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{excuse me while I rant/FREAK OUT about fruits basket}

These are the exact thoughts that went through my mind when I finished episode 15(A New School Term) of Fruits Basket:

Like I already know the role he plays in the zodiac(thanks Youtube spoilers) but SERIOUSLY! He makes my skin CRAWL. All the prior mentions/flashbacks of Akito have been leading up to this episode. I was going to mention that Akito is one of the most intriguing antagonists(if he even is one) that I've ever seen.

The flashbacks show that Akito is very young, only a bit older than Yuki. You can even hear his puny lil voice. But it only sunk in this episode that Akito is actually that young. Like, I thought he was a really old man using sorcery or something to make himself look young. When he's actually that young.  He was still a kid when he did all those terrible things.

Darn two-dimensional anime episode making me tear up.

Like he's so sick and freaky. He reminds me a lot of Ender's Game's Peter Wiggin. Except even more twisted and mysterious, since Peter was big and violent, and Akito's source of power and authority isn't obvious.

He's like the poster child for "101 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Your Kids Everything They Want". Just think about it. EVERYONE IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE/FAMILY HAS DONE EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID AND GIVEN HIM EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED SINCE THE DAY HE WAS BORN.
This is kind of his theme song...I really like it, and I learned to play it on the piano. It's so evilll...Before the episode, I was like....."This song reminds me of falling snow." and now I"m like "IT REMINDS ME OF HIS CREEPY LIZARD EYES OH GOSH".

 Like he's so messed up it's horrifying. I sure hope he gets a satisfyingly squishy/crunchy comeuppance. But considering the tagline for the story is "A Fairy Tale For the Rejected" I don't think so.

It's amazing the power this show has through all it's sickeningly cheesy parts. One Youtube commenter put it like this "One minute you're laughing your head off, the next you're crying buckets." Who thought a story about people who change into animals could be so profound...

Maybe I should do short reviews of each episode as I watch them.

Let's see...I've loved most of the episodes so far. I don't really care about "Here Comes Kagura", "Everybody Loves Chocolate", or "White Day". They all have their funny parts, and a bunch of them have really cheesy "lessons"/aka parts where the characters stare at each other while the theme music plays in the background.

"Don't Cry, For the Snow Will Surely Melt" was as predicted from the title, heartbreaking. It's really your first glimpse into Akito's pathetic/sick/nasty existence.

It's really hard to pick a favorite from the others...I didn't like "Invincible Friendship" that much but it was SO HILARIOUS SHIGURE OMW.  The other funny one was "A Solitary New Year". The first part of it consists of Shigure running away from his editor XD.

The two I watched today were:

Episode 13: "A New School Term Starts". Both the one of the funniest and the saddest I've seen so far.  A bazillion stars. This is the first episode that moved me all that much. And I'm proud to be the same zodiac as Hatsuharu. The timing for the Akito part, the music, was amazing.

Episode 14: "The Adult's Episode - Ayame's a Messed Up Snake!"-Holy crap. The title speaks for itself. I was looking forward to Ayame so much....and seriously, holy crap.

I was choke-laughing-DYING throughout most of it. Ayame is SUCH a butt trumpet. Poor Yuki.

This is a new obsession of mine, but I still need a wholesome book obsession!
And for those of you shaking your heads at me...
1. Don't knock it til you try it.
2. HEY. It could be worse. I could be a Brony.


  1. Kinda off topic but....

    I was always kinda ashamed, because I was year of the RAT. And most of my siblings got nice animals, like a Tiger, Rabbit, or Dog. And I'm a RAT. but now, I'm like, "Yuki, darling Yuki!!! We are both Rats!!".

  2. I watched the first episode and feel strangely compelled to watch more!!! weird! Do I need to get an account on funimation to watch them all?

  3. @Ashley

    Me tooo! Except I was ok with it because all the explanations of Rats were very close to the truth about me!

  4. Oh my gosh, you have to see Ouran High School Host Club. :D

  5. Lol! Finally I'm not alone in my fascination with Fruits Basket! Akito . . . Well I felt the same as you did about him, but now I like him. In the manga. In the show he will always be eternally creepy :P

    Year of the ox for the win!

    Also, I've got some hilarious Fruits Basket pictures I could PM to you if you like.

  6. I really have been out of it for awhile. I wanna cry because of all these posts I missed *SOBS*

    Anime will make you cry. If you think Fruits basket is bad, try Code Geass. Just don't watch it in the company of boys. Not a good idea. -_- But anyway watch Ouran High too! It is very fantastic.

    I love Kyo. Very much. I want to marry him. But I have a strange little crush on Hatori too because we are both the year of the ox... :P

    Shigure and his editor FTW! :P


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