Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The End

Well, its' been a long trip. Thanks for following me through it! I started with one follower(myself) and I now have 9. I have the wonderful challenge of keeping you all entertained. :) Some side notes.

When you're on a mission trip, nothing refreshes you more than a nice cold Coke. That's why I asked Barbara to (please) buy me one at the gas station, since I was broke. Barbara, good soul, kindly brought it to me just as our cars were pulling out.
Little did I know that we would be stuck in the worst traffic jam of my life....we took about 4 hours to cross the border, moving at the lovely rate of about an inch a minute..on the highway.

Let's just say that I really regretted that Coke...
If you've been following from the beginning, you'd remember that I told you that our San Diego-Tijuana crossing border is the busiest in the world. Yup.  What was entertaining was watching the street vendors try to sell you everything from statues to ponchos to ice cream.

The pace was really frustrating, because we'd see something interesting(Look! A Staples store!) And then, an hour later, we'd look back and see it, right behind us. (Hey! Didn't we pass that an hour ago! Darn...) So we inched by, and when we finally saw the immigration thing it was like the prettiest sight in the world.

My dad, looked out the window and began taking photos of the border. A guy came up to us and told us to stop or he would take our camera away, no time wasted on politeness. I'm glad he didn't make us delete the photo. Here it is.

One side says Mexico, the other says US. I love visible borders! (turns and looks over my shoulder at Janelle, who is sitting in the back. "How's it like back in Mexico?")

Sawyer and Andrew(nicknamed Ponchito by me, because he bought the poncho from the street vendors.)
I want to thank all my loyal followers for following me through my trip. Without you I would surely have been discouraged from blogging. This is not the end, and I hope to keep you as I blog about other things. Thank you for all the wonderful comments.
I want to thank in particular:
Madeline(aka AIOfreak): You were my first (real) follower. I love your comments, your blog, and your heart to serve Jesus. God Bless!
Ali: You're my writing(and life) friend and mentor. Thanks for being a great friend.
Ira, Jemimah: I love your blogs and your spirits. Let us walk through life(and Blogspot) together.
Migillicuty: Someone who I have pretty much EVERYTHING in common with. May the Force be With You
Yu and His teaching. H_T, I love your blog. Guys, I don't really know either of you very well, but unknown followers are just as loved as known ones. (Look! Someone likes what I write and isn't following just to be nice! (no offense)).
I also thank all of you who read but don't have a Blogspot to follow me. Get a blog!

God bless you all,

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  1. Awwww! Totally Happy-making! (50 points if you can place that book quote) :)

    May the Force be With You, and the odds be EVER in your favor!


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