Tuesday, November 27, 2012

slightly obsessed with colleges lately

Not the actual work part. Just the "shopping" aspect of it, getting to look at all the different places and making a list, and annoying all my senior friends about their apps which they're trying to forget.

I didn't want to go to college here in California because I didn't want the same old boring sunny gorgeous weather, I wanted bricks and ivy covered buildings and snow and Hogwarts.


like so.

I'm excited to start the process, but I just have to concentrate on my grades and SAT prep and Gold Award and attempt at Scholastic awards. And it doesn't help that I spend so much time reading college rankings and college confidential.


I'm still applying to three colleges here in California though. I do  have a history of homesickness. The nearest one is Harvey Mudd(like half an hour away O_o) EXTREMELY un-ivy and un-Hogwarts but a really awesome program.

I'm interested to see how my 11 years of online-schooling go over. Do any of you know homeschoolers who went to some pretty good colleges? My school has a list of colleges that their students got accepted into, they include some of the most prestigious colleges, but the amount I actually know is small. One of my friends was accepted to Cornell(and is going to UCLA) but that's it.

The newest addition to my now eight-college list is Carnegie Mellon university in Pittsburgh. I heard about it, but I wasn't going to look at it, but I just ended up looking at it anyway. I'm trying to decide how much of my decision is biased by the fact that it's in PITTSBURGH. Like, where Dance Moms is. XD I could totally dance at their studio(not really, I looked it up and it's 20 minutes away), but still.

What colleges are you looking at?  :) Anyone want to come to awesome Southern California? (there are some GREAT colleges here, but too close to home. :0 )


  1. I too have been obsessed with colleges lately... I'm currently enrolling in dual credit classes at some local-ish campuses and getting my transcripts together -- it's pretty much all I've been able to think about. :)

    Love this post!

    ~ Abby

  2. Great college choices, I hope you end up with one that suits you.
    Colleges I've looked into and plan on visiting and applying for are - OCU, UCO, OU, and Iowa University. I'll probably look at a few others as well.

  3. Remember, look isn't everything. if you like a program but don't like the campus quite as much, don't disregard it as a choice.


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