Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School

Honestly, is anything more exciting than the start of the school year? September is so much more the beginning of "a new year" than boring ol January will ever be. School is what sees children through to become adults, after all.

Have I mentioned that I'm really excited? I would say I love school, except that I won't love school anymore in say, February(My least favorite month! Woo!)

I have:
Brand new notebooks that smell nice and DON'T have ripped pages and doodles!

Brand new textbooks and reading novels!(The Great Gatsby and The Glass Menagerie, to name a few)
Gel Pens!
All different colored Sharpies!

I am taking:
Honors Modern World Studies
Honors American Literature
Algebra II

Finding your Path 2(Bleck!)
Image Design and Editing
C++ Programming
Spanish II

Extracurricular activities are:
Reading(What I'm going to be reading, not sure)
Dance(currently 3 times a week)
Small group
Possibly a sport
Possibly a course at the local community college.
Girl Scout

This all starts in a week!


What are YOU excited for this school year?


  1. I'm excited all around for school! I'm gonna do a similar post to this in just a minute........

  2. that's quite a list u have there. i start school the 22nd. i'm in college so a summer off is not even a month.

  3. I love school (even through February) but I must say, I'm going to really devote myself to both Spanish and Latin this year.

    And I have a pile of lit books! :)

  4. YAY FOR YOU AMARANTHINE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm happy for you and your excitement for school. XD

    Me? Hmm. I'm excited for P.E. XDD I hate PE, but I'm excited to see my friends again. ;) And Dance. ;)

    We're doing a big hard program this year, so I'm a bit nervous. XDD

  5. Well I gotta do a post now that you and Endor did one!!! :)

  6. Awesome! Your classes sound like fun!

    I'm excited to be taking Pre-AP English, and to be able to eat in the cafeteria, the commons, or outside instead of just the cafeteria.

  7. Sounds like you'll be busy - I hope you enjoy yourself! :D I love those fresh notebooks and supplies and all that loveliness that September brings. :) This year, though, I won't really be getting it... I'm homeschooled, and this year I didn't really have a huge summer break. So I'm currently doing school and have been for several weeks now, and will through to fall (except for one more vacation in September! :). But the way I see it, it just shortens the time between now and graduation! ;D

    Enjoy your school year - it's good that you're so excited! :D


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