Saturday, November 17, 2012

November and colleges

I'm having a unusually relaxed November because of my lack of NaNoWriMo. I do miss it, a lot.

I've been thinking about entering in the national Scholastic Art and Writing awards, a prestigous recognition program that gives out awards in all kinds of categories, from fashion design to architecture to poems. I've been thinking about either submitting in the novel character(outline+first fifty pages) or writing a short memoir-type story about dance or homeschooling or something.

Whatever it is, I have to make up my mind soon, because the submission early deadline is Nov. 29th and the regular is Dec. 7th.

Otherwise, things are going good on most fronts. I've been worried/researching about colleges recently. All the ones I like are really good, but I'm afraid I won't be good enough to get into them. My grades are as good as they can be, but I haven't taken the SAT yet(have been practicing/studying at least every other day, taken lots of practice tests, but...eep). Also, I'm afraid my extracurriculars won't be as good. I haven't won any like national awards or played in Carnegie Hall or been published, and if I go to exclusive colleges, I'll be competing against a lot of kids who have.

So far, I like:

Northwestern University(in Illinois)
Rice University(Houston)
Harvey Mudd(here in SoCal)

Have any of you had experience with these colleges, good or bad? Please tell me. :)

I'd like to double major in English and Bioengineering, (tentative, or just engineering in general  Do you have any recommendations? :)

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  1. Scholastics are really fun. Super competitive but awesome. I've won two Silver Keys and Two Certificates in Art, and this year, I'm submitting writing as well. :)

    Northwestern's really good, but U of M for Engineering is amazing (now granted I'm a huge fan, but still).

    If you have any questions or want to chat, send me a Tumblr message through my URL.


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!