Saturday, October 15, 2011

blargh ah ah stress PSAT girl scouts NEWSLETTER ahh band


So this mornin I took the PSAT and I've been studying for it for the past week so I was mostly glad to get it over with.
Then I went with my Girl Scout troop to an event we organized at a science museum and it was uberfun, especially at the dino exhibit where you point "transmitters" (big, computerized sticks) at stuff and it records it and you go on a scavenger hunt, and me and Lauren were pretending they were Harry Potter wands and it was awesome.


Hee hee. Lauren tried Avada Kedavra on some dinosaur fossils but she let go of the wand and it clattered against the wall very embarrasingly.
The only problem is it took ALL DAY.

And I still haven't practiced piano and I need to practice because I have a piano competition coming up, and not only that, I have to practice keyboard cause I"m playing in the church band tomorrow and I haven't even LOOKED at the sheets yet, and there's homework and oh gosh the Lakehouse newsletter, that is still mostly done, but it's an AUGUST/SEPT edition and it's mid OCTOBER.

so yeah.


I know you're thinking "Amaranthine! Get off blogger and go DO those things!" but this is my form of self expression and I would explode if I didn't write this.


  1. i know wht u mean. blogger is way for me to express myself as well. :)

  2. Amen Abby. XD

    Good luck on all of....everything...;) Love you girl.

  3. Oh gosh, the stress.

    The PSAT took up WAY too much time. I wasted my Wednesday last week with that test. :/

    Hope you got it all done!!

  4. The PSAT takes WAY too long... I totally know all about stress. Don't tell my classmates, but this whole just-got-elected-class-president thing is scaring me! lots to do! love your blog Amaranthine! check out mine?

  5. Well, I think you did an amazing job on the newsletter!


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!