Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm not dead

and hopefully will stay that way for a while!

I got interviewed this morning from my school and I'm sending the link to this blog as well. Hi, make me faaamouss please.

This post is going to be really random so I warn you in advance. I miss the old blogging swag days.

1.) Life has been really really crazy. Stuff with boys, stuff with school, stuff with college, stuff with life. I really wanted to do NaNoWriMo again but couldn't :(

2.) I'm down 5/12 college applications submitted! MIT gets back to me in mid-december, only a couple weeks away...excuse me while I go scream and cry into a pillow.

3.) My instructor from E2 made an awesome documentary video about what we did at MIT and I"m in it a lot...I'm the Asian(the one with shorter hair and tanner skin).

4.) AMAZINGNESS HAPPENED in the form of I got to go the the LA red carpet premiere of the favorite movie adaption of my favorite book, Ender's Game! I went with Ender's Ansible and got to interview nearly every single actor except for Asa, Hailee, and Abigail.
Some photos copied over from my post on Ender's Ansible:

See all/most of my photos on the Ender's Ansible website:here:


  caltech 021  
  caltech 041  

   caltech 053
caltech 059
  caltech 063

 I have school today and an interview with Carnegie Mellon University too! Also, I got up at 4AM and couldn't sleep and am really tired. So yay.


  1. OMG Harrison Ford. And the rest of the other stuff is nice too. I so understand about waiting for responses for scholarships and colleges.

  2. Wow, E2 looks really cool, and intense! I really enjoyed reading about it on here, so seeing a video is really cool.
    That's so cool that you went to the Ender's Game premiere and interview the actors! And good luck with your college applications!


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!