Saturday, July 28, 2012

the Olympics!

They are so exciting! The opening ceremony was weird...O.o. But they're always fun to watch.

The Olympics are also very confusing! I was all upset/confused yesterday cause there are so many events at different times and the results come out before they're shown on TV and basically I'm terrified of missing an event I want to yeah.

My favorite overall Olympic event is figure skating! But since it's Summer Olympics, the ones I'm looking forward most to are gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo, sailing, volleyball, triathalon, synch swimming, and diving!

Watching Hetalia lends a very interesting edge to the Olympics...I was watching the Parade of Nations and Belarus came on and I was like "BELARUS!!! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!"

and my family was like "wut O.o"

same reaction for Latvia and Estonia.

hetalia trailer just because.


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