Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm jumping on the beautiful people bandwagon(Beautiful People, NaNoWriMo)

I normally don't do these, but the NaNo edition is pretty interesting, so whatevs.

I find it incredibly annoying to search for pictures of what my characters look like online. Most of the pictures are glamorized and all the girls are gorgeous and all the guys are superhot and it doesn't  seem realistic.

There's some real-life girls I could take pictures of and make them as models for my character. Maybe I'll think about that.

Some tips for novice writers: Try not to make your prose too elaborate and dramaful. The fewer long words it takes to convey emotions, the better. Something I saw a lot last year was people who thought that making things all flowery and metaphorical would make them sound professional and heartbreaking, and mostly it made them sound ridiculous, like so:

The flowers fell from my hand and shattered like glass, and when I woke up, I was a beautiful milkmaid. I woke up crying, and I don't know why. It was like the Hindenburg of doom and the Titanic of misery collided in the Chernobyl of my soul.

(I didn't make that up. It's from Potter Puppet Pals XD)

Anyways, here we go.

1. Sum up your novel in five words or less.
Courage, fear, the past, deception.

2. Novel title?
Life in the Bubble

3. Sum up your main character(s) in one word each.
 Lanky: Determined  Katrin: Trusting Maddie: Wind-tossed.(that's one word, by the way)

4. Advice for newbies in three words?
Don't give up.

5. Tell us about your secondary characters, how do they affect the story?
They encourage, discourage, and drive Lanky to be what he needs to be. I'm also trying to work out some sort of Pensieve-like device that will allow me to tell a large part of the story in flashbacks. They entertain me.

6. Do you plan to stay up till midnight on the 31st?
Heck no.

7. How many years have you done NaNo?
One. :P

8. What came first, characters, or plot idea?
I have this database of characters from my head, which float around in character limbo until I can adapt them to the story. This story, I only have one character from there, Swanny, who is a secondary. So plot idea first.

9. How much prep do you do before November?
A moderate amount. I have an outline and I think my whole story through to avoid plot holes and writer's block. Once I figure out the flashbacks, I'll be all set.

10. Now be honest, how do you really feel about NaNo?
Excited. I know I'm going to reach 50K if it kills me, and I have to stay up all night.  I'm not worried, and I have a bunch of writing buddies (ABBY! DO NANO OR ELSE I annoyed. It's not too late, you know!)

I wonder if anyone's going to actually read this post. Most likely they'll look at the title, shake their heads, and skip over it.

And yes, my main character's name is Langston, or Lanky. Ain't it awesome?


  1. I love Lanky's name. XD Epic. ;)

    I really want to do this Beautiful People, but I'm procrastinating. XDD

    Great post! ;)

  2. i read it. just because i'm a freak about NaNo. and i love you. :)

  3. NaNoNaNoNaNo!!! All the nano posts are making me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Sounds awesome! I've been looking forward to this year's NaNo...I might have to follow the same form you used and do a special post on my blog as well :)


  5. Great post girl! :)

    Can I be a NaNo cheerleader this year please? I'm afraid I live in the fear of my parents a little more than I live in the fear of you.... :|

    However, I'm still keeping a goal of 500 words a day, so I'll post about that this November if you want..............?

  6. Also, any character named Langston/Lanky is incredibly awesome in my book :D


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