Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reports at CD

Today was torture, listening to about 40 kids do history presentations....one after the other after the other......aagh. I understand how it can "help" kids become better public speakers..but couldn't they have PARTNERS or something? I'll never understand the school system.....it was pretty much three hours watching other people stumble through their reports. And they could have done it on different people!
I counted:
At least nine reports on Archimedes
Two reports on Hippocrates
Three reports on Albert Einstein
Two reports on Franklin Roosevelt(including mine heh heh)
Three reports on Thedore Roosevelt

Plus, some had conflicting information. Like some said he was born in blahblah BC and some said he was born sometime else! It would have been funny if my brain hadn't been killing me.
Like, the very last report, people were getting really anxious. We'd been sitting there for like, three hours! When the guy said "Archimedes was a great mathematician", you could practically hear the groans.
Mercifully, it was short.
More later!


  1. i saw your vote things on what you would do!
    I have something embarrassing from church!
    I thought I saw my friend's dad and it wasn't him and i kept calling his name and I got so close to him he looked and I ran away!

  2. You can select more than one of those options.


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