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E2@MIT Facebook Group

If you were accepted to E2@MIT this year, please join our facebook group!

I GOT INTO E2@MIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH SU0wu0t894u90t8ywr9gfywr9gya9w

no words. NO WORDS SJ9u40u034tu84

they accept only 70 students out of 2000 applicants(and another 70 for MITES lol) but


when the balls of your feet hurt from ballet

It's around 8:30, and I"m sitting here typing this with hairspray in my hair and both my desks piled with books and papers.

I haven't had time to blog or write, because school has got me so busy with writing. AP US History isn't really reading about history, it's just writing about it. AP English has essays almost every week and """discussions"""(basically forum posting) every day. Even in Spanish, I have to compose my essays before I put them down.

It's 4/5. Already more than a fourth through the not-so-new year. Sometimes I feel like the world is getting old around me and I'm the same. More often, I sink under the sea in a blur of activity and emerge again to find that it's a week, three months, several years later, and everything has slowly changed without me realizing it, and I look back and barely recognize who I used to be.

At dance, I land double pirouettes on both sides. I do my front and back walkover every week at…