Thursday, August 9, 2012


Star Wars Celebration VI is only a couple weeks away! I'm very excited, although I'm not attending.

I have always wanted badly to go to a Star Wars convention and cosplay, buy things, and see celebrities. I didn't know many SW fans back then, and I wanted to go somewhere where I could meet them all! I still think it's going to be a bit like heaven, surrounded by anything and everything Star-Warsy.

However, the Celebration people continue insist on having it in the farthest possible state from me. D:<

This year is going to be extra special, because this is the first year The Lakehouse Forums is going to hit CVI as an organized group. We have about 15 members going. We're getting T shirts and wristbands, and the girls are hoping for a group photo with Ashley Eckstein, as well as some other special events. In a way, even though I'm SUPER disappointed I don't get to go and hang out with them, I feel like a part of me will be there with them.

I'm just as excited as if I were going! I love hearing about Autumn and Savanna's costuming endeavors, making plans, and looking at schedules! JC set up a twitter account she will (hopefully) be able to post from at the con, and hopefully we'll be able to set up a Skype meeting between me and all the girls( *COUGH* JC, are you reading this?)

Club Jade has some good CVI tips (including a REALLY helpful post about autograph lines) so be sure to check them out!

It's gonna be epic :D


  1. Ugh, I've always wanted to go to a Star Wars celebration...but unfortunately I've never been able to. Maybe some time I finally will!

  2. awsome post I am so excited (though it would be even more epic if all the lakehouse girls could attend) we will definitly be thinking of you and I hope we can set up a skype chat during the event. wish you could come you'll be in our thoughts though <3

  3. I'm reading it!!!! ;D I'm posting it on Twitter now. <3 And yes, we seriously need to work that out. ;D I wonder if one day I can either bring my laptop or my iPod so you can see everyone......can you do video? You and me need to skype before hand. ;D

    Love you!!!!!

  4. I know we will all have fun at CVI, but I wish you could come to it too. It would be even more fun with you along. :D

    ~Misty/May Kenobi66

  5. I know how you feel. I'm SO EXCITED but I'm not going either! I'm dying to go and meet my friends. Which include Fallon, Savanna, and Autumn, even though I'm not on TLF yet. But I will be soon! :) All you girls that are going, have fun for me!

  6. I wish I could to go CVI but I'm in the southermost country of the world... Bummer!

  7. We will take lots of pics for you!!!!!


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