Monday, July 4, 2011

Well, that was exciting. (and sort of scary, now that you mention it)

 UPDATE: Here's a video where you can see the fire starting around 0:58 and it getting bigger and everybody evacuating. It's funny how for the first couple minutes they ignore it and let the show play blithely on.

I just finished biking home from the 4th of July stadium thing. So we were planning to watch outside the gates when this guy came up and gave us free tickets. Which was schweet and all that.

A couple minutes later the fireworks started, and it was awesomely explosive as always. But fast forward a couple minutes and no one was paying a blind bit of attention because there was this pretty darn big firework fire breaking out near the trees at the edge of the stadium.

We were like "Umm......" >.> interesting show this year.

The fireworks continued a bit after that, but no one was paying attention because we were all nervously wringing our hands and getting ready  to go.

So a couple minutes after  when the fire was getting really big and catching on the trees and sparks were sparking everywhere, they evacuated everyone slowwwlly from the stadium.

There were fire engines with sirens and crying babies and smoky smoke and ambulances and firemen and the works.

I can still hear the sirens now. That was the most exciting 4th of July I ever had. 


  1. Woah...I'm glad you're ok...that would freak me out for sure. O.O

  2. That's not nearly as interesting as mine... The only insane thing that happened was when we were all down in the field at a nearby park watching fireworks and the sprinklers came on. It was pretty funny.

  3. Wowza. That's a bit....intense.....
    My mom is a firephob, so when we lit off spaklers she flipped out. XDDDDD It was pretty cool. ;) Well, the sparklers, not her freaking out.

    The highlight of my evening was watching the fireworks and opera singing 'America The Beautiful' and 'The Star Spangled Banner' while watching them. xDDDDD It was fun.

    Glad you had an exciting day. ;)

  4. Woah, freaky! I'm glad nobody got hurt. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  5. That sounds quite scary! I'm glad you're ok!


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