Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*falls through door* 

I don't even know anymore.. Everything has changed so much. I understand what junior year hell is like for everyone now, even though it's probably toned down more for home-schoolers. :)

Still alive! God has done so much for me in the past couple months. It's truly been the best of my life so far, even though it's been more stressful and worrisome than ever, and I haven't had time to blog(so many spammers lately!) or go to dance.

At my girl scout GAM competition, we got the same(high) score, place(third!), and pennant(Clipper!) as last year. Which is amazing, and I had a lot of fun. We had a really good sea shanty(song) which we worked hard on, but we got the same score as last year when we basically made up the whole thing last minute. Which we were pretty upset about but oh well.

I was really happy when I got my SAT score back! I studied really hard and got 2260 on the first try, so I won't have to retake it. Got an 8 on the essay though.....wrote about Jane Eyre, Speaker for the Dead, and Animal Farm. I probably should have picked more diverse examples and not sounded like I was barfing up english class with some random anthropological science fiction thrown in.

Unfortunately, I realized that I had SAT subject tests the next week and I had to take them. I was originally signed up for Math IIC and Chemistry. I've been studying math really hard the past couple days, but yesterday I decided that I wouldn't be ready to take the test on Saturday. I really want a 800 so I need to study hard. It's easier to get an 800 on Math II than on the regular SAT math. Well, the math itself is more difficult, but the curve is easier. You can miss 8 and get 800, whereas on the SAT missing one will set you back at 780. So about 11% of Math IIC'ers get an 800. I SHALL BE ONE OF THEMMM. So I'm taking that in october, and taking Literature on Saturday instead. Last...test...then I shall be freee

Went shopping for my workout room renovation project! Hopefully I'll get that done this summer. It was funny because we went to home depot, where everything was $$$$$$$$ and then we went to a home improvement resale store and everything was so cheap and we found some big mirrors(attached to mirror doors :/) for like $10 when at home depot it was $60 and lol. Someone on craigslist also is going to sell me her treadmill for only $25 which is really good cause I still need to raise money.

Hopefully, I'll also get to work in the biology lab and psychiatric ward of UCI this summer on science research, which is exciting! Slogging through paperwork now.

This song is addicting. Showed it to my cousin and he said it was freaky...he should be glad I didn't show him the actual video for the song which creeps me out even more XD.

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  1. The home gym sounds awesome! I have literally been dying for a treadmill! lol. And congratulations on the SAT scores! Yay!


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