Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Subject Change

Today is the day where I change the point of this blog to something people want to read about.
OK. My conversations when I meet people go something like this:
"My name's Amaranthine."
"Oh, that's so cool! What school do you go to?"
Okay. The truth is, I go to a charter school. Now you may be wondering what that is. In order to avoid explaining, I used to tell people I was homeschooled. A charter school is very similar to homeschool. It's registered at a public school, but "they" send you all the materials in the mail and you get your lessons online. It's K-high school, and we use the program k12 through CAVA.

It's complicated.

Once a week, I used to go to a weekly program that's like a red brick school, called CD. Today was the last day(where we did history reports, remember?) but other than that, I contact other students and teachers through email and a classroom-thingy online thing called Elluminate.
It's cool! They send you free materials, books, and as many computers and printers as you need! And in high school you get your own computer and scanner/printer!
I enjoy it a lot, and in the next few days I will enlighten you on my wonderful adventures charter-schooling.

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  1. your real name is Amaranthine? THAT IS SO COOL!


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!