Monday, November 14, 2011

so i am pretty excited( rambly post)

the legit trailer for THG is out...I know what I said about the books and I still stand to what I said but the movie still looks like it will be pretty good. I know it will turn more people to the books, and that's good because the first book at least carries extremely important messages about violence, poverty, and wealth. but it's also bad because those messages are wrapped up in a disturbing and slightly freakish package that's not for young eyes, and the risks might be more than the rewards.

(get off your soapbox amaranthine. You're being a hypocrite, telling people that they shouldn't read them when you're being excited about them and promoting them yourself.)

I know what it looks like, but those people who read THG and feel the same way i did about them are still a little excited for the movie, and those who really liked it are pretty much in a frenzy about it.

also the movie will probably be not as bad as the books, because the reason the books were so disturbing is not because they were violent. There is actually not that much depicted violence in the book. The reason the books are disturbing are because SC is an extreemmmellly talented and fantastic writer and she has a way of making EVERYTHING(not just deaths) freakish and disturbing when she wants it to be. But this is a movie, so a lot of that will probably not be translated.

ok ok, what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to be one one of those who are really excited and happy and squealy for the movie because they LOVE The Hunger Games and who think that the books are just extremely awesome books and the movie will be an extremely awesome movie just like any other movie. Because it won't be. I've never read any books like it.

I like to liken THG to like a brain sucking parasite that latches on to your brain for like a week after you read it. For that week you are depressed, full of morbid thought, can't sleep, and just cannot. stop. thinking. about THG, you replay the worst scenes in your head over and over.

And then, it just sort of dissolves. You are free from the effects. All of a sudden, The Hunger Games doesn't seem that bad and you find yourself actually excited for the movie and looking up tumblrs and posters and THG trailers, when back when you read it, just the reminder of THG made you fearful and depressed.

I'll be sure to read christian reviews before I go see it, just sayin.

(gets off soapbox)


  1. Read Plugged In. We never see anything without checking with them first, :)

  2. Chibi will be making me go see this. Or have my dad take her to go see it, since I am slightly afraid to look it up. XDD She gave me an overview of the books though, and they seem disturbing but very good at the same time! XDD

  3. That's EXACTLY how it is. :D It's kind of sad, actually, but it's true. And I am so excited I want to pee myself. Is that bad? XD

  4. That's sorta how I feel too.... except I know how good it's going to be........ I'm going to love the first movie just as much as I loved the first book... I just know where it's going to end *sobs*


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