Wednesday, November 23, 2011

yeah, it's so cool, yeah, it's totally awesome(NaNoWriMo update)

Hey everybody! Thanks for the awesome comments on my earlier post.

NaNoWriMo has been good to me. I can't believe it's almost over! So far, I've never been ahead, but yesterday I managed to catch up at 36,755 words.

As for plot and stuff, it's good! I'm afraid my novel might not flow as well as I like, but I haven't got that "AUGH EVERYTHING I WRITE IS CRAP" feeling yet.

In other news, LEIA AND JC WHERE ARE YOU??? We need to plan the you-know-what!!!!! >.>

Thanksgiving's tomorrow! I have not had any pumpkin pie yet and I hope not to be disappointed.

I might do yet another Hunger Games post, basically on the series as a whole. I'm still excited for the movie. Hopefully I may get one of my friends to come and see it with me.

Also, I might do a Star Wars post. Hey, did you know this was originally a Star Wars blog? Yeah, crazy, right? But I've gotten back into it over the last couple days.

Oh, and seriously, when are they going to make an Artemis Fowl movie? They've said they'll start "next year" for the last like, four years!!!!!!!! The series is ten years old!!!

I spent an hour I should have spent writing yesterday looking up Artemis Fowl fanart.(Oh, and hey, my blog initials are the same as Artemis Fowl's. My life is fulfilled.)

I love this one, especially Juliet and Holly. Artemis's vest has got to be the nerdiest thing I've ever seen. And if you magnify it they screwed up the tagline. It's "Fowl by name, foul by nature"  not (squints) whatever she put.

This next one's later in the series.

He looks so angry D:.


  1. I wouldn't mind another Hunger Games post. I haven't read the books--nor do I plan too--but I sure love to read reviews, :)

    Best wishes with Nano!

  2. I'm glad NaNo's been treating you okay! ;) I caught up on my word count yesterday, as you saw on my glad about it, too. :) I've had some "AUGH MY NOVEL IS SO BOOOORRIING!" thoughts, but I refuse to give up. I plan to win my first NaNo, haha! ;)

    I am SO excited for the Hunger Games movie! Aaah! It's going to be SO AMAZING.
    Peeta or Gale, who do you like more? (Or is it neither? Maybe...Finnick instead? ;)

    I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Enjoy that pumpkin pie! <3

  3. You guys have finally worked me over, I'm wanting to read the Hunger series. Then, if I like it, watch the movie. First things first, get the book!

  4. You're hystercial.

    Awesome post, girl! And keep up the NaNo-ing epicness!!!!!


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