Saturday, July 20, 2013


Cornell is super amazing and GORGES(haha overused puns FTW). I liked the atmosphere and rural-ness of the campus a lot more than I liked Stanford's. The info session was pretty good too! The gorge was beautiful and had picturesque bridges and green trees and waterfalls...

It was overcast today, which was GREAT because it was actually a tolerable temperature, just in time for my first campus tour of this trip. It was really deserted because summer, but I really enjoyed Cornell and it has been bumped up to third on my list.
This is a photo of me taken at the BEAUTIFUL Ulrich Library. Here's another picture:

 I feel like Cornell is one of the less-hyped of the Ivy Leagues, but I think it's amazing. It's the only one I'm applying to(College of Engineering, possible MechE major). They let you shop around for different engineering majors before locking you into one, have a great co-op program where you can work full time for a company, and have lots of money for undergraduate research grants.

Tomorrow is kind of low-key, we're just going to church and hanging around the house. I'll let you know more later!


  1. I live only thirty to forty minutes from Cornell! Kind of a cool town.

  2. Woah! It's beautiful there! It sounds like a great school.


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