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Happily Ever After

My favorite genre of all time is fantasy/adventure fiction. I am, unfortunately, a big fan of spoilers. Before I read a book or watch a movie, I'll always go online and look it up and read the summary. If it's not available, I'll bug other people who I know have read the book before. (This really annoys the heck out of my cousin. "Here, Amaranthine, read this book." "How is it?" "READ IT!")
When I bug people, I normally ask these questions. "Does [Main Character] survive? Does she? Does she? Does her mom/dad/sibling/cat die? Are they all happy at the end of the book? Basically, does this book have a happy ending? I mean, that's the main question!
 If they say, "Yes, it does," then somehow it makes what happens to the characters in the meantime more bearable to read.

Even in the books, it helps. Like if some one important, like Thomas Edison, is in prison for refusing to bow to a idol(I don't know!) and some kids time travel…


I'm going to be camping in Half Moon Bay, starting tomorrow, so no new posts for about a week. Yah?
School starts ASAIGB(As Soon As I Get Back) Believe it or not, I'm excited!


Whenever I read, I pay specific attention to the things I like in the book. What separates good writers from bad writers? The things I like most are:

Characters are some of the most important parts of a story. Dry, "cardboard", cliche characters could really ruin a story, which is why writers pay HUGE attention to them. How do I come up with character ideas? I observe the people around me(sorry, guys.) It gives me lots of ideas!
I wrote this on the 7th, after an encounter with a girl named Lyric.

Lyric is a girl my age, and I have known her ever since elementary school. I became friends with her instantly because she is very friendly. Lately, now that we're in middle school, I've seen less and less of her. Talking to her recently gives me the impression that I'm talking to a robot who's been brainwashed. Schools where I live are very worldly, and Lyric, who used to be special, is becoming just "one of the crow…

The Life Cycle of A Blog

Hey guys! I've made my first cartoon. I'm still not too good with the paint program, but see how I did. The purpose wasn't to point fingers or make fun of anybody, just a reminder that everything, including blogging, takes constant work, care and maintenance. Good blogs are hard to maintain, but worth it! (I'm still working on mine!)
Here's the cartoon.(click to make it bigger.)

Good work to all of you who work hard at blogging(though it IS boring sometimes, admit it, especially after the excitement fades) and thanks to all of my followers who encourage me through reading my stuff, and the occasional comment. Nothing is more encouraging than comments!

If you have your own "dead" blog(I have one, too) then I would like to encourage you to keep at it! If you haven't blogged recently, then no worries, no one expects you to blog everyday. Just keep your mind open for ideas, and even if you think no one's reading what you write, keep at it! If you have a …
It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule. -The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

School, My Life, and Other Miscellanea: Updates

Current updates from various parts of my life. Kind of an introduction. Bold means Very Important Person

As (some) of you know, I'm homeschooled. Well not really, I belong to a charter school called CAVA. It is a public school, and I've been in it since kindergarten. I'm just about to start my first year of high school in CAVA, and I'm really excited. My school materials came in the mail. I'm taking Geometry, Earth Science, Psychology, and Honors English. I haven't gotten my computer and printers.

Swim season is almost ending. Championships are next Saturday, and so is the championship party! I'm excited. I hope my friends Theresa and Alyssa are going.

Still taking Jazz I and Hip Hop I. Jazz is more focused on technique, while Hip Hop is good, old fashioned, fun. Ms. Kellie(Hip Hop) will be back next week, and Ms. Sophia(Jazz) was already back. Tiffany and Shiloan are my Hip Hop/Jazz friends at Pacific Dance.

I'm helping at

The End

Well, its' been a long trip. Thanks for following me through it! I started with one follower(myself) and I now have 9. I have the wonderful challenge of keeping you all entertained. :) Some side notes.

When you're on a mission trip, nothing refreshes you more than a nice cold Coke. That's why I asked Barbara to (please) buy me one at the gas station, since I was broke. Barbara, good soul, kindly brought it to me just as our cars were pulling out.
Little did I know that we would be stuck in the worst traffic jam of my life....we took about 4 hours to cross the border, moving at the lovely rate of about an inch a minute..on the highway.

Let's just say that I really regretted that Coke...
If you've been following from the beginning, you'd remember that I told you that our San Diego-Tijuana crossing border is the busiest in the world. Yup.  What was entertaining was watching the street vendors try to sell you everything from statues to ponchos to ice cream.

The pace was…