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my favorite month

December is always my favorite month of the year, and now that most of the stressful things are out of the way,  I can see why.

I like cold weather. But because I live in Southern California, we never really get to see it for a while. Summer lasted a really long time this year. It didn't start to get cold until about two weeks ago.

I'm pretty excited for this Christmas! We've never had Christmas away from home before, but this year we're going to my cousin's house up near the bay area.  I really love their house. My city is very planned and clean and boring and suburban with houses that all look the same, but their house is in the middle of an epic pine forest and has lots of old interesting houses. One of their neighbors has a llama. A legit llama just hanging in the backyard.

This past month has been super busy for me! I'm applying to several super-exclusive summer programs, and the applications are almost like college applications.

I'm applying to:

MIT's Minority Introduction To Engineering and Science(MITES): a 6 week residential program with lots of math/science classes and engineering electives. I'm not really an underrepresented minority, but I wrote about being homeschooled in my app.

MIT's Research Science Institute: One of the most prestigious programs in the country. It is said that admissions to this guarantees you admission to prettty much any college in the country, because it's so much harder to get in. Like, a 1% acceptance rate. Through this program juniors can do scientific research on a topic of their choice ^.^ and present it at a conference. I am so underqualified for this it's not even funny XD. Their suggested PSAT score was 220, mine was 211 XD. My application should be good for at least a couple of laughs though.

Bank of America's Student Leaders: I actually haven't worked on this much cause the deadline is later. Leaders get a paid summer internship with a non-profit and a conference in Washington, DC.

Dance is going pretty well! I kind of mostly have my front and back walkover. :D I made some more acquaintances as well. Somebody's mom bought her a GIANT box of glazed donut holes. They attracted a LOT of attention. XD So a bunch of us sat in the hallways and ate them and talked, mostly about gaining weight. Imagine, if you will, a bunch of super-skinny dancers(excluding me) sitting and talking about how fat they are, while stuffing their faces with donut holes. Twas awesome.

it's me! bwhahaha nope. It's calkiradances at gifbloom.

I don't have a lot of time for reading or watching anime or fun stuff, but I finished Shadows in Flight(AND CRIED) and am almost done with Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler) season one. I love that show so so so so much. 

Oh, and I watched the first musical! The musicals are actually not that bad. The choreography is AWFUL, but the fight choreography is super good. I love every single one of the songs. The plot was decent, although not the best. Yuya(Sebastian) did an aerial! And a tour-jete :D 

This is a song that I like 8D

 RIGHT after our family reunion, we're going skiing in Mammoth. :D I love skiing, so I'm excited.

I hope that I'm done stressing, and that my winter will start looking up! It is already :)


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