Monday, September 24, 2012

On life


Can you believe it's the last week of September already? That's insane! Sometimes I just look at the calendar and panic. XD

I've learned it doesn't really help to be stressed out anymore...cause the stress is never gonna really let up on you, right? Once one gets out of the way, another one moves right in. So I've decided to just try and get through it. I haven't really been like really anxious about anything, but there's just always been more and more stuff to do. Plus, my weekends have been busy so that doesn't mean a lot of time to rest. Here's what I've been doing lately:

School takes up a lot of time now. XD I'm a junior, and I can't just knock everything off like I could in my sophomore and freshman years. Before, I usually could understand everything and get good grades without putting in an extreme amount of effort. Now, it seems like everyday is a crunch day. If you haven't guessed, AP Chemistry is the hardest. I've never been so bewildered in a class in my life. Understand that before this year, I have NEVER had a class where I didn't understand more than like 10% of the stuff. Now, every concept is new, and the class moves quickly.

AP US History is better...There's a lot of writing, but I write quickly and the teacher doesn't grade very strictly. AP Literary Analysis and Composition, though......Writing assignments are still cool, it's the darn critical reading tests that get me! Like, those questions are REALLY REALLY difficult and subjective. It's like feeling your way through a dark room. I never though English would turn its back on me like this! It was my best friend before...........

I have another piano competition/festival on October 22nd. :/. Expect panicky and anxious posts starting like two weeks before. In fact, it would help if you started praying now. Do you think you could do that? Thanks XD.

-SAT prep :/
 I don't really mind SAT prep, I just don't really like having to do a lot of it. XD I'm taking the PSAT again next month. I'm not sure when I'm taking the SAT, but I might take the November one. I have to study almost every day.... I haven't really even started prepping for the Subject Tests yet. I should take the English and Math II ones at least. Maybe even Chem too.

I really wish I had more time for this...but I don't. I'm squished down the the bare minimum...Turns and Tech and Acro on Tuesday, Ballet on Friday and Saturday. WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH. I just really really want to be able to fit another ballet in....but I can't right now.

I'm working on my front and back walkover right now. I almost have my front! It's very frustrating! I can' barely make it back on my feet and feel the weight start to right itself and then I fall down again! I'm so close XD

I'm still very proud of myself for the center leaps that we did the other day. My middle leap is almost perfect! My legs make a straight line! They should really be more than straight, but since last year I just flopped around, I'm not too hard on myself this year.

-Um Gold Award sorta
I know what I"m supposed to do. I just can't bring myself to do it. Ack. I don't know...I'm just nervous I guess

-Piano teaching
I'm getting a new piano student! It's one of my parent's friends' kids.He's alright...but he's older, like 10 or 11, and more advanced. I'm kind of nervous. :o. Teaching makes me nervous XD. I don't even understand really why I do it.  :P This you can also pray for...

It's Life in the Bubble. It must be around 80,000 words right now, sheesh! I am squeezing every last available drop of writingness out to finish it.

-Online activities
I feel bad cause I haven't been on here or on TLF as much as I would like. Like I said, I haz a lot of busy. And I never feel like writing because I spend all my writing on school and my novel. I will be back though! Hopefully! And NaNoWriMo around the corner....gah. I don't even know if I can do it this year.

With all this, I should not have time for anime.But anime is kind of my de-stressor. If I didn't watch it I would probably go crazy. XD I'm on like episode 39 of the fourth season of Hetalia. The fifth season can't come fast enough! I wish my library would get the rest of the manga volumes. As for Ouran High School Host Club, I'm on episode 5! Episode 1 is still my favorite. My favorite character is Haruhi or Tamaki. The ending and opening songs are really really catchy.   I have decided what I"m going to watch when I'm done with OHSHC--Black Butler!

So that's pretty much my life right now. :D Please pray for me! Thanks for reading!


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  1. <3 <3 <3 I'm praying for you!!!!!!! I know how crazy life can life is looking similar on a busy-ness scale. ;P
    Good luck with everything Amar! :D I love you!!!!

    P.S. I don't know if I'm doing NaNo this year either. :P I don't really have time. Too much school work. Not enough time to write. ;P I'll probably use November to finish up stories I've already started instead. :3


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