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i'm shaking because ender's game

This is kind of a rant/ramble about Ender's Game and The Hunger Games and how they relate to each other (BESIDES the fact that they both have "game" in their title.)

I'm mad because I JUST found out that they pushed the movie release date back EIGHT MONTHS. TO NOVEMBER.

Apparently, it's part of a publicity thing by Lionsgate(who is making the film under the imprint Summit Entertainment) to get it more publicity. They're releasing the film two weeks before the release of Catching Fire.

Do you guys think this is smart, or neh? I just reread the book and was thinking about it. It was great! I experienced it all over again. XD I hope the movie is good! Card is a co-producer, so it should be good!

I think Ender's Game and The Hunger Games can attract the same following. They're both dystopia/futureish, both have the same themes about morality, and both involve unique children forced into battle against each other and struggling against an overpowering authority.

One difference is that Ender's Game is about legit kids. Like, legitly kids. No one over the age of 12. Not boring teenagers. XD That's one thing I don't want the movie to screw up. THEY NEED TO BE SMALL.

I read in this article about the Pixar movie Brave, where they were comparing Merida to Katniss. And I was OFFENDED when the guy said "Yeah, but if Merida had been in the arena, no one would have gotten to those backpacks!" Like Merida is BETTER than all the other tributes or something. I don't there are many people more awesome than Katniss. I mean, she's smart, physically fit, determined, etc. I'm no Katniss-hater. XD Let's see MERIDA try to live three days on nothing but water and mint leaves.
Ender and co. might give her a run for her money though. I was thinking what would happen if they were put into the arena...I was bored, okay?

Ender is completely untrained in combat on actual ground..All the Ender's Game battles take place in zero-grav. I mean, why doesn't Panem have zero-grav already? They're supposed to be a bazillion years in the future, right? Like they should have The Hunger Games, except in nullo. THAT would be EPIC.

But Ender's so smart he'd probably figure out really really fast what to do. Some of you are like "Ender is already in The Hunger Games, his name is Foxface". And I think he would kind of do what she did, stay out of everybody's way and be really boss and smart. Except he wouldn't be as afraid as confrontation, since he can actually fight.

Valentine would get squashed within five seconds, unless she talked her way out of it before she got into the arena.  Which you can't rule out.

Since Peter is basically Cato except smarter and with self control, I'd totally bet on him. XD
 The cast at a Laker's game! I am VERY worried about the height difference between Moises and Asa. XD

Ender's Game could totally be a prequel to The Hunger Games. Like if Peter takes over the world or something and gets a heart attack and dies, the world goes into chaos, Panem rises out of the ashes, and bans space travel FOREVER! And meanwhile Valentine and Ender are chillaxing on another planet with no clue whatsoever.
 Also, guess where Ender's home is? Greensboro, North Carolina! North Carolina=District 12! Coincidence? I think not!

The Hunger Games characters are all very realistic and likeable in their own way, but it's the opposite with Ender's Game. They're all...caricatures to a point, all made to exemplify a few traits, all riddled with flaws and confusion. :) But you gotta love em anyway. XD
 Abigail Breslin as Valentine! One of only two girls in Ender's Game! I think she's perfect! They should bob her hair, but they probably won't.

ASAAAA as Ender. I laaave him! Sure, he's 14, and he should be...six..but he always plays characters younger than himself. I don't mind how old the actors are exactly as long as they're all prepubescent. XD,0,214,314_.jpg
 Moises Arias as Bonzo. He was on Disney Channel, so it's really weird to see him in this role. XD Except...he's nearly a head shorter than Asa. #PROBLEMS
Aramis Knight as Bean! He's so cuuutee! He's like..12 now.,0,214,314_.jpg

Jimmy as Peter! I love that they're not casting anybody too old. he's only fifteen.

THE ONLY GIRL IN BATTLE SCHOOL, YO. Hailee Steinfieild/ Petra Arkanian OWNS. XD
If they make a romance between her and Ender, I WILL PUKE.

I learned that the name for Ender's Game fans is Battle School Brats. Okay then. I EMBRACE THE NAME. BATTLE SCHOOL BRATS FOR THE WIN! Dragon Army! The Enemy's Gate is Down! Champions of Flash Suits, Hooks, and Bad Grammar! POWER TO THE GRAY-ORANGE-GRAY!

Yeah, it's late at night.


  1. LOL, funny post, but Merida owns. Katniss Smatniss. I don't see HER competing for her own hand in marriage... because by historical standards, that equals major boss points.

  2. I've never heard of Ender's Game. I tried to read The Hunger Games, got annoyed with Katniss - is that a crime around here? Do I need to flee for my life? - and gave up on the story. (Now I think I really need to run) However, I'm interested in Enders Game now because I liked Asa in Hugo and, well, I mean he's a cool actor. And, yeah, I'd so go to see him in another movie. And, space? I love space. And one of the characters is named Peter, which is like, just cool and worth seeing almost any movie for.

    Maybe I will look for the book at our library.

  3. THE ENEMY GATE IS DOWN, baby! Heck yeah! :)

    I had a seriously heart attack when I realized that Ender comes out two weeks before Catching Fire. To me, that spells utter doom. But maybe if somebody promises a new HG trailer at Ender showings more people will come.

    Oh, and Ender trumps Hunger Games every freaking time. Because shoot, Ender was written WAY before HG was even a thought in anyone's brain. So there :D

    Ender Wiggin and Asa Butterfield forever :) And Battle School Brats SO FOR THE WIN!

    I am waaaay to pumped to enter society right now.....
    Oh, and I love the thought of the Hunger Games happening while Ender and Valentine are out flying around space with no clue... except they would have an ansible though :P But hysterical nonetheless ;)

    Ah, and Amaranthine, you need to read Ender's Shadow. It's the exact same story but from Bean's perspective and TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND!!! There is so much more to the story if you read it form both ends, like, you have no clue ^_^

    Okay, I'm done.


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