepuff! Long live the bumbling badger of mediocrity!"
That Mitchell And Webb Sound.  XD For non HP fans, here are the characteristics of Hufflepuffs: fairness, loyalty, industry, patience, friendliness. People claim to dislike Hufflepuffs because we aren't considered as smart or clever or brave as the other houses. But seriously, Hufflepuff is wayy overlooked. So I've compiled this list of reasons why being a Hufflepuff rocks.
1. We make the best friends! We'll always be there for you no matter what, we'…

Dance for non-dancers(aka Me and Dance aka Dance for Older Beginners)

I have a confession to make, that's much like the confession Jocee made on her blog.

I wish I was a dancer, but I'm not I just "get along".

For those of you who do not know about dance, let me enlighten you:

Most dancers(at least those at my studio, a highly competitive studio in California) start at the ages of 2-8. They take dance at least ten hours a week. (Dance is extremely time consuming. I have friends that take at least 20 hours a week). Dance is like their life. Most of them are in several performing groups along with "small groups", duos, trios, and solos. Dance is also costly. There's classes(most classes are around $48 an hour, with private classes being upwards of $100 an hour), shoes, costumes(The performing group costumes can be up to $300 per costume), and travel. It's like their own little world inside the dance studio.

Most of them take all kinds of dance, with ballet and tap being the basics, and jazz, contemporary, lyrical, moder…

john 16:33

I apologize for being absent. I am just overwhelmed with school and newsletter and stuff. I'll do a real post the next chance I get, I promise! I want to do one about dance and another about NaNoWriMo.

by now, I owe you a legit post...

UPDATE: My favorite Original Trilogy character is Han, but that's not the answer that's on the quiz.

But you won't get one! hah!

Instead, I made this quiz about myself. Please take it and see how well you know me!

Ps. I took the quiz myself to make sure it worked..and I actually didn't get 100 percent. O,O Apparently I don't even know myself. I'm serious. When you're done look at the scoreboard.