Friday, May 14, 2010

Pet Failures

We have never had any pets besides goldfish at our house, and never more than half a year.

The amazing goldfish chronicles begin here!
Lets go back....(time machine music)
I'm extremely and abnormally excited because my teacher's orange platys
have just given birth to about 50 babies. I am 8. I have never had a pet before. I get to take two orange platties home, each of which are the size of my thumbnail. I have to ask the teacher for food because I don't have any fish food at home. The littler fish(I forgot what I named it) is dead within a week. Probably related to the fact that I kept both of them in a grape jelly jar. I cry like I little girl.(hey, I WAS a little girl) The other one dies soon after that.

Sometime after that.
We go to a church fair and I win a little goldfish, a little bigger than the platties, who I brilliantly name "Goldie".
Apparently, I don't learn from my previous mistake and put "Goldie" in a glass jar no bigger than my grape jar.
I realize how depressing it is when your fish spends a week sitting on the floor of the jar lying in its own poo and not moving/eating.
I'm sure you all know whats next. "sniff"

Several years later
Our Chinese teacher gives us a tank(along with some other fish stuff). YES! 30 gallons! Beats a grape jelly jar! I guess the teacher's husband set the water temperature too high, and boiled the fish.
We spend the next couple days cleaning out all the gravel and equipment they gave us, half of which would work with some major adjustments, and the other half of which wouldn't work if Thomas Edison himself would try to fix it.

We buy three, big, nice, fat goldfish. Socksy, Tangy, and Bernie. They are all big, nice, with fanny tails. Sweet!
Now I mentioned that the tank is 30 gallons. This is how we fill it:
We layer the bottom with blue marbles, arrange all the rocks and shells and plants just how we want it. We take the hose from outside and stick it in the tank and fill it up there.

I'm sure you have more to do then read about my goldfish adventures, so more later!

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