Wednesday, July 13, 2011

but enough of that depressing business....

Here's my bucket list, for (life is too short not to)wear red shoes's giveaway!

Stuff I want to do before I die:

1. Go to England, Ireland and Greece:

2. Be able to do foutte turns, alaseconde turns, pirouttes, and grand jete's en pointe. 

3. Ride in a submarine

underwater pictures,submarine & atmospheric diving suit

4. Be able to sail a boat around the ocean by myself

5.  Meet my online friends in real life:

6. Have a set of real, fiberglass clone trooper armor:

7. Be able to be JOYFUL and PATIENT in any circumstance, and to depend faithfully on God alone:

8. Meet some of my favorite writers/and famous people, including Eoin Colfer, James Patterson, and JK Rowling. Famous people: Ashley Eckstein, George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, etc.

9. Become a bestselling novelist.

10. Live the life God has planned for me:


  1. I love that computer friends picture. XDDD

    And I second the fiberglass clone armor. :)

  2. beautifully said i think the world would be a better place if more people strived to have patience and let God handle things and wanted to live the life that God wanted for them.

    and i also agree with the clone armor thing lol that would be awsome
    btw this is jedigirl1990 i don't know what is wrong with blogger i'm having a really hard time logging in

  3. You've been tagged!

  4. awesome, diverse, list. :) good luck!


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