Thursday, August 1, 2013

Harvard and MIT

Just dropping in to say that I am now in the Boston area(deceptively close sounding, it takes over an hour to drive to and from Boston at any hour of the day because of traffic).

I visited Harvard yesterday and MIT today, taking the T. Besides visits, we're basically hanging out, going fishing, playing video games, going on the trampoline, good times, good times.

Harvard: Pretty nice campus, PACKED with tourists, most of the people weren't even Harvard students, spread out and urban and kinda small. Not really my thing and  somehow it didn't feel like "Harvard" to me. XD I imagined it to be more like Cornell, big and looming and silent and impressive. The Harvard Natural History museum was amazing, packed to the gills with all sorts of fish and birds and birds and birds and insects and birds and large mammals and displays and AMAZING rocks and geodes and tons and tons of stuffed birds.

MIT MIT is definitely my top choice and I haven't even done E2 yet!  My favorite thing is definitely the unique culture of discovery and interdisciplinaryness and freedom and creativity. You can definitely load and double load and triple load your schedule with so many activities from clubs to sports to sailing it can become a problem. We heard lots of stories of students inventing cool things, just getting the resources and funding to do things like create a mechanical arm to open your dorm room door or create a batman device to help you scale walls. or start a Chocolate Science lab. The myriad pranks and lore are a lot of fun, you should google them! My second favorite thing was the amazing facilities and pretty cool campus. If you go to MIT you're giving up most of the awesome brick or greco/roman architecture at a lot of top schools and getting a lot of concrete and glass in return, be warned. The Charles River is right there and beautiful. Honestly as soon as I stepped on campus it felt like home.

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