Friday, March 25, 2011

Did you hear?

There's been another earthquake. Myanmar was hit with a 6.8 earthquake this morning.

Last weekend my family had another discussion, about a question that a lot of people around the world must be having.

Why? Why do all these earthquakes have to happen?

Before Adam sinned, the world was perfect, right? Does that mean there weren't any earthquakes? And after he sinned, does that mean the earth quakes just, I don't know, started to happen?

Sometimes I struggle to equate what I learn in church with what I learn in school. But I know science proves Christianity, not clashes with it. But I like reading about apologetics, so I find most of my answers there.

So maybe there weren't any tectonic plates before Adam sinned, and his sin started the breakup of the earth's crust? God did say that "the ground would be cursed." And later, the section about Noah did talk about "the earth dividing."

Do you have any questions about Christianity that you would like answered? Just remember that science is the EVIDENCE for God, not replacing him.


I was inspired by Jedi~Chick's mom(who needs a name) to post some pictures that I took with my camera.


 Pretty, no?

And I read another article about Rebecca Black today. She apparently is now very famous at her school with autographs and stuff. Maybe I should go knock on her door or something. We do live in pretty much the same county.

My Septimus Heap review is giving me trouble. >.> Maybe I'll post it next week.


  1. Another earthquake! That's not good.

    I totally agree about science proving Christianity.

    Pretty pictures!!! You're a really good photographer.

  2. Beautiful photography!!! :D Lol, my mom DOES need a name! Ideas anyone??? ;)
    Not another earthquake! That's just not good. :'(
    I agree about the science and Christianity. If you really think about it, and do your research, there is more to PROVE Christianity than to contradict it. ;)

  3. I think it is the sign of the coming end times. In Revelations (don't know where) it says of many there not?

    I also think the earth and our bodies are running down...Cancer, TB, ITP, Tumors, all are becoming more frequent. Scary, but true.

  4. Another sign that the end times are coming.....earthquakes would become more common in the last days.....not yet, Lord! Can I please have just another ten or fifteen years?

  5. Thanks guys!
    @Satine-Thanks! I like taking pictures, but I only have a couple good ones.
    @Jedi~Chick-Yes, she does! Maybe she can be "Alice".
    @Ashley-Scary, right?
    @Endor-I know, you want to get married first right? Me too!

  6. I think it's definitely a sign that the Second Coming is drawing near. It's a scary thought, but so exciting at the same time. At the rate things are going, who knows? Maybe the world really will end in 2012.... maybe sooner.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

  7. I ditto Endor! This has become my prayer every day.


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