Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I think that one of the characteristics of a truly bad...anything ... is not being sure of who the audience is. D'ya ever see a movie that tried too hard to appeal to more than one audience? (You know, a movie that tries to appeal to the girly-girls and science fiction nerds at the same time. Not pretty.) Or a restaurant that tries to be sophisticated for adults and fun for kids at the same time. Dunno about you, but those coloring sheets look very out of place with those fancy plate settings and (gasp) napkin rings.

I used to have a friend who liked Miley Cyrus, back in the day when she was actually popular. "She's so cool, and pretty!" she gushed. I guess that was okay for her, but then, I was with her a couple months later when everyone was making fun of Miley.
"Eeww! Miley Cyrus! Worst singer ever!"

I think it's okay to like something unpopular,  but you shouldn't be afraid to admit it. Don't go along with the crowd, and don't try too hard to stay out of the crowd. You shouldn't dislike something just because it's popular, or like something just because everyone hates it. Feel free to like what you like and dislike what you dislike! And you're still special even if you like something other people do.

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