Friday, January 13, 2012

(fangirl flapping of arms and running around in circles) (eee) (ignore this)(spoilers for Son of Neptune)

my fangirl obsessions go in cycles...this week, it's totally Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson(again)

There's this amazing artist on deviantart...burdge-bug...who does AMAZING Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, and even HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE fanart. Now, we need to get her to read Artemis Fowl...XD.

Anyways, here are some of my favorites of hers.

I kind of want to pull a Ms. Black and blast Jason right off the tapestry. There's some speculation to whether or not Annabeth will be on the Argo II. I kind of don't want her to be, so Nico can join instead. Then again, if Nico is already in Rome(as speculated at the end of Neptune) there's still room.  GAH RR WHY MUST YOU TORMENT US SO

love this scene...Senatus Populusque Romanus FTW.

Which do you think is cooler? Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter? Camp Jupiter definitely has a more efficient way of doing things(separating by cohort instead of parentage, sending large groups instead of quests) and is more epic, being war camp like instead of summer camp like. But we all love Camp Half Blood, plus, there are no prats like Octavian and Reyna. It totally ticked me off to see Percy join the Twelfth Legion, even AFTER remembering Camp Half Blood. I love New Rome, but I felt so betrayed (sniff).

Germanmissles , another fantastic artist(who loves Artemis Fowl!) did these:


older one of Nico^

other fanart:

If you haven't read Howl's Moving Castle, do so. Good therapy XD. I finished Castle in the Air a couple days ago.

And if you haven't read Percy Jackson. Go. Now.

And if you're stuck waiting for Son of Neptune, even if you hated The Lost Hero, go and get the book at. all. costs. Even if you have to buy it. It's worth it. Go XD.

If you're wondering, the fandoms I regularly cycle between are: Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, and Howl's Moving Castle.


  1. LOL! I'm actually just on the second original Percy book, sooo... :D


    Awesome post, girl!

    1. HOWL! I need to read that book.

      I tagged you on my blog!


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