Saturday, April 7, 2012

I think more than anything else in the world..I'd like to fly :)

That's what I dreamed about last night. I dreamed I had wings sort of like in Maximum Ride...lame, I know. But I was flying around my town, and to places I had been...I remember flying to Legoland, my lake, my college, my grandmother's house, New York City, it was so, magical and awesome.  (I mean personal flying, not in an airplane, duh.)

And like in Maximum Ride, I kept getting chased and captured by bad people..but I always managed to escape and fly away. XD I remember flying in a big city at night, up and down tall buildings, even into some buildings. I think flying dreams are the best ever. I'm still in a good mood from that dream.

I'm going to ballet again today...I'm glad I don't have school this week or next. I went to dance yesterday and on Wednesday and on Tuesday too! It was awesome. :)

 In Youtube Ballet I really like her:
I also got my double ballet pirouette on the left leg 8DDDD
This show is alright. The instructors are HILARIOUS, but as for the moms and girls I prefer DMP way better.

I'm going to see The Hunger Games today! Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious XD

Um ok XD. Hopefully I can work up enough inspiration for a real post soon.


  1. That Jennifer Lawrence gif was funny...XD

  2. Oh, and Happy Easter! I forgot to write that.


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