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8 lines that would have ended Star Wars real fast...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I was at a TV show taping in Hollywood.

impromptu book reviews(maximum ride, harry potter, inkheart, the search for wondla)

Normal People have really cool titles for their book reviews. Well so do I. Because "impromptu" and "review" rhyme. They do! They do!
This review is impromptu because I had no intention of actually reviewing the books at the time I was reading them. Also, I'm not going to be real fancy divvying up the review into different sections with a ratings system and everything. I'll just tell you my lasting impressions of the books at the time.

Maximum Ride is a series of young adultscience fiction and fantasy novels by American author James Patterson. The series chronicles the lives of six fugitive kids – Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge, and Angel – known collectively as the Flock. Bred in a laboratory called the School, they endured scientific experiments that rendered them 98% human and 2% avian. They spend the first two books running from the scientists who created them while trying to discover their destiny to save the world, etc.
My obsessions take time to grow.…

yes, I AM a princess, why do you ask?(becoming God's princess part 1)

Remember when I had those survey thingys? This is what they were in preparation for. When I say "princess", what do you think of? Knowing my blog audience, I would say most of you think of Princess Leia. Others will think of floaty dresses, others sparkly tiaras or jewelry.  The world has long had a fascination with royalty and princesses. We write stories. We make movies. We get up at 1 in the morning to watch them get married on television.
But did you know you are a princess? If you are a Christian girl, whether you like it or not, then you are a princess.You are a princess with far more possibility and potential and importance than most of the princesses in stories and in real life. Because your father, your king, rules over the whole world and earth. He made everything from the smallest cell to the biggest planet in the solar system. You would think he would be very busy and important, far too busy to notice people like you or me where the only thing we make is messes.
But h…

I have my dance recital today.

My studio's recital policy is annoying. My studio is huge and crowded so everything is expensive. Our costumes cost $88 each, recital tickets cost like $18 dollars and you don't even get to watch any recitals unless you buy a ticket. Our studio has six recitals, but each class only performs once.  So I know nothing of this "multiple performance per class" business.

But even if you choose to opt out of the recitals, you're pretty much screwed because we work on the recital routine for several months beforehand and you'll be bored the whole class. And you can't drop out of the classes because most classes fill up and if you drop out there's a good chance you won't be getting back in.

Ergh.I love performing in the recitals though. Which is kind of the point I guess. Wish me luck.

@Abby-Everyone in your studio wears tights all the time? Ooh.

Dance vid

eosI'm sort of addicted to watching other dancers on youtube. It's fun! Even if it makes you envious. :P

Here are some of my favorites:

This little girl is one of the stars of our studio. She's like in all the performing groups and advanced classes.
I don't know this girl, but I love this acro dance:

And this acro duet.

Yes, this is my form of procrastination, why do you ask?

Everyone says I should post more about my life, but I really don't have one. :p I go on the computer. And read. And go to swim team. And dance. And write. And now, I edit Qui's novel. I go to church. I sleep. I listen to music.

I post a random picture of boots I found on the internet...(reading update)

and I get more comments than all my other posts usually get, even though those have my actual WRITING on them. Good thing I blog for myself. XD Just kidding. I love you all, really.

I'll post later but right now I am waiting for Qui to pick her editor. (crosses fingers) It would be fun to work with Qui on her story because usually people aren't serious about their stories and never make it past the fourth chapter. Not to mention that they don't make the changes I suggest.

This year, so far I have read 40 books(not counting rereads from this year). My goal this year is 100.

These include:
The Mysterious Benedict Society series 2 Republic Commando booksThe Percy Jackson and the Olympian seriesThe Dark Nest TrilogyEsperanza RisingThe Septimus Heap seriesFrankensteinEvery Young Woman's BattleJourney to the Center of the EarthOmenThe Artemis Fowl series(except the last one)Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneThe Scarlet Pimpernel2 How to Train Your Dragon booksInkheartL…

God's Plan

photo by Ben Heine God's plan for my  life is one of the perks of being a Christian. It's great because it means that I have an assured future of awesomeness, as long as I follow his plan.
But there are times when I don't know if I want God's plan for my life. I seem so boring, average, and unawesome. There are times when I'm almost completely sure that God's plan for my life is equally boring, average, and unawesome. I know lots of people who are much smarter, prettier, funnier, than I am.   I know lots of people who definitely are on their way to accomplishing something GREAT for God. Surely God must be putting more money on them than on me to accomplish something. I'm never the best at anything. Sometimes I'm sure God probably has a plan to put me somewhere where I can't do any damage while the REAL Christians do all the amazing stuff, like make lame people walk again, etc.  And God's plan means I have to sacrifice my own plan for his. This is h…

I'm procrastinating.


And polyvore.

Oh mah goodness Ahsoka boots I have found you.

*all the better to hear you with, my dear*

You have your tattoos, you have your nose rings, and then you have your elf ears. Ear pointing surgery, using a method that cuts the ear and resews it, is on the rise. The motivation being, ostensibly, that you'll resemble your favorite LOTR or Star Trek character.

When I first heard about "ear pointing surgery", I was just as disgusted and horrified as many of you are now. After all, this surgery costs a large amount of money($400-$500 USD), is completely irreversible, and has the potential to get infected or otherwise and destroy the ear completely.

The surgery involves cutting the outer part of the ear and sewing it back together into a point. There is a large amount of pain involved and patients must wear tape to hold their ear together for 2 weeks+ after the surgery

Then I started reading books with elves in them......

I confess to having thought "Hey! these would be cool. I would stand out, anyhow."

In my fantasy dreamworld, I might consider getting this …

Taylor Swift+survey question

I used to be addicted to pop music and would listen to the radio on my ipod almost every waking second of the day. Then I got sorta tired of it. The radio would play the same songs, and tunes that were catchy soon became annoying.  Also, the songs were all starting to sound the same, and they were all about romance and betrayal etc. etc.

But Taylor Swift is one of the artists who I didn't get tired of.(Should it be whom?) Her music sort of transcends genres, but I have met people who didn't like her songs. But seriously. Her music has really heartfelt, simple, and honest words combined with lyrical, catchy melodies. Her songs are majorly like open and honest. And her voice is really pretty too.

This is one of my favorite songs right now.

And this one makes me (sniff) cry.

Do you like Taylor Swift?

Survey question:
How much do you think the music you listen to and the movies/TV shows you watch affect you?


I'm trying to think of some new writing ideas to try this summer. I've completely given up on my NaNoWriMo novel. It was written while I was still heavily influenced by Star Wars and it fails. I want to write something original and hopefully fantasy.

I heard publishers are looking for ?????? mermaid stories for the next paranormal/fantasy genre. We've done vampires, werewolves, wizards, elves, witches, leprechauns, half-bloods, and mermaids are one of the few relatively untouched genres. So I was thinking about that, but it's kinda weird. I might try it though.

It might end up like Artemis Fowl though.

I also wanted to try this science fiction thing where this world is just an experiment/prototype for another world but the "new" world went terribly wrong and now it's up to the people from the "prototype" world to save it? Anyone with me? Anyone?

I also wanted to write a historical fiction about the medieval crusades, but that might take a lot …


hahaha finished my last final today booyah it's going to be awesome.

Tessa Emily Hall just did a great post on how to use your time productively during the summer. I love to try new things during the summer! The new thing this summer is sailing camp-two weeks! I'm also planning to practice piano more, do more photography, do more writing(Writing? what's that?), dance, and study my SAT book. derp derp.

I don't watch TV or play video games, so I'll have even more time!
But for now I am spending my time watching Artemis Fowl  videos on Youtube and fangirling.
What are you planning to do this summer?

I would love to do another inspiring picture post

..but I'm afraid of getting another virus if I dare go on weheartit. My dad is a computer guy, so he fixes all of our viruses, but it makes him really annoyed.

What shall I post about today?

So yesterday I had my piano recital. I tell you I get really nervous, riiight? And guess what! Before, I wasn't as nervous as I usually was because of all your sweet comments. But I still got really nervous and kinda stumbled through my piece. It was actually pretty bad. >.> and I've been playing piano for like like 8 years now....and I'm still mediocre, perhaps on the bad side of mediocre.

Two of the senior students were in the recital yesterday too. These girls are really really good, and I've been seeing them in the recitals for several years now. The first one is named Gloria Yen, and she won a lot of money from playing piano and got to play piano with an orchestra and in Poland. The second one is named Christine Lin, and she, Gloria, and a violinist named Ti…


rjfa;al;y....I have a piano recital in like two hours.
I've been having them twice a year since I was six...

and it doesn't get any better.

Be CONFIDENT Amaranthine! You've been practicing and you know your piece..besides, what can happen........

augh augh it doesn't make sense to be so nervous.
what CAN happen? I could:
1. forget my piece(done that)
2. forget how to start my piece(done that)

3. ummmm have the roof fall on me.


I feel like the world will be all sunshiny and summery after my recital. Like recital is like ruining my saturday.

What's going to happen?
No one's going to hate me if I mess up(they won't even remember me, most likely.) I don't even know like anybody there.

Being afraid is bad! And it's even worse when you don't really know what you're afraid of. I shouldn't be afraid/nervous/dreadful. I should like playing piano. It's why I still do it.

but WHY do we have …

Summer Reading

I know there are some of you who would rather swallow swords than read during your summer. And that's okay. (Well, it's NOT okay, but I don't feel like ranting right now.)


For those needing inspiration: my recommendations on what to read this summer.

Now, I'm going to sound like a fashion magazine and say that the new trend this season(at least on Amaranthine Forever) is...Narration!

All the books I'm going to recommend today have a common factor, and that is witty, effortless, fast paced, often hilarious narration. Narration is sometimes overlooked as a major factor in writing. Sometimes it seems so forced and dry, it squashes brilliant characters and amazing settings.

So. Narration. Let's go.

Topping the list:

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
Rick Riordan

This first-person narrated series is one of the best series out there. There are five of them(the last one isn't pictured) and they are very popular among kids and teens. They…

"stars In your multitudes, scarce to be counted, filling the darkness , with order and light..."

Mom: "They're showing Les Miserables on TV tonight. Broadcasting from Boston."
Me: "Cool! Let's see it."
Mom: "Nick Jonas is Marius. Did you know that?"
Me: "Yup."(from my hoard of celebrity gossip magazines.)
Mom: "Isn't that weird? I pictured Marius as all big and strong and handsome, but Nick Jonas seems so small..."
Me: (rolls eyes) "Mom! When we saw him we were fifty feet up on the balcony.."
Mom: "Yeah, but..."

Oh well. At least he can sing. Didn't he meet his girlfriend on the set, too? idk. The Jonas Brothers are on the out anyway.

I didn't hear any of their music before we saw them perform, so everyone was screaming and I was like: "OOH! White piano! WANT."


Here are some things which I am happy about right now. <3

Enough said.

Yesterday during ballet I realized: "HEY! I can actually do all the stuff reasonably well without falling over."
:D I love ballet.

I went to the library and got a cartload of Artemis Fowl books. :) I read The Eternity Code yesterday. I love it! The end is sad though.  I could read Artemis Fowl all day, really I could. <3 <3
THE END OF SCHOOL! I wrapped most of my subjects up yesterday. There's still finals week, but pssh, I can take them. And there's only one final a day. School's practically over already.
This post, by my brother. <3 you Jro! <--he's funny.
Can't wait! <3

Orlando again???????

Qui lives(or will live) in florida. JC lives in florida. Ashley lives in Florida. CBC lives in Florida. Epcot Jen lives in Florida. Jedigirl1990 lives in florida.

I live in California.

This is one of those "why, God, why?" moments.