Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Everyone else is doing epic new year's posts, but I'm still sick and tired and crampy. So...
Happy New Year.
Thanks for following me.
God bless you.

Oh, and I read these really awesome books called The Fiddler's Gun and Fiddler's Green. Book review soon.

Go visit Leia's forum, if you haven't already.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

still at my family reunion

 Hope you had a good Christmas. Popping in to say-

Leia started her forum, The Lakehouse. Jedi Chick and I are moderators, and we three have worked hard on it! We'd appreciate if you could take a visit. Like the header? I designed it. :)

See you later,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

UPDATE: I made you guys a Christmas card. You deserve it. Click to enlarge.

Mostly everyone is taking Christmas Holiday off, so you'll most likely read this after Christmas.

So-here's my Christmas letter I wrote to you guys.

Dear friends, followers, and countrymen/women,

I heartily wish you a Merry Christmas at the end of another wonderful decade. This year has been a huge year for me, but it seems to have flown by at top speed.

This can't be like my Christmas letters to family because it would be too revealing. Sorry, guys.

I started a blog. Bet you didn't know that, did you? But oh, I'll tell you all about it. I was inspired by my friend's blog. I'd always been pretty tech-savvy, so I thought it would be a cinch and fun to try. My mom forced me to go outside and exercise, and I became inspired. Being one for fancy names, I immediately decided that it would have something to do with the word "Amaranthine". Unfortunately, the domain address "amaranthine" was already taken. (And the guy who took it doesn't even update it anymore!!!)
So, because "amaranthine" means eternal, or everlasting, Amaranthine Forever became my blog name!

At first, my only follower was myself and my friends. I didn't even know what to post about. Then, I went to Mexico and began writing about that. And as my writing developed, so did my followers list. I remember two early followers in particular, Madeline and Migillicutty. Madeline doesn't update, and Migillicutty does rarely, but I'll always remember them. They commented on every, every, post and inspired me to keep writing. And I vowed that I would do the same for others.

I have no idea how I found Endor's blog. But before I found it, I maintained a..distance from my few followers. They were my followers. I commented on their blogs, "Great post!" and they commented on mine. "Nice story!" But they didn't feel like friends or a community or anything.

On Fairy Tale Princess, however, there was a whole community of fellow Star Wars fans  who knew each other. And I joined. Among them were Barriss, Leia, Savannah, and Audrey. If I hadn't found Endor's blog, I never would have found you.

NaNoWriMo provided a whole other community. I found people who could relate to the over-caffeinated, late night typing, word count freaking out that we experienced. (Abby!)
Dance, homeschooling, and of course, Star Wars were things that we could experience together while being thousands of miles apart.

I also got quite a couple adrenaline highs when Dan Madsen, Dan Wallace, and Andrew(From the creators of Darths and Droids!) visited my blog. I realized that one of the best things about the internet is that anybody, anywhere, can talk to anybody else. And no contact information, appointments, or phone calls needed. It also brought a hint of caution. Be careful what you write! You never know who might be reading it. 

I also got an award yesterday. :)

So what I'm trying to say is thank you. For you. Thanks for all the comments, the shared highs and lows, everything. This blog has been unlike anything I've ever experienced before.  I've learned a lot about myself and God, and also had some really good times! I'm so thankful for the internet,  this new medium that can be used for good or evil.

I look forward to hitting my one year anniversary, and hope to continue to share my life and insight with you. This has been the best year ever! I hope the years continue to get better and better! My dream is to meet each and every one of you in real life.

In Christ,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have my first award! Thank you to Paige from The 828.

I don't know what to do. Should I give an acceptance speech??


"I thank all the people at the, um..."

Rules: List five things you like about blogging, and award it to five other brilliant bloggers!
1,.) Being able to become famous and have famous comments left on your famous blog by famous people.
2.) Being able to have online friends and establish a community.
3.) Something to do online, because I don't have a facebook.
4.) Meeting awesome people from all around the world. <3 I love you guys.
5.)Being able to give and get awards.

So I award this to-
You are awesome, girl! Keep up the awesome blog!
Hope this makes your holiday a little better. <3 I'm still praying for you!
Leia Organa-

OH and I ran out of awards, because I only have five or whatever...but I'd like to give Honorable Mention ribbons to Migillicuty and Sarah.
This beautiful demonstration of my artistic prowess counts as an award. To accept it you have to:

1.) Try to type your name with your elbows and post it.

2.) Tell me what your favorite non-flight bird is.

3.) Have a very merry Christmas.

See, I'm supposed to tell them that they got the award, but they'll have to just find out here. If they don't read my blog, oh well! Serves them right.

I didn't award to Savannah, because she got it from Paige too. :p 

Congrats to everybody. Thanks a lot, Paige!'

PS. If you're a guy and offended that you didn't get one, read the award. Little MISS Blogger. Sorry.

Not popular

I was never a popular kid growing up. I wasn't mean or annoying(I think) but it seemed like no one wanted to be my friend. 

I was the weird one, the strange homeschooled freak who didn't watch TV and didn't know who Miley Cyrus was until she was twelve. I didn't brush my hair, wore glasses and braces, and wore whatever my mom bought me and I picked up off my closet floor. My idea of a good time was reading or digging holes outside.  I knew how to identify rocks and birds just by looking at them, but somehow that didn't impress the other kids when I didn't know what a Youtube was. I had a strange sense of humor and laughed at things no one else found funny.

I never thought it was my problem that no one wanted to be my friend. I had really high self esteem. If they didn't want to be my friend, they must have been like those snobs I read about in my chapter books!

But then I realized they were friendly to everyone else, not just me. I had a few special friends, but I think I weirded them out..I was the typical unsocialized homeschooler.

I tried to make them like me. I tried to talk to them, and be friends with them. They didn't not like me. They didn't avoid me, they just ignored me.  They talked to me when they had to, like when they had a question or when they needed me to pass them something. But not in a friendly context.

There are some people who you're never going to be friends with, no matter how hard you try. 

It's not because their fault or yours, but some people just don't click.

Jesus doesn't call us to be friends with everyone, but he calls us to be at peace with everyone.  Politely and neutral. If you asked them about Amaranthine now, they would say that I was a little weird, but I never said anything mean, cut in front of them in line, cuss, or put them down.

That's enough for me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been playing the piano since I was six. I love playing piano. I placed second in two piano competitions. So I always wonder why I barely know anyone who plays the piano, or at least, seriously. 
 People think piano is boring and difficult. But that's like anything else! You can't give up just because starting is slow.

The only things I don't like is practicing for an hour a day and not being able to take my piano on trips with me. 

I'm practicing four pieces now-

This one is my favorite.


I also play this one.

What instruments do you play?

I have a cold. I don't think I'll post from Christmas Day-New Years day.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

speaking of which

Has anyone seen Jedi-Chick around here lately?

Why not

..instead of telling our kids "don't do drugs, drink alcohol, go to parties, etc." we teach them how to make mature, responsible decisions?

..instead of saying "don't watch R rated movies, listen to bad music, or go on inappropriate websites" we tell them to be careful of what they put in their minds and to glorify God every moment of the day?

..instead of  "don't say 'hell' '*bleep*', 'crap', 'insert bad word here',", we teach them to always speak with love and that their mouths are indications of what's in their hearts?

..instead of saying "don't lie, ever" say that God knows what's in their hearts?

..instead of saying "don't spend money on everything" or "you NEED to give money to poor people" say that we are all temporary stewards of what God gave us and we will be judged for what we do with it?

..instead of saying "don't date, kiss, or have sex"  we say that they should save ALL their purity for their future spouse?

Wouldn't be nice if, instead of people telling us that it's ALL RIGHT to just NOT do bad things, we all have a perfect plan and it's our JOB to carry it out?

Because there's a DIFFERENCE between just saying NO to the world's plan and saying YES to God's plan!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Etain the Jedi

Etain Tur Mukan is my favorite Republic commando character. If you ask pretty much anyone else, however,  this would not be the case.

When I first read Triple Zero, I, like many others, was disgusted with her. Here was a Jedi. But she's not a swashbuckling, bad-guy-busting, lightsaber wielding, legendary hero. She's instead a petite, insecure,  girl frightened by the war and life around her.

Kal Skirata describes her as "rather a schoolgirl then a Jedi." Wookieepedia's article states that "
Etain was a caring, but very insecure person." and "Etain was a doubtful person; of her own abilities, her worth and usefulness as a Jedi and commander. Her fear of disappointing those who relied on her made her draw back from responsibility, which sometimes, especially under stress, made her desperate and angry."

And she is. She's like no other Jedi. She apologizes to clone troopers rather than commanding them. She throws up over the fact that she has to pry into a prisoner's mind for information, something Jaina Solo does twice a day.

Why? Why would Karen Traviss write such a soft, amateur, pathetic character? She could have created another Obi Wan, a legendary Chuck Norris of Star Wars, someone to sit in the Hall of Fame with Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn.

After I put down the book, I just couldn't get her out of my head. Then I saw it.

Etain is my favorite Republic Commando character because she is a hero.

Etain was dumped at the temple when she was very young. She had no choice but to become a Jedi. And all of a sudden she's leading an army full of slaves, with her fellow "compassionate" Jedi indifferent to their plight. She didn't want to be a Jedi. She doesn't fit into the Republic Army. She doesn't belong on the front lines, in this nightmare, at all.

But she decides that, if she can't save herself, and she can't free the clones or make their lives better, she'll do what she can for whoever she can, and hope it works out. This is not a heroic, grand endeavor. This is a desperate, tiny, plea in the middle of a lot of gunfire and noise.

 She eventually marries Darman, a clone, and has a son, Venku. When Order 66 happens, she steps in front of a random clone to keep him from being killed by one of her fellow Jedi. The Jedi kills her accidentally.
So that's it. She sacrifices herself for somebody who was ordered to kill her anyways. If there was a Star Wars FailBlog, she'd be on the front page.

But Etain is a hero. She deserves to be up there, with Quinlan Vos and Luke Skywalker. Why isn't she?
Heroism isn't just all about the flash and flak. Etain found herself caught in a place she doesn't belong, facing the grim reality of a people she couldn't possibly help. 
And she decides to make life better for a few of them, any way she can, defying her order and her place to do so.

Etain is also a Jedi. When people think "Jedi" they think flashy laser swords and Obi Wan Kenobi, yeah. What about all the unsung Jedi? The ones that place their own instincts above orders?
The ones that, instead of just obeying their mandate and fighting their little war obediently, they take a step beyond that, and do what they believe they are actually called to?

Darths&Droids REPRISE

I say "Reprise" because I love reprises in musicals. It's when they sing the same song again, but sometimes with a different twist. Phantom of the Opera is the ultimate reprise musical. Most of the songs are sung at least twice. 

Anyways, back when I wrote about this, no one read it.

Oh wait..before I started writing, I was playing the piano. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw I blur of movement. I thought "Oh! It's the mailman!" But something was weird. He was running really fast...he almost slipped on the sidewalk! And he was swinging his bag and yelling. It turns out the neighbor's dog was chasing him. He swung the bag at the dog and yelled, but it wouldn't stop barking and growling. He was swinging our mail at the dog too. By now they were right in front of our door. He pulled out a can of mace and almost maced my neighbor's dog! But then, I think, the dog gave up and ran back to the house.
The dog isn't a mean dog, he just likes barking and chasing people. He's a yellow Lab.
Our mail was wet. :(

Back on favorite webcomic EVER. Start at the beginning:

These guys screencap the movies like a role playing game. There are about 500 episodes right now-they're in the middle of Revenge of the Sith. They update on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. My favorite days of the week, now. If it's confusing, hang in there. My favorite one they've done is Silence of the Clones(Attack of the Clones).

A couple of unrelated samples-click to enlarge:

If you've played RPG's before, you'll catch on quickly.

Episode 343: In Which the Intricacies and Details of Complex Combat Situations are Handled Masterfully
The guy in the box is the Game Master(GM). Jim is Qui Gon and Padme, Ben is Obi Wan, Annie is Anakin, Pete is R2D2 and Sally plays assorted characters.
Episode 440: Fry, You Fools 

It's really fun! Now, whenever I see the movies, I can't help but think of a bunch of guys sitting together in front of a coffee table with dice. What's really funny is that Jim plays a girl and Annie plays a boy, and they fall in love in "real life".
The main link is one on the main page is yesterday's. Tomorrow a new update! Start at the beginning, though!


PS. My favorite story arc from Darths and Droids. Jango and Boba, played by the GM are attacking Obi Wan(Ben). Padme(Jim, a physics major), Pete(R2D2) and Padme(Annie) are on Tatooine. Demonstrates some of the best of Darths and Droids.
Episode 293: Nuisance Caller

Episode 294: Just Plane Ridiculous

Episode 295: Everyone's a Whiner, Babyx

Episode 296: Mono a Monoculture

Episode 297: You Say Topology, I Say Topography

Episode 298: Smoke Gets in Your Ions

Go read the rest yourself.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

the perils of de online world, pt. 396

So Audrey, on her blog, alerted us all to Courtney(Storing Up Treasures) problems. Apparently, people were using her words against her, and she was wondering whether or not she should continue blogging. I'm too lazy to provide a link, but go check it out on Audrey's blog. 

And that's another peril of the online world. You're always taking the risk that your online world might overlap into your regular world, for the worst. That's why I use a confusing pseudonym.(Actually, it's because I don't like my real name.) So what I do is:

When I write about real people, I try to never portray anyone in a negative light. You never know who might be reading it(I learned that from my Her Universe post.). Or at least change their name, gender, and ethnicity. 

My advice to Courtney?(Although I'm not in the position to give her any advice, since she has oh, five hundred more followers than me.)

I don't know the severity of the incidents, but I wish she'd keep blogging. She blogs for God's kingdom, and I know she's touched a lot of lives.

And she makes money from the blog(Yes, I have a fame-and-money complex). You ain't gonna make any money listening to them haters, girl.  

So it's definitely something she should pray about. And we'll all pray for her.


PS. Check out my newest follower's blog. It's a great blog. Also, he's been blogging for just as long as I have, but has twice as many posts. But he has just like, eight followers. Follow him! He really needs to get that self promotion thing going.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Every time I try to post I have to stop. I've tried to post like, fifty times.

Okay- so I spent the whole morning at Borders. I read Vortex, Edge of Victory:Rebirth, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Be in awe of my sophisticated literature. After that, I watched Shannah play KOTOR on her laptop. 


I just got back from sitting at Albertsons for three hours asking people to donate money and food for the food drive. It's raining and I'm tired.

I probably won't be able to post when my cousins come. So don't think I'm dead or anything, okay?

I have two novel pitches/ideas. I'm so glad I finished Or Die Trying so I can start something else!

Number 1: Liadan, a middle schooler, goes to search for her crimelord mother after her dad dies. I like these kinds of stories. I got this from a awesome dream.

Number 2: Kind of a background on Vana Dorja(from my current book) and her poor childhood on Marahasia.

Oh, and I finally got an idea for my rewrite.

My quick summaries of the two Star Wars books I read today.

FOTJ: Vortex(Spoilers!)
Wow. What a doozy. This was a very highly-anticipated book, and it was worth it. Fate of the Jedi has been going remarkably slow, it's been passing quickly without much happening. But this is where the plot speeds up like greased lightning. 
The Jedi Order rescues Valin and Jysella.
They make plans against Daala
Tahiri's trial is almost resolved
Jaina/Jag get re-re-engaged
And the dung beetle of a leader Kenth Hamner commits suicide.
 And so much has happened to Luke and Ben, I'm not sure if I understand it.
The dung beetle(Kenth Hamner) doesn't commit suicide. He duels with Saba Sebatyne, because he was trying to be a pacifist wimp while the council tried to actually get somewhere, and kriffin stabbed her in the chest before dying.

Edge of Victory: Rebirth
I'd been really wanting to read this because I love Kyp Durron. It was a little disappointing. Not much happens. Ya gotta love Nen Yim though.

I'm on the edge of my seat until Ascension(or is it Conviction?) next year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Amaranthine~is in for a extremely short post

~Is working on New Year's blog project-Star wars and religion, anybody?
~Is working on end of the year post
~Is shocked by new Heir To The Empire cover, @club jade
~Is working at Borders tomorrow, will read Vortex on time off, if Kaitlyn doesn't catch me
~Is overjoyed by soggy rainy day
~Is overjoyed for last day until holiday

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holidays are coming

Please pray and leave a nice comment for Audrey . She's going through a really tough time, and now her dog has to be put down. Go on. Pray, right  now. Just ask God to be with her.

<3 you guys.

I say a well deserved holiday is, um, well deserved. Even though I just got used to the daily grind since Thanksgiving holiday. 

To celebrate, my family from Massachusetts and the Bay Area are coming. Unlike many other Asian families, I only have six cousins, two on one side and four on the other. I actually like having not that many cousins....

Let me provide you with a brief overview of what the next two weeks are going to be like. Only my dad's side is coming.  Names have been slightly changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Uncle Curt: Lives near San Diego, so he won't be staying over. No idea what days he'll be over here. He likes to play games, take pictures, and make sarcastic remarks(runs in the family).

Uncle Horace, Aunt Viv, Matt, and Amy: Came last Christmas. Amy is only six or seven years old, but she's awesome. 

How awesome? When she was four or five, she was being noisy, so her parents went in their room and locked the door to talk. She said "You can't lock me out!" and got a wrench and kriffin ripped the lock apart. At four. You can't tell me that's not awesome. Matt loves The Clone Wars. He's really good at drawing clones. 

Uncle Bry, Aunt Ann, Cal, and Al: Cal loves SW Battlefront II, Star Wars in general, playing tricks on Al,  and playing board games. His mom works for a company that distributes strategy games, so they have tons. (Go to my profile. Under "interests", it says "Killer Bunnies". The awesomest game ever.) They're staying at our house. 

Did I mention we're all homeschooled?

It's going to be a blast. We're going to cook a ton of food. I don't really know what else we'll be doing, but on the 26th(When Uncle Bry and Co. are coming) I'm going to decorate Rose Parade floats.  Uncle Horace and Co. are coming on the 22nd, so we get a little time to prepare.

And no, I will not sacrifice this blog. Keep y'all updated!

Like my signature?
PS. Thank you so much for your nice comments on yesterday's post! I'll try to post more like it. I like comments. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

People, even Christians, talk about heaven and hell like it's the end game. The awards ceremony. The aftermath.  But that's the complete opposite! This "life" can't even compare in length or in joy to what we'll have afterwards. This is only preparation, a test, a little assessment to see how you'll fare in the real thing.
CS Lewis says it better than I can, in The Last Battle.

And for us this is the end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them it was only the beginning of the real story. All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no on on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.

Wow. Reading that made me look at life so much more differently. 

Don't you ever feel like life is so short and passing quickly? It is. It's really weird that they call now "life" and later "death" when we only, truly, live in heaven? This is just a short preparation, a short test run, a few experimental chene turns across the floor before the true dance.

In Narnia they call Earth "The Shadowlands." That's what this is. Come on, the world's shadowed. Bad things happen to good people, and sometimes it seems like evil is winning after all. Nothing lasts here. Every thing that is built falls apart and wears out.

Excerpt from Someday Heaven by Larry Libby:

If you are thinking you might get bored or tired after being in heaven for a while...don't worry! Try to imagine something with me. Imagine you are a little bird who lives in a tiny cage made of rusty metal. And inside your cage you have a food dish, and a little mirror, and a tiny perch to swing on.
Then one day, some kind person takes your cage to a big, beautiful forest. The forest is splashed with sunlight. Proud, towering trees cover the hills and valleys as far as you can see. There are gushing waterfalls, and bushes drooping with purple berries, and fruit trees, and carpets of wild flowers, and a wide blue sky to fly in. And besides all these things, there are millions of other little birds, hopping from one green limb to another and eating their fill, and raising their little families, and singing their hearts out all through the day. Now, little bird, can you imagine wanting to stay in your cage? Can you imagine saying, "Oh please don't let me go. I will miss my cage, I will miss my little food dish with seeds in it. I will miss my plastic mirror and my tiny little perch. I might get bored in that big forest.

Someday we'll be sitting in heaven and laughing about how much earth sucked. God just put us here for a short, little test run, set in a hastily built shadow of the real thing. 

Our trials on earth can't compare to the joy we'll face later. 

It's like getting a paper cut before inheriting ten million dollars, a tank of fish, a comfy chair, a cat, albums of Taylor Swift, and a airport hanger full of Star Wars books. Actually, two airport hangers.

Sometimes I think I'll miss life; other times I can't wait to get out of here. Come quickly, Jesus! And don't stop for coffee on the way. We're waiting!

 I can't wait till we finally get to start the real, actual, life. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random SW Day

I've been reflecting.

When I was younger, I was kinda naive. So I offended lots of people without meaning to or knowing to. Also, I didn't brush my hair and wore the same clothes every day because I felt like it. I also wore glasses and braces. But then, I grew some self-assurance, underwent a major personality transplant, bought some nice clothes, started styling my hair, got my braces off, and got contacts. 
Some people that didn't like me when I was younger don't even recognize me now. So it's like I'm a new person.

Some inspiring conclusion should be drawn from this. 
But anyways......

Come to the light side! We have better cookies....and Carth Onasi! ~random HU signature that I love.

You know you're an EU fan if....

When asked by your family/friends who your favorite SW characters are, and you tell them "Myn and Kirney", they give you a strange look and ask you where they are in the movies. Then you give them the same look back.

When you watch a sporting event and wish you had Jedi Battle Meditation to help your team win.

If you've ever scared your sister into believing the Yuuzhan Vong will invade the earth in 2012 and destroy all the television sets in their vicinity.

When you refer to your car as a "land speeder"

"Look, are we gonna play Scattergories or not?" 

The Real Definition of Wedge Antilles

"Look at the size of that thing! Uhh....I’ve got, er, an engine failure here....yeah, that’s it. Oh, well, looks like I’d better pop off back to base for repairs. Ciao!" ―An example of Wedge’s heroic actions at the Battle of Yavin
Totally brave and courageous X-wing pilot who never gave up, no matter what the odds, not even if Darth Vader himself were chasing him. No, siree, Wedge was always dependable in the heat of battle! Also, he was definitely not offered a position with the Rebellion because his nephew was a famous Jedi Master. Wedge? He’s great! 

 Quotes. These are some of my favorites.
"On 2:21, we reported on the secession of the Bimkall sector from the Republic. Upon further review, that sector does not exist. HoloNet News apologizes for any confusion."
―Correction published in the 13:3:21 edition of HoloNet News[src]
Lost a planet, HoloNet has. How embarrassing.

"You think a little thing like death's gonna slow us down?"
Han Solo[src]

"If you whine long enough, someone will eventually hear you. If you keep whining after you're heard, someone will eventually shoot you."
I know TONS of ppl who this applies to!

Darpen: "I was once a pilot. Briefly. Tierfon Yellow Aces. My talents lay elsewhere, though, so I ended up in a less violent service."
Janson: "His talents certainly did lie elsewhere. They weren't in landing. Tomer here made the Aces' list for a landing almost horrible enough to kill him two different ways. His Y-wing was shot to pieces and his repulsorlifts were dead. Had to land, though, or he'd never get dinner. Luckily we were based on a low-grav moon at the time, big long stretch of duracrete serving as a landing zone. All the other Y-wings clear off the landing zone and he lines up on it, descends toward it like he was landing an atmospheric fighter without repulsorlifts. Drops his skids as he gets close. The skids take the initial impact but he bounces, so he's like some sort of hop-and-grab insect all down the duracrete. But he's lucky enough that he stays top side up. Finally he's bled off a lot of momentum, but he loses control and his Y-wing rolls. Comes to a stop on its belly and he's safe. Then his ejector seat malfunctions and shoots him off toward space. With grav that low, he achieves escape velocity. We had to send a rescue shuttle up after him or he'd still be sailing through the void, one cold cadaver."
Darpen: "I saved the astromech. And the Y-wing was repairable."
Janson: "Sure. But seeing you as that wishbone skidded to a stop, seeing you sag in relief—and then, poof! you're headed toward the stars—"
Darpen: "As you can see, I've provided amusement for years."
Tomer "Ejector" Darpen and Wes Janson explain Darpen's nickname to Wedge Antilles[src]
Not the worst landing I've seen, nonetheless. If you can walk afterward, then the landing was good.
Long story, though.

Luke: "Your emotions betray you."
Ben: "Your emotions wander around short-sheeting beds and putting everyone's hands in bowls of warm water."
Luke: "Would you please stop saying things like that?"
Ben: "Sorry. I just got tired of hearing the same old phrases, the same old way, year after year. I think that's why Master Yoda mangled his Basic for the archival recordings. After nine hundred years, he was sick of hearing the same old things the same old way. Use the same cliché phrases too long and people stop hearing their message, you know?"
Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker[src]
My emotions unscrew the lids on salt shakers

Irenez: "I think I'm insulted. That has to be the oldest trick on the list."
Han Solo: "I didn't have time to come up with any new ones."
Han Solo, captured by Irenez on New Cov[src]

Valorum: "You saved my life. I can never repay you for what you have done, but if there is ever anything you want of me you need only ask."
Johun: "There is one thing. Hire yourself a kriffing security team."―Jedi Knight Johun Othone, to former Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum[src]


"The weak will always be victims. That is the way of the universe. The strong take what they want, and the weak suffer at their hands. That is their fate; it is inevitable. Only the strong survive, because only the strong deserve to."
Darth Bane[src]
       Bane philosophy. Ack.
 Aaand we'll end on that note.



Monday, December 13, 2010


Prepare for a super long post.  And then I have to go work on my two-day overdue essay.

UPDATE: My mom said my skin would be pale, if I would wear my sunblock. Hmm.

Legoland from a Star Wars fan's point of view(We should have a official name for Star Wars fans. Like Star Trek fans are called Trekkies. Anyways..)


The first thing we did is sign up for Mindstorms. Mindstorms is a special kind of Legos that involves robotics and programming.

Oh, and when I saw this kid, I instantly thought "young Wedge Antilles." Am I crazy?

I couldn't take pictures of the good rides because they didn't want you to have your camera in case you'd lose it. One of them had a "No Photography" sign. I wanted to take a picture of it.

And I went on a big roller coaster for the first time. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. This week.

By far, Miniland USA is the main attraction of Legoland. What is it? A ride? A scary roller coaster? No, it's America, in Legos:

EVERYTHING except for the little bonsai trees and moss grass-is Lego. Even the cars. And some of the cars and trucks moved.
This is just the Las Vegas part.
And this was in no way quiet. There were little people that walked around, music playing. There was a wedding where a Lego bride and groom walked to a limo playing wedding music.
They had a big Mardi Gras parade in the New Orleans part. It was really big.
There was so much stuff! All the detail...amazing! That ladder is a real ladder(some of it wasn't finished), just to give you an idea of how big everything was.
D.C. My favorite.
Those little soldiers walk and dance and play music.

In one of the city corners, just to give you an idea of the mind-blowing detail.

 Aaannd a bunch of elves drumming on garbage cans.

Like I said, most of the rides didn't allow photography. Let's see what I got on my camera here....

This is a ride where you can steer your own boat.

But look what I found at the gift store!

Being completely unlearned in the early-on EU, when I saw this:
I was very excited and happy, in a Jaina/Jag way.

 My brothers informed me this was a figure of this Jag, not this Jag.

Come on, Lego. Get with the EU already. 

And it was $15 for three magnets, so I didn't buy the set. 


Hey-on a related note about HU, I saw the forum posts. I actually admire amy_geek's moderating skills, although she does seem to get there a little late. It's good that she got there before any flaming broke out, though.
I think you guys were very professional in your manner, and that's good, because the important thing to remember is how you respond to the people.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tomorrow's post

I'm going to Legoland tomorrow. They do this Christmas thing every year, it's nice. But I probably won't get to post. So this post counts as tomorrows. You can't say I didn't post every day.

 I repeat what I always say. Blogs take a while to get off the ground, just like any novel. Just keep at it. And don't forget to have a life. Blogs come from personal experience, and you're not getting any personal experience sitting around in front of a computer waiting for something to happen to you. Don't feel pressured to post every day, but don't give up, either!!!

 And if there's anything I've learned, it's not to take things personally. Things are mostly not directed at you. So lighten up.

And don't be afraid to be criticized. Unless you've posted something terribly obscene, don't feel the need to apologize for what you post. Some people are offended by everything. But most people who are right with their lives, like you, take it in stride. 

I've been criticized, lost followers, etc.
Be confident.
This is your outlet to the world.
But don't forget, the world can look in and see you too.

Have fun.