Saturday, October 13, 2012

Le Politics

I like watching and keeping up with politics, although I don't like talking(aka ARGUING) about it very much.  I watched the full presidential debates, and am about to watch the VPs go at it.  I'm not going to say who I'm for or against here, but I think they're both pretty good speakers.

Of course, this also means heated mudslinging, name calling, and flaming both on the internet and off. What is it about these elections that get everybody so worked up?

I think the presidential elections, in particular, have become more than just politics, and instead a part of internet/pop culture lately. People follow, argue, and keep up with them as if they were celebrities, rooting for the candidates as if they were sports teams.

Also, for many people  government is their religion. They put their faith in the government, or one of these two people to fix things. That's why politics are argued about in such an inflamed manner--they're very close to the heart. I do feel stings when people talk badly about the candidate I endorse. I do still believe in democracy, the Constitution, the American way, but since these people are not perfect, there's no way either of them could ever fully fix all the problems in America.

Like I said earlier, many people are into the election because its become the "trend" to be interested in. I know this many people weren't all that interested and informed before. I think it's a good thing actually, because the more informed people are, the better decisions they'll make.

And there are always the people who aren't that happy about either candidate. Of course, I know what this world really needs......

Can I get an amen? And also, a bumper sticker of this?

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  1. Brilliant points! I've never thought about why people get so into polical arguments, but this makes a lot of sense. And it's funny--now that you've pointed it out, I really do see how people rooting for their political choice is like people cheering for football...


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!