Thursday, July 18, 2013

In Canada

but the hotel still didn't have real maple syrup at breakfast D:<. Also, it's over 90 degrees and humid every day. The falls are really nice though! This morning we went and walked a very long time from the falls to the Duffiden Islands Nature Reserve. Lots of bug bites :(. Pretty though! A nice(though hot) walk.

The tourist marketers have got this thing NAILED! :D We decided not to go on the iconic Maid of the Mists Boat despite the loudspeakers claiming it was THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY EXPERIENCE LE FALLS.
The general area is really cool too, with lots of fancy hotels and fountains mixed in with souveneir shops. We're going back to MURICA tomorrow! The only difference I've found was the people with accents and they call the bathhroom "washroom." And the channels on TV are lamer! There was this freaking weird ad for a movie called "Sharknado" playing that was about a tornado carrying flying sharks that attacked a town. The canadian film industry?!? so many places to start I won't even try.

At night it's much cooler and we walked to where they shine colored lights on the falls. Then we walked on the boardwalk where there was a guy playing violin on the sidewalk and the fancy hotels and bars spilling lights onto the streets and a lot of people everywhere having fun. :) I like vacations.

Tomorrow we're driving six or so hours to Binghamton, New York!

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  1. Ooh Niagra Falls is fun and beautiful! I went in 2004!


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