Friday, August 13, 2010

The Life Cycle of A Blog

Hey guys! I've made my first cartoon. I'm still not too good with the paint program, but see how I did. The purpose wasn't to point fingers or make fun of anybody, just a reminder that everything, including blogging, takes constant work, care and maintenance. Good blogs are hard to maintain, but worth it! (I'm still working on mine!)
Here's the cartoon.(click to make it bigger.)

Good work to all of you who work hard at blogging(though it IS boring sometimes, admit it, especially after the excitement fades) and thanks to all of my followers who encourage me through reading my stuff, and the occasional comment. Nothing is more encouraging than comments!

If you have your own "dead" blog(I have one, too) then I would like to encourage you to keep at it! If you haven't blogged recently, then no worries, no one expects you to blog everyday. Just keep your mind open for ideas, and even if you think no one's reading what you write, keep at it! If you have a "baby" blog(in it's first few stages of life) then feel free to give me the address and I'll follow you and encourage you!  


  1. Hey, my blog had her 1st birthday last June, and she's not dead yet!!!

    It's totally true that you can't really have a good blog without comments, but I think the real purpose (at least for me) was to just practice writing skillz and have fun telling people about myself and my life. I don't much care how many people see it or like it (well, ok, I do, but not enough to try to grow my blog at all).

    9 days till Mockingjay!!!

    10 days til

  2. Love the comic hilarious. Ok I have a question how do i subscribe on some ones blog????

    Peace Out, Madeline

  3. Hey amaranthine umm I was wondering should i start another blog or not.... if i do im going to need your help.


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!