Sunday, January 6, 2013


School starts tomorrow! With finals starting next week.

I feel so unprepared, Well, enough about that!

Today we got back from Mammoth Mountain skiing.

 I'm mostly an intermediate skiier. But at Mammoth, my dad made a mistake on the trail map and I blindly trusted him to dictate the next lift we would take, halfway up the mountain.

We got off the lift near the top of the mountain, and it was starting to get really windy. I skied along to the top of the trail, looking at the slopes and thinking that none of them seemed intermediate. I got to the trail markers and noticed that they were all black diamond slopes. Behind the trail markers, the ski slope dropped nearly straight down. Behind me, I heard my dad say "Oops."

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm kind of a scaredy-cat. Ask me what I'm most afraid of, and I'll say "Scary things!" So the wind was blowing flurries of snow everywhere, I'm surrounded by steep slopes and tall mountains and scenery, staring down what looks like a ninety-degree drop that disappears into a chute, with one side of the chute leading off a cliff and marked with an orange fence and a sign that says "WARNING: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ON OTHER SIDE OF THIS FENCE".

I shivered and wailed and cursed in my head. My legs felt paralyzed. I was thinking thoughts like "I AM NEVER GOING SKIING AGAIN." But the only way to go was down, and slowly I inched my way down fearfully(while six year olds in pink jumpsuits cheerfully maneuvered their way down the face, whizzing past me.)

And that's the story of how I accidentally skied down a black diamond slope.

Another interesting thing is that I was looking for my DMV booklet at the condo because I'm taking my permit test soon. I was digging through my mom's luggage when I felt a draft coming from behind the shade(it was night). I moved the shade and heard a tinkle. When I looked behind the shade, I was looking at huge shards of split glass.

One of the windows was completely shattered, with the panes split all the way to the edges. It looked like a bit of icicle had somehow been rammed through a window., like from an icicle gun.

Some guys came later to patch it up, but it was scary.

I'll write more later! Hope you all had a good winter break!


  1. Whoa! That must have really scary...

    Icicle gun?! Sounds cool! But also very scary!

  2. Oh my gosh! The same thing happend to me and my dad last time we went skiing. There was a blue slope, but some how we ended up on the black, which was about four feet wide and really steep. I know exactly how that must have felt!

    Wow, that's really weird about the icicle.


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