Thursday, July 19, 2012

for some reason just spent 20+ minutes watching all the Hetalia countries sing "Marukaite Chikyuu"

Anime Fangirls: because it makes perfect sense spend lots
 of free time willingly watching videos in a language you don't understand.

I have come from being an animehater to actually understanding the obssession. It's quite an addicting subculture, actually. And it really does draw people closer. In my very shallow experience with it, I have found out that quite a few of my friends are avid anime fanatics, but they never talk about it, just the same as I never talk about it except on the internet. It's quite an underground movement. And usually when two anime fans discover each other, it brings them even closer. I've never met two anime fans who disliked each other. There's just something about it that makes people believe in themselves and each other. XD Like "If they like anime, there's no way they can be a bad person." It's very weird. XD

Hetalia is what would happen if history were a reality show with the countries personified as people. It's amazing XD <333

this is all 18 but shorter songs

This is the America one. I watched it and flinched. Is this how other countries really see America? ("Our beef and our dreams are super-sized!" ouch.)


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  1. Anime. Sweet sweet anime.

    What shows have you watched as of yet?


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