Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Late Independence Day!

I did not in fact go see fireworks, instead preferring to stay at home, edit pictures from Costa Rica, and go mountain biking  I didn't actually know how to mountain bike(thought it was like regular biking) so when I came down from a steep hill I fell(launched is a more appropriate term), and now I have scratches on my chin, both elbows, knee, and stomach. >.>

I'm still reading Brisingr and Ender's Shadow, saving the last Fruits Basket volume still. I can't bear to let go...

Today I was looking at colleges. My summer's almost over, man! I gotta get cracking on this stuff. The problem is that I have no idea what I want to be when i grow up. (Except I do know that I want to occasionally write). I'm looking at some kind of double engineering/English major. I know I want to go somewhere a decent way from my home. Somewhere cold, or at least no warmer than here. I want the campus to have big trees and old stone buildings. The complete list of colleges that I've been looking at: Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, University of Chicago, Swarthmore, Brown, Reed, and Harvey Mudd.

Dance is on summer break now, but next week we're in full swing. I'm going to take as many classes as possible, meaning I'm only restricted by my level. Time isn't an issue, as I'm free all week, and money isn't either(for a while) cause I have tons of make ups.

Another of the many benefits of dancing is it really cuts down on envy. Like, I used to envy other people and wish I were them with alll my heart. But I don't anymore, because most of the people I envy don't dance. And I couldn't imagine my life without dancing, so there. Same goes for Fruits Basket and stuff like that. XD

I promise a real post "soon". agh.
In other news, I've started Hetalia: Axis Powers. It's officially the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Even more bizarre than this...thing. (UPDATE: It's called a sea pig. Google it).

Also, you can win a book from Marisa's Book Depository giveaway here!


  1. Ohmygosh! You've discovered the evil sea pig!! *shields eyes* They are hideous beyond belief; I know. :/ Endless Ocean: Blue World is so informative.

  2. Happy late Independence Day! :D
    Glad you had a good time on your trip :)

  3. Happy late independence day

    sorry to hear that your hurt :( ouch
    don't worry so much about not knowing what you wanna do in life you have a good start. I know tons of people who are currently in college taking courses and still have no idea what they wanna do in life so you are definitly not alone and as for me i went between like 3 majors and end up switching my major before i decided so its definitly not uncommon and you will do great in whatever you decide to do. :D

    thats great to hear about dance hope you enjoy it and love the pics
    God bless

  4. You've been tagged!


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