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updates on life(aka excuses to post tumblr gifs)

If I had to describe my life in one word right now, it'd be cold. Brr.

Let's see..what's happening?

I got my back bend kickover from le ground in acro. It's awesome. :) I never thought I'd be able to do it XD
Of course, it's not with straight legs(yet). And I don't hit my splits in the middle. Come to think of it, it's actually sort of a back flop-over.
I read Skeleton Key and Eagle Strike(next two Alex Rider books) last night. The series has gotten better, but it still has the same problems. Just like Suzanne Collins makes the simplest events seem chilling and scary, the numerous random deaths in Alex Rider are just like "meh...whatever."

They all still have similar plots. Such as:

1. The book opens with some sort of mysterious circumstance. Usually an assasination or an exchange where one of the members gets stabbed in the back(sometimes literal, sometimes not) and killed. Either way, someone usually dies.
2. Alex Rider is hanging out drinking Coke and feeling sad about not having a normal life.
3. The mysterious circumstance catches up to him in some way, either through MI6 or some random guy trying to kill Alex, or something weird catches Alex's attention and he investigates it.
4. He makes use of his secret agent/karate skills to thwart whoever's trying to kill him and gets away.
5. It turns out the mysterious circumstance is part of an even larger scheme and Alex, because of his age and experience from all previous books, is the only one who can stop it.
6. Alex has to go against his will and masquerade as somebody. He makes it clear he doesn't want to, but he does because usually there's someone threatening him/his friends or pressuring him to do it.  He's usually given a bunch of gadgets like homing bubble gum or headphones that fire lasers or aftershave that can disintegrate metal(I'm generalizing)
7. Alex sneaks off(or his guardians get killed) and he discovers a plot by some evil megalomaniac to take over the world/kill a bunch of people, with a nuclear weapon or bioweapon.
8. Alex gets caugh
9. They don't kill Alex for one reason or another and Alex follows them around learning bout their plans.
10.  Alex outsmarts them (by using his gadgets/using his secret agent skills/pretending to be dead) and saves the day.

I mean, how many times can one guy pretend to be dead? It was pretty convincing the first time, but now even if he REALLY died I wouldn't believe it.

And how many times can Horowitz play the "I'm only fourteen, I'm no secret agent,  I don't wanna do this, I have no parents and no girlfriend and everytime I try to do something normal something blows up woe is my lame life"card?

All the evil rich geniuses are pretty confusing. I mix them up with each other cause they're so similar.

I actually like Alex's girlfriend even though she was randomly dropped in there and serves no purpose other than to provide emotional angst.

 I love the song Harry Potter in 99 Seconds. I memorized it XD

I have a bet on with myself to see if I can go a whole day without coming across a Hunger Games reference(excluding, of course, Hunger Games-based websites/tumblrs/topics). And from billboards to a guy carrying a rolled up poster at church, it looks like I'll lose every day. For fun, I suggest you try it yourself.






But THG is the next book my family is going to listen to on audiobook. It has a pretty decent audiobook, as audiobooks go. The way I downloaded it, it's on one ginormous 11 hour track. So, lots of fast forwarding. (sigh.)

I'm glad to see a THG humor blog has formed itself. Last time I checked, there wasn't one, but there is now. I love the Career picture in EW. They just totally radiate boss-ness XD. 
"We pwn your faces."

  I have discovered a new time-wasting device-Dance Moms Tumblr!

Except I can't stay on long because I'm trying to avoid spoilers about the episode that aired last tuesday, and tumblr's full of them. For some reason I hear that beef jerky is inexplicably tied to the episode. Is it just me, or does "beef jerky" totally not belong in the same sentence as "dancing?"

 Can you say adorable?
^everyone's favorite Dance Moms character. Admit it.
I don't know what I did before this show was invented.

Lately the episodes have consisted of wayy more screaming than dancing though XD


  1. I read THG in one day flat yesterday... I'll email you mah thoughts! ;D

    Funny though, you talk about lots of THG references... I haven't come across many at all! xD All I ever see are Avengers references. ;P

    -Ley <3

    1. Well Ley. :P

      I want to see the admin tips emails first XD Maybe in the same email XD

      My english teacher talked about it class today....dangit XD.

  2. awsome post girly. Okay thats it I am tired of hearing about the hunger games and having no idea what people are talking about my sister is like halfway done with the book meaning i guess i am going to have to steal it and read it when she is done so i can once more be "in the loop" lol. Love the harry potter in 99 seconds video lol. and congrats on doing the acro thing lol i can't even repeat it much less do anything that resembles it (not flexible at all hehe) anyway fantastic post God bless

  3. Hey Ley....sorry about the Avengers thing....I have a tendency to get over excited.


    I was shocked that many girls in my dance class (the more normal ones) watch DM too. I was freaking out with them over it. My teacher has MET ABBY LEE MILLER BEFORE. *DEAD DEAD DEAD*. She also KNOWS PERSONALLY a lot of the people on Dance Moms Miami. *DEAD DEAD DEAD* I love Chloe. And Christi.

    Okay. Done.

    P.S. I love Mackenzie too. :3

  4. Amaranthine: XD Gotcha. I will write it on my hand so I don't forget. *writes on hand "remember Amaranthine's email"*

    Fal: XD Nooo, I more just feel left out. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is so excited about Avengers that I wish I was super excited for it, too.... But I'm not. XD ;P You keep on fangirling over it.

    -Ley <3

  5. Hm...sounds like the Alex Rider books are just a bit predictable. I haven't tried them myself, but they sound kind of like Artemis Fowl. (Of course, I've only read one Artemis Fowl book several years ago, so who knows how similar they really are...they just sound similar, with the crazy adventures and exceptional MCs. I could be wrong, though.)

    Also, I think it'd be quite hard to go a whole day without encountering The Hunger Games SOMEWHERE! For one thing, I follow a blog by a girl who includes a Hunger Games reference in just about every post. For another, it's all over the internet, and there are even previews on TV now! Third, I'm rereading the first book in preparation for the movie, my cousin and aunt are reading Mockingjay and my dad is reading Catching Fire, so the BOOKS are all over the place. And plus, at least one person in the house says, "The movie is almost out!" every single day. So yeah, I think I'd fail at that challenge epically. xD

    Also, that Hunger Games Facebook convo is hilarious. ;)


    *bangs head on table*


  7. lol I laughed for like ten minutes at the Cato Facebook pic. Man, girl, you've got some moves!


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